A rebranding journey that delivered global expansion.


Charting Tripsta’s journey in online travel.

Built to revolutionise the modern travel and tourism landscape, Tripsta is part of a collection of online travel agencies, owned by Tripsta S.A. The company, alongside its sister brand, TravelPlanet24, offered transportation services and booking tools for airline, ferry, and train journeys, to consumers in more than 45 countries and territories.

Driven by a desire to make global exploration more accessible to the masses, Tripsta developed user-friendly solutions for consumers all over the globe. They quickly emerged as one of the largest online travel agents in both Europe and Greece, with a loyal community of customers.

The brief

Embarking on a voyage of brand revitalisation.

Ready to upgrade their brand presence for a new era, Tripsta’s management team considered working with various creative agencies in Athens, before looking further afield. The Group began searching for a branding expert with global reach, that also shared their focus on exceptional customer experiences.

Fabrik was commissioned to assist with detailed consultancy and extensive rebranding efforts for the Company’s international and Greek service offerings. Our task was to develop a new set of values, brand essence, and image for the Tripsta brand, ready to distinguish it from competing organisations.

Our input

Creating a distinctive brand identity for Tripsta.

Our work with Tripsta began with extensive research. We spoke to the stakeholders of the company about the missions and vision of the brand, and examined the competitive landscape. This led to the discovery of a new ethos “Travel Genius”, which formed the foundation for a new set of brand personality guidelines, and a compelling new logo.

The updated logo, built around a stylised letter “T” symbolises the ability of the brand to bridge the gap between different destinations, and enable exploration. We combined this symbol with a flexible colour palette, allowing marketers to select the shade that best suits the medium and target audience. Fabrik also extended the rebranding program to the sister company, TravelPlanet24.

Our output

A bespoke, comprehensive rebranding service.

Our work with Tripsta, and the sister company, TravelPlanet24, culminated in a distinctive set of powerful brand assets, ready to elevate and optimise the company’s presence. Alongside new logos, we introduced a set of user application guidelines for each firm, covering tone of voice, language, and personality, to help enhance future marketing materials.

We also ensured the Company’s stakeholders were equipped with comprehensive guides for photography, typography, and the application of the new visual identity in offline and online landscapes. Tripsta walked away with the resources it needed to soar to new heights in the travel industry, building stronger connections with its target audience.

What we did:

—Brand strategy
—Tone of voice
—Logo design
—Visual identity

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