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Meet Stephen Peate

Creative director

There’s a specific joy in stepping into a completely unknown world, researching everything you can about it, and developing a novel solution. And it’s in that nebulous realm that Stephen thrives.

As our creative director, Stephen oversees our projects, advises clients on their brands, and develops visual identities.

How did he get here?

Stephen began his career nearly three decades ago. Along his journey, he’s worked for printers, book publishers, and advertising agencies – helping businesses like Marks & Spencers, Vodafone and HBOS.

For Stephen, it’s essential to ensure he’s down in the weeds – sketching ideas, creating brands and coming up with names. He’s renamed watches, medication, charities, and shipping.

Whatever the sector, Stephen likely has experience. Always striving to delve into the next mystery, he looks for those projects he can fully immerse himself and dig into the research.

And it’s the projects with a significant transformational impact that Stephen finds the most rewarding.

Whether a huge business or a small start-up, spotting that unique angle that gets the client into a new market or unlocks a new audience excites him the most.

Stephen also shares his love of logo design and branding through regular contributions to Brand Fabrik, our online publication dedicated to the creative services community.

What drives Stephen?

Always on the move, you’ll often spot Stephen on his bike, cycling off into the Kent countryside. He often wonders if he would’ve been a miner if they hadn’t shut down all the pits back home.

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