Lloyd Cole

A powerful digital presence for a revered solo recording artist.

What we did:

A memorable musical journey with a digital encore.

Emblematic English singer, songwriter, and musician, Lloyd Cole first stepped into the scene as the lead vocalist of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions in 1984. His Group produced numerous noteworthy songs, from “Perfect Skin” to “Lost Weekend”. Following a successful five year journey with his group, Lloyd branched out into a solo career, committed to perfecting his art.

He delighted fans with the release of the first “Lloyd Cole” album in 1990, before following up with the “Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe” album in 1991. Through his solo work, the Artist has achieved significant recognition, and his music has even been featured on Hollywood movies, like “Bad Influence”, released in 1990.

The brief

Designing a digital stage for Lloyd Cole.

Lloyd Cole tasked Fabrik with creating a digital presence capable of both promoting his solo career, and acting as an archive for his wide selection of hits. The site needed to reflect the singer’s unique personality and ethos, connecting with fans across the globe, and offering them a chance to learn more about the musical icon.

Our challenge was to create a site that was both comprehensive and user-friendly, combining ecommerce elements for online sales, with insights into upcoming events, and tales about Lloyd’s journey through the musical landscape. The site would also need to act as a gateway to the Artist’s profiles on a range of social media platforms.

Our input

A harmonious approach to website design.

We launched into discussions with Lloyd Cole himself, discussing the key elements the website should contain, and the goals he wanted to achieve with his online presence. Following extensive research into the Artist and his target audience, we explored potential ideas for the WordPress hosted site, and began building a foundation for the new venture.

Our team created a vibrant website that closely reflects the Artist’s personal brand, furnishing it with content designed to engage and inspire visitors. We also infused the site with a comprehensive archive of Cole’s work, and integrated an ecommerce solution for digital sales.

Our output

A symphony of strategic website design.

Our collaborative work with Lloyd led to the development of a user-focused website, that serves as a testament to the his illustrious career. The site acts as a digital platform where Cole’s music, history, and future projects coalesce, giving fans an immersive online experience.

With this website, Lloyd Cole received the stage he needed to elevate his digital presence, connecting with listeners on global scale, and increasing brand awareness. The online solution is perfectly positioned to both capture the attention of new fans, and strengthen the relationship Cole has with his existing community of fans.

What we did:

—Website design
—Store integration

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