The ultimate list of Chinese car brands: Logos, names, and manufacturers
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The ultimate list of Chinese car brands: Logos, names, and manufacturers

Chinese car brands

How many Chinese car brands (and their logos) are you familiar with? Over the decades, China has become a major player in the automotive industry, known for everything from affordable passenger cars to innovative electric vehicles and luxury cars. 

Though Chinese car logos are obviously most common throughout the Chinese market, many businesses have begun exporting their vehicles overseas. As a result, Chinese car brands are earning worldwide acclaim among consumers in every region.

Chinese car companies are responsible for some of the most exciting new vehicles on the market. The landscape is even home to the biggest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the incredible Chinese automotive industry, and the logos that define these leading brands. 

What cars are made in China? Chinese car manufacturers

As of 2023, China remains the biggest vehicle market in the world, both by manufacturing output and annual sales. The country has held this title since 2009, thanks to the innovative nature of Chinese brands, and their commitment to serving virtually every customer segment.

Chinese car companies produce virtually every kind of vehicle imaginable, from passenger vehicles and pickup trucks, to heavy-duty trucks, hybrid vehicles, and electric cars. 

Among local brands, there are four huge Chinese car manufacturers in the industry, responsible for the majority of the country’s production. 

These manufacturers include:

Chinese car brands

1. Changan Automobile Group

Chinese State-owned automobile manufacturer, Changan Automobile was founded in 1862, and is China’s oldest automotive company. It’s China’s second most popular car brand. The name “Changan” which comes from an ancient city in China, means “reliability proven by time”. 

Changan’s logo, featuring the name of the company in a geometric font, and a “V” symbol within an oval conveys freedom, speed, and strength.

Chinese car brands

2. Dongfeng

Another of the top state-owned Chinese car brands, Dongfeng Motor Corporation was founded in 1969. It develops vehicles under its own branding, as well s partnering with foreign companies such as Honda, Nissan, and Peugeot. 

The name “Donfeng” translates to “East Wind”, and the core component of the brand’s logo features a red circle, with two swooping shapes in the middle, similar to an eye. 

Chinese car brands

3. FAW

Otherwise known as FAW Group, FAW was founded in 1953, and is the second largest automaker of the big four manufacturers in China. It sells both its own products, and vehicles made in conjunction with Volkswagen, and Toyota

FAW stands for “First Automobile Autoworks”. The logo of the company, depicted in blue and white, features the character “1” surrounded by a set of wings to symbolize speed and freedom. 

Chinese car brands


Currently the largest of the big-four state-owned manufactures in China, SAIC was initially launched in 1955. Like many major brands in China, it sells products under its own branding, as well as collaborating with companies like Volkswagen and General Motors. 

The name “SAIC” stands for Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Like many famous Chinese car brands, SAIC uses a simple logo, featuring a circular border, and the name of the company in bold uppercase letters. 

Popular Chinese car brand logos and names

Alongside the “big four” Chinese car manufacturers, there are also a huge range of other companies which contribute to the massive automotive market in the company. Many of these organizations work closely with companies from the United States and Europe.

Chinese car brands

1. GAC Group

Ranked as the fifth largest organization in China, GAC group was first founded in 1954. The name of the company stands for Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. The business is best-known for its electric vehicles, as well as its partnerships with brands like Mitsubishi. 

The GAC logo is sleek and simple, featuring a wordmark, and the letter “G” in a stylized font, presented in a chrome silver color palette. 

Chinese car brands

2. JAC

JAC Automobiles, launched in 1999, is a commercial vehicles and automotive manufacturer, which was first established as the Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory. The company is considered a relatively small carmaker, but it still has a massive presence in the Chinese market.

The JAC logo is bold and sophisticated, with a unique oval shaped badge, and geometric letters, presented in block font in the center. 

Chinese car brands

3. Great Wall Motor

Privately owned Chinese car company, Great Wall Motor, was founded in 1984, and is the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in China. It sells vehicles under its own branding, and produces electric vehicles through other brands like ORA. 

The company is named after the Great Wall of China, and is the largest producer of sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks in the region. The design of the Great Wall logo is intended to represent the Great Wall of China itself.

Chinese car brands

4. Geely

Geely is one of the largest car manufacturers in China, established in 1986. Globally, the group sold more than 2.2 million cars in 2021 alone. The brand sells a host of cars under its own brands, like Livan and Zeekr, as well as foreign subsidiaries like Lotus and Volvo cars.

Greely is a phonetic transliteration of the company’s name, and means “propitious” or “auspicious” in Chinese. Geely relies just on a simple wordmark for its logo, conveying stability and strength.

Chinese car brands


Otherwise known as the Beijing Automotive Group, BAIC was founded in 1958, and is one of the biggest Chinese car brands in the region. The company sells vehicles under brands like Arcfox, and Foton Motor, as well as through partnerships with companies like Mercedes Benz

The company uses a sleek logo design, featuring a circle with two semi-circles in the center, often depicted in a shining silver color. 

Chinese car brands

6. Brilliance Auto

Though Brilliance went into bankruptcy in 2020, this hasn’t stopped its subsidiaries from producing cars. The brand, launched in 1992, is responsible for around 25% of the BMW Brilliance marque, which sells products across the globe. 

Brilliance has quite an interesting logo, featuring a unique geometric design, intended to convey modernity, and luxury. The color palette of the company is silver and red. 

Chinese car brands

7. BYD

Founded in 1995, BYD has one of the simplest Chinese car brand logos on this list. The company is also one of the best-known in China, after overtaking Tesla in 2022 as the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles. 

BYD stands for “Build your Dreams”. Its logo features a simple red oval, with stylized letters in the middle, designed in a vibrant shade of red. 

Chinese car brands

8. Chery

Chery is the ninth largest Chinese car company on this list, first appearing in the market in 1997. The company produces passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs. Since 2002, the brand has also been the largest Chinese exporter of passenger vehicles. 

Chery’s logo features an oval shape with an inverted “V”, with the point facing upwards to symbolize forward movement, progression, and momentum. 

Chinese luxury car brands: The 3 big players

Though there are fewer Chinese luxury car brands on the market than passenger cars, or even electric vehicles, there are still a handful of well-known companies worth mentioning. 

Well-known organizations include:

Chinese car brands

1. Hongqi

Now operating as a subsidiary of the FAW group, Hongqi is a luxury car manufacturer, first launched in 1958. The name of the company translates to mean “red flag” in Chinese. Notably, the company is also the oldest passenger car manufacturer in China. 

Hongqi’s logo is sleek and sophisticated, featuring a long shield-shaped emblem, with the colors of black, red, and gold distributed throughout the design. 

Chinese car brands

2. Lynk & Co

Both a Chinese luxury car brand, and an electric vehicle manufacturer, Lynk & Co was introduced in 2016, making it one of the newest companies on this list. The “Co” in the company’s name stands for “Connected”, and draws attention to the intuitive connectivity options in its cars.

Lynk & Co showcase their modern and innovative nature in their logo, a simple wordmark with sections removed from most of the characters. 

Chinese car brands

3. Wey

Owned by Great Wall Motors, Wey has one of the most interesting Chinese car brand logos on this list. The company was introduced in 2016, and the name is derived from the chairman of Great Wall Motors’ surname, Wei. 

Wey’s logo features a sleek wordmark, with plenty of spacing between the letters, and a smooth rectangular emblem, with a three-dimensional element to it. 

Mass market Chinese car companies

Although Chinese car brands have only recently begun to expand into foreign markets, the region has made significant strides in boosting global market availability in recent years. 

Here are some of the most significant mass market Chinese car companies in the world today.

Chinese car brands

1. Nanjing Automobile Corporation

Better known as “NAC”, Nanjing Automobile is a state-owned company known for producing a wide range of Chinese cars, trucks, and buses. It was launched in 1947, and merged with SAIC in 2007, becoming a subsidiary of the larger brand. 

The NAC logo features a three-dimensional blue sphere, with the letters of the brand’s name presented in the middle of the design.

Chinese car brands

2. Chengfeng

One of the oldest car manufacturing brands in China, Chengfeng was established in 1950. The company is a subsidiary of the Guangzhou Automobile Group, and is best known for its production of hatchback vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs. 

The logo is interesting, featuring a red triangle with circles cut from it, almost like a block of Swiss cheese. The company’s name also appears in both Chinese and English.

Chinese car brands

3. Jiangnan

Established in 1952, Jiangnan is an automotive company established in 2001. Although it went bankrupt, it re-entered the market in 2022. The Chinese automaker now focuses on the production of electric vehicles for the local market. 

This company’s logo is sleek and simple, featuring an oval in blue, with a silver border, and two arrow shapes pointing towards each other, to symbolize connectivity. 

Chinese car brands

4. Xinkai

Launched in 1984, Xinkai is a car manufacturer operating under the parent company Jimai New Energy Vehicles Co. The company is relatively small compared to the other Chinese car brands on this list, but it still has a strong presence in the market. 

The name stands for reliability and enthusiasm. The logo of the brand features a red oval shape, surrounded by a silver border, with an unusual shape in the center. 

Chinese car brands

5. Jinbei

Owned by Renault Brilliance Jinbai Automotive, Jinbei is a Chinese car brand that launched in 1991, producing products made with Toyota technology. The company’s name stands for “Gold Cup”, a reference to exceptional quality and high standards. 

The design of the company’s logo represents a shield with another, smaller shield and sword placed in the background, giving the image a sense of heritage. 

Chinese car brands

6. Lifan

Known for both cars and motorcycles, Lifan was founded in 1992, though it didn’t begin to produce vehicles until much later, in 2005. The brand name translates to mean “power sail”, which offers an insight into the unique shapes used in the company’s badge. 

Lifan is currently best-known for the sale of smaller passenger cars in emerging markets. It’s also one of the market leaders in motorcycle production for the Chinese automobile industry.

Chinese car brands

7. Haima Automobile

One of the many Chinese car brand logos with wings on this list comes from Haima Automobile, a company first launched in 1992. The organization was created as a joint venture between the provincial government of Hainan and Mazda, hence the name (Hai (Hainan) and Ma (Mazda)). 

The sleek and sophisticated logo of the company conveys ideas of speed, freedom, and movement, ideal for the automobile landscape.

Chinese car brands

8. Soueast

Soueast (or South East Motor Company) is a Chinese car brand created as a joint venture between Fujian and the China Motor Corporation, as well as Mitsubishi motors. It focuses on the design and development of passenger cars and minibuses. 

The company’s logo features a red and white oval, with a set of lines in the middle which create the shape of a bird’s head. 

Chinese car brands

9. ZX Auto

Otherwise known as Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co, ZX Auto was introduced in 1999, and exports cars throughout the Middle East, Southeast Aisia, Central and South America, and Africa. The brand is relatively well-known in the SUV and pick-up markets.

The design of the ZX Auto logo is intended to represent a road, showcasing progression and forward momentum for drivers and travelers. 

Chinese car brands

10. Hawtai

Chinese car brand Hawtai first launched in 2000, and initially operated as a joint venture with Hyundai Motors, selling cars from the company for the Chinese market. The company stands out as a leader in clean vehicles and diesel engine production. 

The company features a simple logo, with an oval badge, featuring a cut-off square in the top segment of the design. 

Chinese car brands

11. Wuling Motors

One of the better-known companies on this list of Chinese car brand logos, Wuling Motors was established in 1982. The name stands for “Five Diamonds”, which highlights the company’s commitment to value, and gives credence to the 5 diamonds in its logo. 

These diamond shapes in the logo make up the shape of the bird, connecting the company’s image with ideas of flight and ambition.

Chinese car brands

12. Qoros

Launched in 2007, Qoros is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company focused on the production of passenger cars. It was founded as a joint venture between the Israel Corporation and Chery. The name is a made-up word, with the “Q” intended to represent quality. 

The name also echoes the word “Chorus”, reflecting the attention to detail and collaborative nature of the company. 

Chinese car brands

13. Venucia

Another of the better-known Chinese car brands on this list, Venucia is the marque of the Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company. The marque was launched in 2010, and spun off as a separate company in 2020, before merging back with Dongfeng Nissan.

The design of the Venucia logo features a series of stars on a blue badge, representing quality and excellence. 

Chinese car brands

14. Haval

Launched in 2013, Haval is owned by the Great Wall Motors parent company, specializing in crossovers and SUVs. The company’s cars have been marketed and sold in regions all of the world, making it one of the better-known companies on this list in the domestic market.

Haval’s logo features a simple wordmark, depicted in a metallic silver font, with a slight tilt to the letters to symbolize speed. 

Innovative Chinese car brands: EV brands

While there are a wide range of vehicles available in the Chinese market, the country has recently begun investing heavily in advanced technologies for electric cars. Currently, the region is responsible for a huge range of popular EV vendors. 

Here are some of the better-known brands from China.

Chinese car brands

1. Zinoro

Both a luxury car brand and a specialist in electric vehicles, Zinoro is a joint venture marque owned by BMW and Brilliance. The company specializes in innovative electric vehicles, and produced its first electric crossover in 2013. 

The Zinoro logo symbolizes collaboration, with a shape infused into a circle that almost looks like two people clasping their hands together.

Chinese car brands

2. NIO

One of the most innovative car brands to come from China in recent years, Nio Inc was launched in 2014, and it specializes in the production of electric vehicles, and is introducing battery swapping stations replacing rechargeable battery stations in the region. 

The NIO name is a trademark for the American and European markets, but the company’s original name, Weilai means “blue sky”. 

Chinese car brands

3. XPeng

Launched in 2014, Xpeng is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer with a strong presence throughout the world. The company’s name apparently includes the letter “G” to stand for “Geek”. This company is often compared to Tesla in America. 

XPeng uses a simple logo, with a large stylized “X” as its main icon, and a sophisticated and modern wordmark, depicted in black and white. 

Chinese car brands

4. Li Auto

Named after its founder, Li Xang, Li Auto was launched in 2015, to enter the budding electric vehicle market. The company hasn’t released many original motor vehicles so far, but it has attracted a lot of attention in the market. 

The brand’s logo includes the letters “L” and “I”, stylized to look like a bold geometric shape, setting the business apart as a modern innovator.

Chinese car brands

5. Zeekr

Chinese automotive brand owned by Geely Holdings, Zeekr, was founded in 2021, and specializes in electric cars, built with the Sustainable Experience Architecture. The company competes against brands like Tesla and Nio in the modern market. 

Zeekr has a relatively simplistic logo, featuring a wordmark, and a square with an unusual design in the middle, perhaps intended to symbolize a circuit or road. 

Chinese car brands

6. Byton

An all-electric vehicle automotive brand, Byton was co-founded by prior executives of BMW and Nissan. The company introduced its first car to the public in 2018, but went into bankruptcy during 2021, putting production on pause. 

Byton’s logo features an interesting “B” shape, made with two mirrored designs placed one on top of the other. 

Chinese car brands

7. Arcfox

One of the better-known electric vehicle marques in China, Arcfox is a developer of electric passenger cars as well as SUVs and crossovers. The company’s name is intended to convey ideas of stealth and power. 

The design for the logo features the simplified image of an arctic fox’s head, alongside the company’s name in sleek sans-serif font.

Chinese car brands

8. Geometry

Owned by Geely, Geometry was founded in 2019, and is considered a major provider of entry-level electric cars in the Chinese market. The first model produced by the brand was the Geometry A, similar in style to the Tesla Model 3. 

Geometry’s logo is a geometric design, featuring a series of square shapes positioned into a grey banner. 

Celebrating cars in China

As you can see from the list above, there are literally dozens of Chinese car brand logos and companies worth mentioning in the industry today. These companies are known for their innovative designs, and unique approach to transforming the automotive market.

Each business has its own distinctive name, offering an insight into the brand’s personality and vision, as well as a sleek, modern logo. 

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