The essential list of the best Asian car brands and their logos
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The essential list of the best Asian car brands and their logos

Asian Car Brands

How many Asian car brands are you familiar with? The number may be a lot larger than you’d think, with many of the world’s biggest (and most valuable) automakers located in this region. From South Korea, to China, and Japan, the regions of Asia are often known for their innovation.

In recent years in particular, these companies have had a resounding impact on the automotive industry, competing both the United States and Europe in car production. 

The various different brands located throughout the Asia Pacific region produce everything from passenger cars to electric cars, and even light trucks. 

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the biggest Asian car brands and their memorable logos. 

What cars are made in Asia? Asian car manufacturers

Spanning an area of more than 44 million square kilometers, Asia accounts for around 30% of the Earth’s total land area. It’s home to the majority of the world’s population. What’s more, many of the countries in the region, from China to India, account for some of the fastest-growing nations.

Initially, many companies throughout Asia were best-known for the production of small cars, light vehicles, and affordable products for the domestic market. However, as the regions have evolved, the production of cars throughout Asia has evolved.

Today, automotive manufacturers throughout the landscape produce everything from military vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, luxury vehicles, and even innovative battery-powered cars. Some of the organizations in this region are best-known for their collaborative “joint projects” with other vendors.

Others have a significant market presence on their own. For instance, you’re probably already familiar with major Asian car brands like Nissan and Toyota. 

Car brands in Asia: Major Chinese manufacturers

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of Asian car brand logos and companies distributed through this massive region. To narrow things down, we’re focusing on car brands in Asia with the biggest impact in their respective markets. 

Let’s start with an insight into Chinese care manufacturers.

Asian Car Brands

1. SAIC Motor

The SAIC Motor Corporation, formerly the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, is the largest of the “big four” automotive companies in China. The Chinese state-owned manufacturer was founded in 1955, and specializes in the sale of commercial vehicles and cars.

SAIC produces vehicles under its own branding, as well as in partnership with companies like General Motors and Volkswagen. The company’s logo, depicted in a bright shade of blue, combines the name of the brand with a swooshing circle border. 

Asian Car Brands

2. Changan Automobile

Another of the largest Asian car brands from the Chinese market, the Changan Automobile Company is a state-owned brand, first launched in 1862. It’s the oldest automobile manufacturer in China, and is best-known for the production of commercial fans, microvans, and passenger cars. 

The Changan logo features the name of the company, with the “A” letters missing their horizontal line. The icon includes a “V” shape, intended to symbolize progression, and speed. 

Asian Car Brands

3. Chery

One of the largest Chinese automakers on this list, Chery was introduced to the Chinese market in 1997. Within just a few years, the company achieved incredible success, producing SUVs, minivans, and passenger cars. It’s also the top exporter of Chinese vehicles. 

Like many other Asian car logos, the Chery emblem is relatively simple, featuring an inverted “V” shape in an oval, above the name of the organization. 

Asian Car Brands

4. Geely

Perhaps one of the best known Chinese car manufacturers on this list, Geely was founded in 1986, and entered the automotive industry in 1997. Currently, Geely Auto is the seventh largest automobile manufacturer in China, and one of the biggest Asian car brands in the world.

The company produces and sells products under its own brands, like Livan and Zeekr, as well as via subsidiaries such as Polestar and Lotus. The company’s simplistic logo conveys its strength, stability, and reliability in the automotive market.

Asian Car Brands

5. Dongfeng

One of the “big four” state-owned car manufacturers in China, Dongfeng Motor Corporation was founded in 1969, and produces a range of vehicles, from trucks to passenger cars and buses. The brand’s name stands for “East Wind”.

Similar to many of the Asian car logos on this list, Dongfeng’s emblem is a combination mark featuring the name of the brand in Chinese and English. The design also features a circular badge, with two curved components in the middle.

Asian Car Brands

6. FAW Group

Otherwise known as First Automotive Works, FAW is the second largest automotive manufacturer in China. It’s best-known for selling both its own products, alongside vehicles made as part of a joint venture with Toyota and Volkswagen. 

The FAW Group uses a relatively simple, flat logo, in dark blue, featuring an oval badge, with a large “1” in the middle, with a set of wings. This symbolizes excellence, as well as speed and progression.

Asian Car Brands


State-owned manufacturer, the “BAIC” group, otherwise known as the Beijing Automotive Group, was founded in 1958, and is the sixth largest car company in China. The company sells products under its own branding, as well as through joint ventures with Mercedes Benz and Hyundai.

The relatively simplistic logo of the BAIC group features an oval, with two circular shapes on either side, similar in style to the headlights on a car. 

Leading Asian car logos from India

While there aren’t as many Indian car brands as there are Chinese car companies in the world today, the Indian region is still a significant player in the Asian automotive market. It ranks sixth in the global market for car sales, and offers a range of popular products. 

Asian Car Brands

1. Mahindra & Mahindra

Commonly referred to as “Mahindra”, the Mahindra and Mahindra company was established in 1945. It’s one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production in Asia, and has one of the best-known Asian car brand logos on this list. 

Named after its founders, Mahindra uses a sleek logo in its image, featuring a red oval, with three lines in the center to symbolize a road. The design is accompanied by a simple wordmark, in a stylish serif font. 

Asian Car Brands

2. Tata Motors

Considered one of the biggest Asian car brands in the world, Tata Motors produces cars, vans, busses, and trucks. Subsidiaries of the company include the British Jaguar Land Rover, as well as Tata Daewoo in South Korea. 

Tata Motors is named after its founder, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata.

The company’s official logo is a simple wordmark, depicted in blue to convey reliability and trust. The horizontal letters in the “A”s are removed to make them look like upward pointing arrows.

Asian Car Brands

3. Hindustan Motors

One of the original three car manufacturers to first enter the Indian automotive market, Hindustan Motors was founded in 1942. The company was the pioneering automobile company of the region, and remains popular to this day. 

This brand has quite an interesting logo, featuring the letters “H” and “M” joined together in the center by a shared line. Each letter also has an arrow shape highlighted in yellow, to demonstrate transportation and adventure. 

Asian Car Brands

4. Premier

Formerly known as “The Premier Automobiles Limited”, Premier was launched in 1944, and is one of the better-known companies in the Indian market. The Premier brand is best-known for its car, the Premier Padmini, which dominated the Indian car market in the 70s and 80s. 

Premier’s logo is sleek and modern, depicted in a dark shade of blue. It features a stylized “P” in a thick oval, with the company’s name printed underneath in blocky sans-serif font.

Asian Car Brands

5. Maruti Suzuki

The Indian subsidiary of the Japanese company, the Suzuki Motor Corporation, Maruti Suzuki was launched in 1981. Today, it holds a market share of around 42% in the Indian passenger car market, making it one of the most successful Asian car brands in the region.

The logo for this brand is taken from the emblem for the Suzuki organization, featuring the same stylized “S” shape, and a sleek, sans-serif wordmark. 

Asian car companies from Japan

Japan is one of the biggest regions in the automobile industry today, best-known for the development of various luxury car brands, as well as passenger vehicles. Some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers come from this region, including Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota. 

Asian Car Brands

1. Toyota

One of the best-known producers of Japanese cars, Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. It was originally founded as a spinoff project for Toyota Industries in 1937. Today, it is quickly becoming a leader in the production of electric vehicles.

Toyota’s logo was designed as part of a branding competition held by the company. The interlocking ovals represent community and spirit. They also create the shape of a “T” for Toyota. 

Find out more about the Toyota logo here.

Asian Car Brands

2. Honda Motor Company

Established in 1946, Honda isn’t just one of the biggest Asian car brands, it’s also the world’s larger motorcycle manufacturer. It also stands as one of the biggest manufacturers of internal combustion engines worldwide. 

The company is named after its founder, Soichiro Honda. 

Like a handful of well-known Asian car logos, the Honda emblem features a simple wordmark, depicted in a bold font with blocky serifs. The color red symbolizes passion and vitality. 

Find out more about the Honda logo here.

Asian Car Brands

3. Nissan

Launched in 1933, Nissan is a multinational automobile manufacturer, first founded in Japan. The company is part of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, and is the sixth largest automaker in the world, following companies like Ford and the Volkswagen Group

Nissan has a relatively simplistic logo, featuring sleek letters, without any serifs. The design of the emblem is intended to convey the simplicity and straightforward nature of the organization’s cars, designed for everyday consumers.

Find out more about the Nissan logo here.

Asian Car Brands

4. Suzuki

One of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturing companies, and one of the most significant Asian car brands, Suzuki was first launched in 1909, as Suzuki Loom Works. After branching out from the textiles industry, Suzuki quickly became a world-renowned car company. 

The Suzuki logo is bold and impactful, featuring an “S” in an original design, intended to symbolize strength and speed. It also features the colors blue and red, shades common for American car brands and other automotive companies worldwide.

Find out more about the Suzuki logo here.

Asian Car Brands

5. Lexus

A subsidiary of Toyota, the Lexus brand was introduced in 1989. It’s ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands according to sales volume. Plus, it’s one of the top producers of luxury cars in the region. 

The brand has dominated the auto industry over the years with its innovative designs.

Lexus showcases its modern vision and sophistication with a sleek logo featuring an “L” in an oval-shaped border, and a unique wordmark. 

Find out more about the Lexus logo here.

Asian Car Brands

6. Mazda

Popular in the American and European market, the Mazda corporation was founded in 1920, and derived its name from Ahura Mazda, the god of intelligence, wisdom, and harmony. One of the largest global and Asian car brands, Mazda is well-known worldwide. 

The company has a compelling logo, featuring an oval shape with squared elements, and a curved line in the center, which looks a lot like the wings of a bird. 

Find out more about the Mazda logo here.

Asian Car Brands

7. Mitsubishi

First introduced in the late 1800s, Mitsubishi started life as a shipbuilding and ship repair company. The first car produced by the company was introduced in 1917. Since then, the company has grown in the automobile industry, and is the 19th car brand worldwide by production volume. 

The Mitsubishi logo features three diamonds, reflecting the core values and vision of the organization. The memorable design hasn’t changed much throughout the years, and is presented in red, a common color in the Japanese market. 

Find out more about the Mitsubishi logo here.

For a more comprehensive list of Japanese car brands click here.

Asian car companies from South Korea

South Korea is an Asian country well-known for its commitment to creating reliable, safe, and modern cars. The region is home to a wide range of well-known organizations, including Hyundai and Kia. 

Here are some of the top Asian car brands from South Korea. 

Asian Car Brands

1. Hyundai

The Hyundai Motor Company, otherwise known as Hyundai Motors, was first established in 1967. It’s one of the biggest South Korean automotive manufacturers in the world, and is responsible for two subsidiary companies: Genesis, and Ioniq. 

Hyundai’s logo is sleek and simple, featuring a wordmark in geometric, sans-serif letters, and an oval with a stylized “H” character in the center. 

Find out more about the Hyundai logo here.

Asian Car Brands

2. Kia

Another of the better-known South Korean manufactures on this list, Kia Corporation, or Kia Motors was launched in 1944. It’s the second largest South Korean automobile companies, following its parent company, Hyundai.

The emblem used for the Kia logo is modern and evocative, featuring simple lines and an excellent sense of balance between the components. The compelling design sets Kia apart as an innovator in its industry, with a strong focus on the future. 

Find out more about the Kia logo here.

Asian Car Brands

3. Renault Korea Motors

First established as “Samsung Motors” in 1994, Renault Korea motors is a South Korean manufacturer with a strong presence in the Asian market. The company creates a range of cars, including crossovers, hybrid cars and electric models.

The most interesting component of the Renault Korea Motors logo is the circular shape, made with two double-line semi circles, facing each other, to symbolize unity.

Other well-known Asian car brands

While many of the top Asian car brands and logos come from Japan, China, India, and South Korea, there are plenty of other vehicle manufacturers located in other regions. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reliable Asian car brands introduced throughout the landscape. 

Asian Car Brands

1. Esemka

Otherwise known as PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi, Esemka is an Indonesian car brand launched in 2007. The company focuses primarily on SUVs and mini trucks, and started commercial production of various models in 2016. 

The Esemka logo is quite interesting, featuring a cog-wheel shape in the center of an oval border, with another oval in the middle. The design almost looks like an eye, conveying ideas of wisdom.

Asian Car Brands

2. Luxgen

With the motto “Think Ahead”, Luxgen has made a name for itself as an automotive innovator in a relatively short time. The Taiwenese company was founded in 2009, and primarily assembles cars for prestigious companies around the world. 

Luxgen’s logo is one of the most modern on this list, featuring a series of colored squares, connected with the various characters of the company’s name.

Asian Car Brands

3. W Motors

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), W Motors was introduced in 2019, and focuses on the production of high-performance luxury sports cars. It’s currently one of the top Asian luxury car brands in the world, and also develops vehicles for the sister company ICONIQ. 

The W Motors symbol is quite traditional, featuring a shield-shaped emblem intended to resemble the letter “W”. The design is depicted in a metallic chrome format. 

Asian Car Brands

4. Perodua

Another of the largest Asian car brands for its specific region, Perodua is the biggest Malaysian car company, followed by Proton. The company was established in 1993, and introduced its first hatchback vehicle in 1994. 

Sleek and modern, the Perodua logo features an oval badge, in silver, with red and green components in the middle. The green section looks a little like a “P” to represent the company’s name. 

Asian Car Brands

5. Proton

The second largest car company in the Malaysian market, Proton Holdings was established in 1983, as Malaysia’s only national badged company at the time. The word “Proton” is a “backronym” for the company’s full title, Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional.

The Proton logo is a bold and confident badge, featuring the image of a large cat with its jaws wide open, facing towards the white. Like many Asian car logos, this emblem is usually depicted in silver.

Asian Car Brands


Iranian automaker SAIPA was introduced in 1965. It’s name is an acronym for Société anonyme iranienne de production des automobiles Citroën. Primarily, the company is known for assembling Citroen vehicles for the Iranian market. 

However, Citroen eventually withdrew from the company, forcing the brand to begin the production of its own vehicles. The logo features an interesting geometric shape, made up of numerous three-dimensional silver lines.

Asian Car Brands

7. Iran Khodro

Branded as “IKCO”, Iran Khodro was founded in 1962 with the original name “Iran National”. The public company produces vehicles for brands like Renault, Peugeot and Samand, as well as minibuses, trucks, and buses. 

The IKCO logo features a traditional shield emblem, with a blue background, and the silhouette of a horse’s head. The image of the horse is intended to convey ideas of speed and grace. 

Asian Car Brands

8. Micro Cars

Based in Sri Lanka, Micro Cars was introduced in 1995, by the automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perera. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Micro Holdings brand, and is best known for the production of compact vehicles. 

Micro has quite a complex combination logo. On one side, we see a shield emblem with the image of a lion infused into the background. On the other, there’s the Micro wordmark, depicted in a fun and modern font. 

Asian Car Brands


One of the most innovative Asian car brands on this list, VinFast is a multinational company based in Vietnam. It’s the first Vietnamese car brand to focus on expansion into global markets, and also the first to concentrate on the production of electric vehicles.

The Vinfast emblem is relatively simple, combining a large letter “V”, consisting of multiple lines, with a sans-serif wordmark in uppercase letters.

The amazing Asian automaker market

Considering the sheer size of the Asian landscape, it’s unsurprising that there are so many well-known Asian car brands in the world today. From local companies to international brands, there are countless organizations operating in the industry today. 

All of these organizations have their own distinctive brands, combining evocative names and titles, with powerful emblems intended to convey their values and brand visions. As the Asian market continues to grow, the potential for new Asian car companies is almost limitless. 

If you’ve been inspired by the logos of these compelling automotive brands, contact Fabrik brands today for help creating your own memorable emblem. 

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