Bier Brothers

Creating a brand identity blueprint for a retail revolutionary.


A pioneer in popular high street retail businesses.

Phillip Bier started his journey in UK retail in 2005 with the launch of the first local Tiger store. The brand quickly became a popular chain, with 90 locations across the UK. After selling his stake in the business, and teaming up with his brother Jacob, Phillip embarked on a new venture: Bier Brothers.

Bier Brothers aims to be the ultimate partner for overseas retailers, looking for an avenue into the UK high street. The venture helps to illuminate a path through the complexities of entering a new market for international merchants. Phillip’s wealth of experience guides companies through everything from securing prime locations, to navigating operational logistics.

The brief

Crafting an identity that inspires international ambition.

Phillip and his stakeholders approached Fabrik with the challenge of creating a comprehensive brand identity for his new venture. The company needed to position itself as a beacon of guidance for international retailers, inspiring them to explore new markets and expand overseas.

The image created for the company had to be simple enough to transcend global borders, while maintaining an evocative edge. Our task involved everything from clarifying the positioning of the new brand, to producing an engaging logo, and building a user-friendly website for global reach.

Our input

A sophisticated brand identity for Bier Brothers.

Working collaboratively with the brothers, our team defined how to best capture the new venture’s vision and personality. We devised a series of creative components for the organisation’s core visual identity, starting with a new logo. Since partnership was core to the company’s values, we conveyed this in the dual “B” design, symbolising unity.

We chose a sophisticated teal and grey colour palette to complement the modern visual identity, and sourced a series of images to assist with marketing the new venture. We also created a user-friendly and intuitive website for the company, and tied everything together with a set of instructive guidelines.

Our output

A launchpad for international retail in the UK.

Our work with the Bier Brothers brand resulted in a highly engaging, yet clear visual identity and online presence. We ensured the company had the resources it needed to capture the attention of international retailers, and inspire them to take the next steps in collaborative growth.

The result of our efforts quickly demonstrated measurable results, drawing a new partnership opportunity with ID Kids, a French fashion brand, to the organisation’s doorstep. Now, the Bier Brothers have the foundations they need to thrive as a leader in UK retail consultancy.

What we did:

—Logo design
—Visual identity
—Design templates
—Website design

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