Product naming for a global self-healthcare giant.


A pioneer in the women’s health landscape.

Now part of the Perrigo company, HRA Pharma stands on the cutting edge of the consumer healthcare sector. Renowned for its unique approach to making crucial medications accessible to the masses, HRA Pharma has broken ground in a range of sectors. They developed the world’s first levonorgestrel-based emergency contraceptive in 1999, and have been innovating ever since.

Particularly well-known in the women’s health landscape, HRA Pharma has helped to shape a new era of female empowerment over the decades. It built on this legacy with the development of a new over-the-counter contraception pill, ready to revolutionise the industry.

The brief

Naming a game-changer in women’s healthcare.

Since its launch, HRA Pharma has introduced numerous successful products to the pharmaceutical market, from its Compeed blister treatment products, to the Merderma scar treatment solution. Each unique product features a memorable name, designed to highlight the value of the offering, and capture the attention of global consumers.

When the Company developed its over-the-counter progesterone-only pill, it needed a name that conveyed the revolutionary nature of this new product. It approached Fabrik with the task of finding a title that was both distinctive and memorable, as well as suitable for approval by the MHRA.

Our input

Naming Hana: Combining strategy and creativity.

With strict timescales and compliance guidelines to consider, our team examined the requirements of the project carefully. Prioritising availability, testing, and linguistics checks, we presented a number of naming themes to the pharmaceutical brand. Soon, we discovered the ideal theme: female-centric names. These titles were primed for MHRA approval, and completed the success of another of the Company’s solutions: Ella.

With this theme as our compass, we began brainstorming ideas, balancing creativity, and strategy to ensure the title would achieve regulatory approval. The name “Hana” stood out for its simplicity, memorability, and alignment with HRA Pharma’s existing identity. The title also had the added benefit of being subtle, ensuring the product could be discretely requested in pharmacies.

Our output

A simple and evocative name that speaks volumes.

Working according to the strict deadlines and unique requirements of the pharmaceutical company, we successfully found the perfect name for a revolutionary new product. The term “Hana”, though simple, is straightforward and evocative, aligning perfectly with the brand’s focus on female empowerment.

With our creative naming support, HRA Pharma launched their new over-the-counter contraceptive pill, with resounding success. The humanised nature of the name, combined with its memorability, has allowed the “Hana” pill to become a market leader in the world of women’s health.

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