Naming Caripod: an innovative baby-carrying product.

What we did:

A pioneer of comfortable and stylish maternity wear.

Established in 2002, Seraphine has emerged as an innovator in the maternity fashion landscape, introducing endless solutions that ensure women feel comfortable and confident throughout their pregnancy. The business empowers expectant mothers to embrace their changing bodies and new curves, with garments and accessories that combine practicality and elegance.

Over the years, Seraphine’s pioneering passion for crafting unique fashion solutions has led to the development of numerous clothing lines, as well as men’s clothing collections, and stylish baby carrying options. The Company presents itself as a valuable partner, supporting families through the wonderful journey of parenthood.

The brief

A quest to transform the future of maternal fashion.

Insights drawn from relationships with their loyal community of customers informed Seraphine that mothers and fathers alike were struggling with a clear issue. The baby carriers available on the market were too cumbersome, complex, and difficult to use. The Company set out on a quest to revolutionise the market, with an ergonomic, easy-to-use solution that didn’t compromise on style.

Seraphine developed a product that ensured parents could carry their children with comfort and convenience, but they needed a name that would convey the value of the offering to their audience. They tasked Fabrik with the challenge of coming up with a title that would reflect the essence of the product, and align with their existing ethos, personality, and name.

Our input

Creating a fitting brand name for the Caripod.

Our naming process began with extensive market research. We familiarised ourselves with the challenges Seraphine’s customers faced, and held initial product naming workshops with the Company’s key stakeholders. Together, we agreed on several naming concepts, focused on the themes of limitless exploration and style.

We explored various suggestive, descriptive, and compound naming types, looking for a solution that perfectly encompassed the value proposition of the product. Caripod emerged as the clear favourite, combining descriptive clarity with a distinctive edge. The name feels nurturing and supportive, just like the product itself.

Our output

Providing a name that supports endless potential.

We took a holistic approach to our naming process with Seraphine, carefully evaluating the core selling points of their new product, and the market they wanted to reach. Throughout the collaboration, we also carried out numerous due diligence checks, ensuring the name was accessible, distinctive, and free from trademarks.

With our support, the maternity fashion brand was able to launch their transformative new product with a name designed to resonate with their audience on an emotional level. The name “Caripod” is easy to understand, but also evocative, ensuring Seraphine can capture, engage, and inspire its evolving community of customers.

What we did:

—Due diligence

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