A memorable logo and visual identity for a new credit card.


Zable: A pioneer in consumer finance.

Lendable, leaders in consumer finance, use the latest technology to provide customers with efficient, reliable access to credit. The company first launched in 2014 with a mission to simplify the process of accessing credit for today’s consumers. They believe getting financial help shouldn’t be complex, confusing, or time-consuming in the digital age.

The Zable credit card is the company’s innovative credit-building solution, designed to offer individuals a guaranteed rate to help them optimise their credit scores and gain financial freedom. When preparing to launch Zable, Lendable approached Fabrik for help building a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

The brief

Creating a new competitor in the credit landscape.

Before introducing its new credit-building solution to consumers, Lendable wanted to ensure it could enter the market with an impactful image. In an industry brimming with contenders, it needed to differentiate its credit solution with more than just a memorable name. It wanted to instantly demonstrate its unique value to an evolving target audience.

The Lendable team turned to Fabrik for our strategic and creative assistance, building a brand personality and image that resonated with a new generation of consumers. Together, we identified the core pillars for the new card’s image: simplicity, confidence, and efficiency.

Our input

Crafting an impactful image for Zable.

To begin, we conducted a brand sprint workshop, where we learned about the product’s benefits, the aspirations of the brand, and the company’s ethos. Next, we began to work on the components of a comprehensive visual identity. The Fabrik team developed a series of mood boards to help Lendable visualise the right colours, typography, and imagery for the Zable brand.

The chosen symbol for the logo was a flexible shape derived from the letter “Z”, conveying adaptability, agility, and efficiency. The friendly, and relatable symbol sits alongside a friendly type mark. The company’s image also features an updated colour palette featuring two contrasting blue tones, embodying the concepts of trust, fresh thinking, and reliability.

Our output

Bringing Zable’s vision to life.

Our collaborative branding journey with Zable allowed us to delve into the spirit behind the brand, and discover the unique proposition of the new credit card product. Together, we identified the core message Lendable wanted to share with its target audience, through a carefully curated selection of colours, typography, and graphical elements.

With our help, the Zable brand now stands as a beacon in the credit card landscape, embodying Lendable’s focus on simplicity, and innovation. The Zable identity now stands strong across all of the company’s channels, including the Zable mobile app.

What we did:

—Brand strategy
—Logo design
—Visual identity

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