Creating a new name for a future-focused innovator.

What we did:

Checksy: Creating a pathway for brighter futures.

Checksy is an online platform, designed to empower people from all backgrounds to unlock their potential and enhance their future. From providing access to new skills, to improving existing abilities, the platform aims to simplify personal and professional growth. It offers guidance, support, and direction to anyone seeking evolution.

Checksy was conceived as a transformational solution for human development. However, before the solution could launch, it needed a name that encapsulated its essence and vision. That’s when creative agency, Leith, turned to Fabrik.

The brief

Naming a future-focused platform.

Our task was simple: work alongside Leith and their visionary client to discover a name that embodied the spirit and vision of the transformational platform. We needed to find a name that would highlight the platform’s potential for shaping and directing personal growth.

The creators of the platform wanted it to be more than just a tool for skill development and progression. They aimed to create a solution that would act as a mentor, guide, and companion in the self-improvement journey. The name chosen by the brand had to reflect this vision.

Our input

The collaborative journey to defining Checksy.

Our journey began with a fact-finding process. The Fabrik naming team worked alongside Leith and their client in a discovery workshop, to explore their naming goals, and identify the core components of the brand. We discussed potential naming themes that would position the platform as trustworthy, convenient, empowering, and simple.

We agreed that the name should be evocative, memorable, and easy to understand. Eventually the idea for “Checksy” emerged. It balanced the elements of responsibility and formality with the “Check” component, and introduced a friendly spin with the informal suffix. The name passed our due diligence checks, and emerged as the perfect choice for the new platform.

Our output

Creating a powerful and impactful name.

Working hand-in-hand with the Leith creative agency and their enterprising client, we were able to find the ideal name for an exciting new platform. The title “Checksy” conveys a sense of excitement, ambition, and accomplishment, perfect for a solution focused on development.

The new name encapsulates the platform’s unique essence, and even achieves the rare feat of being highly shareable and memorable. With the new name in place, the Checksy platform is ready to explode into the spotlight, and begin their journey of empowerment and guidance.

What we did:


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