Famous luxury car logos: The essential guide to most famous high-end car logos and brands
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Famous luxury car logos: The essential guide to most famous high-end car logos and brands

Famous luxury car logos

Luxury car logos are more than just the memorable defining features of leading automotive brands. They’re also sought-after symbols of wealth and status, loved by a vast community of vehicle owners. Having one of these iconic emblems emblazoned onto your car can be a great source of pride.

Even if you don’t have a luxury car yourself, you’re probably familiar with some of the most famous icons, from the winged symbol of Bentley to the double R’s of Rolls Royce. While each of these phenomenal car logos are unique, they all strive to convey a premium personality.

Today, we’re going to be taking a tour through some of the most memorable luxury car emblems of all time, and offering an insight into the meaning behind their design.

Let’s get into gear!

The most famous luxury car logos

Luxury cars come in a range of styles and formats, from the ultra-luxury car brands like Bentley and Maybach, to the luxury sports car brands of Porsche and Ferrari.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most unforgettable high-end car symbols…

Famous luxury car logos


One of the most famous British manufacturers of luxury cars, Rolls Royce has emerged as a well-known company across the globe.

First launched in 1904, this unforgettable car brand quickly established a reputation for producing some of the most phenomenal engines in the world.

The Rolls Royce logo, based on the name chosen for the founder, Henry Royce, is a symbol of heritage and prestige. The overlapping Rs are depicted in sleek serif font to demonstrate professionalism.

According to some experts, the two R’s are also intended to show the connection between the company and its avid community.

The black and silver color scheme is another excellent choice here, as it demonstrates timeless sophistication and class.

Famous luxury car logos


The luxury and performance division of the Japanese car maker, Honda, Acura was launched in 1986, and is based within the United States, and Japan. The Acura Company is best-known for the company’s first flagship vehicle, the “Legend”.

The Acura logo is based on the name of the company, which comes from the Latin word “Acu”, which means precise or precision. The arrow shaped image above the wordmark in the logo is derived from a precision tool for creating cars known as the calliper.

Famous luxury car logos


Though the cars from BMW aren’t quite as expensive as some of the options listed here, they still stand out as an excellent choice for those interested in luxury brands.

BMW was founded in 1916, and produces a host of motor vehicles worldwide.

The BMW logo focuses on the Bravarian history of the company. The use of the inverted colors of the Bavarian flag are designed to draw attention to the heritage of the organization.

Some also believe the design in the middle of the emblem is intended to look like a spinning helicopter propeller.

Find out more about the BMW logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Another well-known British company to make our list of the most famous luxury car brands, Bentley is best known for its beautiful cars and SUVs.

Now owned by the Volkswagen group, Bentley was first established in January 1919, and has long focused on the creating of high-class cars.

Bentley’s logo is a symbol of speed and freedom. The winged design is common in the automotive industry, as an indicator of opportunity and upward momentum. The wings also represent Bentley’s previous focus on the airplane industry.

Bentley’s logo is generally depicted in black and white, or black and silver, which helps to draw attention to its sophisticated and stylish personality.

Find out more about the Bentley logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Though Maybach might not be as well-known to some as other expensive car logos in this list, it definitely deserves a status as one of the most iconic images in the vehicle industry.

The German luxury car brand is part of the Mercedes-Benz company, and was originally established in 1909.

The Maybach car logo is based on the name of the company, and its founder Wilhelm Maybach. A double M monogram stands for Maybach Motorenbau. The symbol has been the source of some controversy in the past, with certain people linking it to the swastika sign.

Ultimately, however, the gold, black and yellow lines, and the bold imagery of the symbol make it a highly memorable choice for a luxury car brand.

Famous luxury car logos


Owned by the well-known Aston Martin group, Lagonda is a British luxury car company first launched in 1906. The company has produced a host of phenomenal vintage and retro vehicles over the years, as well as more modern, luxury vehicles.

Lagonda’s logo is a classic symbol of freedom and excellence, and another great example of how popular winged car logos can be. The image almost looks like a soaring bird, with wings outstretched, and the name of the company emblazoned on the back.

Like many luxury car emblems, Lagonda’s mark is depicted in black and silver, to convey elegance. The wordmark features a stylized “A”, with a ‘V’ shape in the connecting line.

Famous luxury car logos


A French automotive company known for high-performance cars, Bugatti was first established in 1909, more than 113 years ago. Over the years, the company has produced a multitude of well-known vehicles, including models like the Type 41 Royale, and Type 55 sports car.

Bugatti’s logo is often seen as a reference to the heritage of the company, and its original creator. The image features studded red circles around the border, which are often compared to rubies – an excellent choice for a vehicle company founded by a jewelry makers son.

The Bugatti logo is sleek and stylish, with a passionate red background, and a unique reference to the founder’s name in the “EB” symbol at the top of the oval.

Find out more about the Bugatti logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


One of the newer premium car brands on our list, Koenigsegg is a Swedish manufacturer best-known for high-performance sports cars. Launched in 1994, the organization was built with the vision of creating a “world-class” sporting vehicle.

Years of testing and development led to the creation of the CC8S, one of the most well-known vehicles in Sweden today.

Koenigsegg is known for producing some of the world’s most beautiful cars. The logo has a significant meaning behind it too. The shield is based on the Koenigsegg family coat of arms. The insignia on the logo also stands as a tribute to the Swedish air force squadron.

Colors of deep blue, red, black, and gold further enhance the luxurious appeal of this iconic luxury car logo.

Famous luxury car logos


Probably one of the most famous luxury car manufacturers in the world today, Tesla specializes in the creation of high-end electric vehicles. Tesla was first launched in 2003, making it one of the youngest automotive companies on our list.

Although at first glance, the Tesla logo might look just like a stylized “T”, it actually has a hidden meaning. According to the creators of the brand, the design is intended to look like a cross-section of the electric motor designed by Nikola Tesla.

Learn more about the Tesla logo here.

Famous luxury car logos

SSC North America

Another relatively new addition to our list of high-end car symbols, the SSC North America brand was only established in 1998. Created by Jerod Shelby, the company was launched in Washington, and specializes in sports car production.

The first car by the business was delivered in 2004.

Like a handful of famous car logos, the SSC logo is based on a family crest. On the top of the crest, you can barely see the words “In Veritate Victoria”, which means “In truth is victory”.

The company also uses a sleek wordmark showcasing the name of the organization in black and red.

According to the company, the reason for using the family crest of Jerod Shelby was to carry on the legacy of the luxury car creator.

Famous luxury car logos


Another emblem with a strong focus on history and heritage comes from Porsche. Definitely one of the better-known luxury car companies in the world, Porsche was launched in 1931, and specializes in the production of high-performance sedans, SUVs, and sports cars.

Porsche based its logo on the Free People’s State of Wuttemberg, where the company was originally established. The coat of arms is displayed in the shape of a crest, highlighting the history of the company. The Stuttgart coat of arms is also placed within the center of the crest.

The colors of gold, black, and red in the Porsche logo are another excellent reference to the company’s focus on luxurious car design.

Find out more about the Porsche logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Mercedes is actually a German word meaning “Happy”, and an interesting insight into the company’s vision for creating a new era of automobile owners. The Mercedes Benz brand first launched in 1926, and has long stood as a symbol of luxurious and premium cars.

Mercedes-Benz also produces a series of more affordable commercial vehicles too. The Mercedes Benz logo features a 3-pointed star. According to the experts behind the brand, the three points represent the company’s vision of universal motorization.

However, each point also represents the sea, air, and land – the areas the company wanted to dominate.

The black and silver coloring in the Mercedes-Benz logo is another representation of simplicity and sophistication common in the world of famous luxury car logos.

Find out more about the Mercedes logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the Lamborghini logo today. This luxury automobile company was first established in Italy in 1963, and has been taking the world by storm ever since.

Lamborghini is owned by Audi and the Volkswagen Group.

The Lamborghini symbol draws attention to a trend in the automotive industry for using animal symbols in logo designs. Lamborghini chose a golden bull for its mascot, highlighting ideas of strength, precision, and dominance.

Like many high-end car emblems, Lamborghini also uses a deliberate color palette of gold and black to draw further attention to its focus on luxury.

Find out more about the Lamborghini logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Another example of a famous luxury car logo with a focus on an animal, the Ferrari logo is instantly recognisable worldwide. Ferrari was first established in 1939, by Enzo Ferrari, and its first car appeared in 1940, though the badge was only added to the car in 1947.

The Ferrari logo is one of the more eye-catching emblems among high-quality and luxury car icons. Featuring bright yellow as a background color, the image includes a prancing horse, chosen as a good luck charm for the organization.

The green, red, and white stripes on the top of the logo also pull attention to the brand’s Italian background.

According to historical reports, the Ferrari logo was chosen after Ferrari saw the image on the plane of World War One pilot Francesco Baracca.

Find out more about the Ferrari logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Another unforgettable symbol among luxury car brands, the Maserati logo is a beacon of power and sophistication. Maserati was first launched in 1914, more than 100 years ago. The company was initially associated with Ferrari, and now belongs to Stellantis.

Over the years, this company has produced a host of famous cars, sold worldwide.

The Maserati logo was inspired by the statue of Neptune found in the Piazza Maggiore of Bologna. The famous god of the sea held a stunning trident, which the company saw as a symbol of power and vigor. The Maserati logo conveys this sense of strength.

Displayed in black and white, with a serif wordmark at the bottom, the Maserati logo is a clear symbol of sophistication and beauty.

Find out more about the Maserati logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Yet another excellent insight into the power of using animal images in vehicle logos, the Jaguar icon is an unforgettable symbol of strength.

Jaguar is a British multinational car company, first launched in 1935. The company has produced some of the most iconic vehicles of all time, complete with Jaguar hood ornaments in some cases.

Jaguar’s logo is a testament to the company’s power and passion. The leaping Jaguar highlights ideas of speed and aggression, perfect for a company focused on performance-driven cars. Like the Jaguar animal, the company’s cars are graceful and stylish.

As with many leading car brands, Jaguar embraces the color silver as the most significant shade in its logo, creating a timeless sense of elegance.

Find out more about the Jaguar logo here.

Famous luxury car logos

Aston Martin

If you’re a fan of British luxury car brands, you’re probably familiar with the Aston Martin logo. Launched in 1913, the Aston Martin brand quickly became associated with expensive and high-class vehicles.

It’s also well-known for appearing in a host of James Bond movies and books.

The Aston Martin sports cars are a symbol of British culture, and a fantastic insight into the beauty of luxury vehicles. Aston Martin’s winged logo is a testament to the company’s personality. The wings are intended to symbolize concepts like freedom, exploration, and speed.

Though the color green was common in Aston Martin logos in the past, the current emblem focuses mainly on silver shades.

Find out more about the Aston Martin logo here.

Famous luxury car logos

Alfa Romeo

Another Italian company in our list of expensive car logos, the Alfa Romeo brand was first established in 1910. This luxury car manufacturer based its name on the words Anomina Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA) and the surname of one of the founders, Nicola Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo symbol is wonderfully eye-catching and meaningful. The cross represents the municipality of Milan on the left, while we see the Visconti serpent on the right. The Biscione is the symbol of an influential group (the Visconti family) from Milan in the 11th century.

Colors of deep green, red and blue combine with a sophisticated shade of silver to create this eye-catching logo design.

Find out more about the Alfa Romeo logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


A luxury vehicle company from Japan, the Lexus brand is marketed in more than 90 countries worldwide, and was first launched in 1989. Lexus has ranked among the biggest Japanese global brands in terms of market value.

The Lexus logo might seem simple, but it has some depth behind it. The image looks a little like a curved road or arrow, which helps to capture the motion and aerodynamic qualities in Lexus vehicles.

The Lexus car logo uses a stylized “L” in shades of silver to create a luxurious finish.

Find out more about the Lexus logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


Introduced in 1902, Cadillac is a division of the GM Company responsible for designing and selling a host of luxury vehicles. Cadillac models are distributed across 34 international markets worldwide.

They’re also at the very top of the luxury market in the US.

The iconic Cadillac logo was inspired by the coat of arms for a French adventurer named Antoine de la Mothe. According to some records, Antoine was potentially an ancestor of the founder of Cadillac, Henry Leland.

The design has evolved today to become more modern and metallic.

Whatever the meaning, the colors of red, gold, deep blue and silver all help to convey a deeply sophisticated and luxurious image.

Find out more about the Cadillac logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


The Lincoln Motor Company is the luxury vehicle division of the well-known car brand “Ford”. Marketed as one of the top luxury vehicle brands in the United States, the company frequently competes with Cadillac.

The Lincoln Continental is still well-known today.

The Lincoln Motor Company logo is apparently based on the continental star, which was adopted when the Lincoln and Continental lines originally emerged.

Some people also believe the design represents a stylized compass, intended to demonstrate the explorative nature of the brand.

Famous luxury car logos


The luxury vehicle division of the Nissan company, Infiniti originally began selling its vehicles in 1989. The company is best-known for producing a host of sleek high-performance cars. Infiniti was intended to compete alongside other luxury divisions like Lexus and Acura.

Infiniti’s logo is based on the mathematical infinity symbol, which looks similar to an “8” turned on its side. It also looks a lot like a road leading into the distance, thanks to the triangular shape cut out of the oval.

The image is simple, but eye-catching.

A bold sans-serif font helps to add to the modern nature of the Infiniti emblem.

Find out more about the Infiniti logo here.

Famous luxury car logos


First established in 2015, Genesis is still a relatively new addition to the luxury car brand market. The company was created as the luxury vehicle division for the Hyundai Motor Company.

However, Genesis achieved the status of an independent marque in 2015.

The Genesis logo takes advantage of the common trend of using wings in its emblem design. The wings help to symbolize the idea of freedom and exploration associated with the car brand. The shield shape in the middle of the icon also conveys a sense of reliability.

Famous luxury car logos


Otherwise known as Audi AG, Audi is a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen Group. The company’s origins are complex, involving the merger of four initial enterprises.

The name of the brand even comes from the Latin translation of a founder’s surname. August Horch’s name “Horch” means “listen” in German, which becomes “Audi” in latin.

The Audi logo is a representation of the four car companies which initially connected to create the Audi predecessor, the Auto Union. Though simple, the logo has quickly become one of the most recognizable luxury car logos in the world.

Find out more about the Audi logo here.

Discovering luxury car symbols

There are plenty of amazing Luxury car logos out there today, from the unforgettable animal-themed images of Jaguar and Porsche to the simple but elegant symbols of Audi and Infiniti. No matter where you look in the automotive world, you’ll find plenty of great branding inspiration.

The vehicle world is an excellent insight into just how memorable and engaging the right logos can be. To learn more about logo design, don’t forget to browse through the other amazing Logofile posts on Brand Fabrik.

Alternatively, reach out to Fabrik to discuss the creation of your own logo design.

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