Accurist London

Creating a suite of names for a pioneering watch brand.

What we did:

Accurist: A time-honoured UK watch brand.

Distinguished watchmaker, Accurist was born in London’s historic Clerkenwell district in 1946. Known for exceptional attention to detail and precision, the company has become synonymous with British elegance, and sophistication. The organisation was even the official sponsor of British Telecom’s speaking clock for over two decades.

When the time came to re-launch its watch collection for a modern audience, Accurist needed help with an extensive product naming strategy. The names given to their new products needed to highlight the legacy and heritage of the established brand, and appeal to a new generation of consumers. Fabrik stepped in to help.

The brief

Elevating brand legacy through product naming.

Each stunning watch in the Accurist’s portfolio has its own unique name, intended to convey the personality, style, and target audience for the product. Unfortunately, Accurist was struggling to select distinctive names for its versatile collection. They turned to Fabrik, for help converting their values and ethos into a series of memorable titles.

We immediately jumped into a discovery process, learning about the core values of the brands, the messages they wanted to send, and the key parameters for the new product collection. Our focus was on developing new product names that exuded luxury, heritage, and traditional British values.

Our input

Discovering names to stand the test of time.

Our discovery process set a clear path for a strategic, creative naming process. We defined overarching themes, such as famous British investors, London clocks, and titles closely linked with the Accurist company’s history. These ideas, combined with a desire to accurately communicate the characteristics of each watch, led to the development of a series of evocative, yet descriptive names.

The Fabrik team worked closely with Accurist to rationalise, and refine the naming collection, carrying out extensive due diligence checks, and analysing the impact of each term on the thoughts and feelings of the brand’s target audience. Together, we ensured the collection would capture the hearts and minds of the British community.

Our output

Launching a new era for Accurist.

With a series of expressive, and powerful names to choose from, Accurist found the ideal identities for each watch in its collection. Every product now had a powerful new way to inspire and engage consumers, while elevating the brand’s equity and appeal.

Accurist launched its product collection with our guidance, introducing its audience to a new selection of timeless pieces they could treasure for years to come. The success of this project stands as a testament to Fabrik’s naming prowess, the enduring impact of the watch brand, and the importance of identity in a competitive landscape.

What we did:

—Research & consultation
—Positioning & strategy
—Portfolio segmentation
—Product naming

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