A new hierarchy, strategy and identity for a data-driven brand.

What we did:

Delivering the power of data to businesses.

Revolutionary software development company, Fincore, has been transforming business operations since its inception in 1995. Specialising in the creation of solutions for sports-betting, gaming, and lottery operators, Fincore ensures companies can access the true power of data. The firm’s cutting-edge technology has made it a crucial partner for organisations worldwide.

As the Fincore company grew, branching into new areas and opportunities, it found itself searching for a way to consolidate and unify its evolving brand. The team turned to the experts at Fabrik, for our help crafting a cohesive hierarchy, and resilient identity.

The brief

Achieving strategic alignment for a growing brand.

After almost two decades in its industry, Fincore had evolved from an innovative startup into a true market leader. It began launching new services and solutions, tailored to different segments of its niche market, and it needed a way to synchronise its diverse assets. The team approached Fabrik with the challenge of realigning its visual identity and strategic positioning.

Our team collaborated with the company, to discover the mission behind the brand, and define the perfect structure for the growing entity. We were asked to introduce a new “branded house” framework to the Fincore identity, complete with a modernised set of visual assets.

Our input

Paving the way for future development and growth.

Fincore’s stakeholders were rightfully proud of the company’s existing roots and heritage. They wanted to retain their legacy, while stepping boldly into the future. Our collaborative approach led to a consensus around a modern, future-ready logo, and set of assets that would refresh the brand’s image, without harming its existing equity.

We developed the firm’s new visual identity with a focus on its core ethos “harnessing the power of data”. A sleek and sophisticated symbol, combined with a bold colour palette highlighted the ambitious nature of the brand. We augmented the new logo with a set of visual guidelines, and assets, from graphic frameworks, to macro photography.

Our output

A cohesive and dynamic identity for Fincore.

Combining Fincore’s incredible past, with its future ambitions, we crafted a visual identity ready to stand the test of time. The company’s new dynamic graphic framework flexes to suit the evolving needs of the brand, giving them the scope to expand into new segments, without diluting impact.

We also helped with the launch of the new identity, creating signage, business stationery, templates, and a set of three websites, one for each of the Group’s businesses. Everything we did was captured in an extensive set of guidelines, ready to support the brand in its future growth.

What we did:

—Research & strategy
—Brand hierarchy
—Logo development
—Mood boards
—Tone of voice
—Visual identity creation
—Application guidelines
—Development of imagery
—Digital design templates
—Website development


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