FN Herstal

Precision naming strategies for FN Herstal: A defence innovator

What we did:

FN Herstal: Defining global defence expertise

One of the world’s leading defence specialists, FN Herstal is an innovative and future-focused company, committed to serving police, security, and military forces worldwide. The Company’s comprehensive portfolio includes a variety of small calibre ammunition projects, integrated weapons systems, and less lethal solutions for protection.

With a rich history in the defence landscape, FN Herstal has developed a host of groundbreaking and state-of-the-art solutions for global forces. The Company’s commitment to advancing technology covers a broad spectrum of environments, from air and land, to ocean-based teams.

The brief

Naming the future of defence

The global defence specialist approached Fabrik at the beginning of its journey towards launching a new product portfolio. The updated collection would include a variety of distinct cartridge types, plus a new “green” product label, to signify the focus on more environmentally friendly materials.

The Group asked Fabrik’s naming team for assistance coming up with distinctive titles for each of their products. These names needed to highlight the cutting-edge technology used by the Company, their focus on innovation, and their new sustainable initiative. They also needed to align seamlessly with the brand’s existing product naming conventions, which involved using the “FN” prefix.

Our input

Crafting names that resonate and define

Following initial consultations with the Company’s stakeholders, Fabrik devised a naming strategy for the updated product collection. We were careful to ensure cohesion with the existing product portfolio, while drawing attention to the distinct properties of each solution. Presented with a number of options, FN Herstal settled on four names for their portfolio.

Azuron, chosen for the brand’s environmentally-friendly products, reflects the pursuit of clear blue skies. For armour piercing cartridges, the team chose “Propass” to highlight the ability of the projectile to bypass armour. Premax, selected for enhanced performance rounds, encompasses ideas of potential and high performance. Finally, Aria, for the reduced range rounds, represents an intelligent twist on the word “area”.

Our output

Choosing names with power and impact

Working closely with the FN Herstal team, Fabrik, produced an evocative selection of product names, perfect for elevating the Company’s existing brand equity. These new titles aligned perfectly with the  existing branding, while also offering an insight into their focus and mission in the defence industry. More than mere labels, these names inform, educate, and inspire.

Our naming strategy provided the company with a new lexicon for their latest offerings, adding to the strength of their brand identity. Through a blend of strategic thinking and creativity, we helped FN Herstal take the next step in their journey towards global growth.

What we did


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