National Grid

National Grid: A visual journey through energy transmission


National Grid: Energising Britain’s future

National Grid stands at the heart of the UK’s electricity and gas sector, headquartered in the heart of London. The company operates electricity and national gas transmission networks across England, and in various parts of the United States. It’s one of the largest investor-owned utility company’s in the world, with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

The business plays a vital role in connecting millions of people to the crucial energy they rely on each day. It is also committed to finding ways to revolutionise the use of energy resources, eliminating unnecessary emissions and pollution.

The brief

Engaging a digital community

National Grid needed an effective, and accessible way to communicate with a wide community of utility companies and consumers. The business wanted to highlight its work in the energy sector, and share valuable information about its vision for a greener, more sustainable future. The team approached Fabrik for help designing infographics for its marketing strategy.

Our objective was to convey the unique personality, ethos, and mission of National Grid, in a series of infographics that would both inspire and educate. These infographics needed to be tuned to the needs of an increasingly digital community, working in multiple formats, across various channels.

Our input

Crafting clarity from complexity

In our initial discovery sessions, we discovered their focus was on simplifying the way they presented crucial information to their target audience. The Company wanted to ensure consumers and partners could get a clear insight into the work they were doing, and the evolving nature of the energy ecosystem.

Our team worked tirelessly on an infographic design process that required everything from extensive data interpretation, to intricate wireframe design. We produced a complete infographic system, designed for today’s digital, and multi-channel world, focusing on user friendliness and accessibility. We also assisted with the development of easy-to-follow content and copy.

Our output

Infographics that illuminate and inspire

Our meticulous data analysis, design, and content creation process culminated in a suite of bespoke infographics, drawing on the power of digital storytelling. These digital assets, available online and through mobile applications, serve as both educational resources, and insights into the vision and credibility of National Grid as an energy innovator.

Our deliverables provided the business with a dynamic and engaging way to share their stories, achievements, and view of the future energy landscape. They reinforce the Company’s position as a leader in its sector, and ensure both current and future consumers can understand the impact the organisation has on their lives.

What we did:

—Data interpretation
—Content generation
—Design & wireframes
—Infographic creation

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