A new brand name combining nostalgia with modern chic.

What we did:

Timeless fashion that unites generations.

Harkel is a distinctive fashion brand with a unique vision. The Company strives to bring the elegance and allure of the 1940s and 50s into the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. Committed to creating pieces that are both timeless and flattering, Harkel unifies retro charm and modern spirit, to create clothing that transcends generations.

More than just an innovator in the apparel landscape, Harkel is a company with heart, committed to using the finest, most sustainable materials in its lines. The brand stands out for its dedication to adding individuality, and vintage charm to ethically-conscious clothing.

The brief

Naming with nostalgia and nuance.

Ready to share its incredible vision with the world, Harkel’s team approached Fabrik with the task of identifying a name that would encapsulate its ethos. The business wanted a name that would radiate the charm and individuality of its product collections, resonating with a contemporary audience.

The title needed to hint at the vintage focus of the company, while also connecting with new generations of consumers. We faced the challenge of selecting a name that was fun and memorable, but also endlessly evocative. Our naming team immediately got to work, exploring opportunities.

Our input

The genesis of a new brand name.

Our journey began with a discovery phase, during which we explored the brand’s essence, identifying key characteristics for the name. We agreed that the chosen moniker should be evocative or experiential, capturing a sense of fun and energy. We wanted a title that was fun, short, and bursting with personality.

Following numerous collaborative sessions with the fashion brand’s key stakeholders, we settled on the name “Harkel.” The term combines the word “hark,” with its associations to the past, with the word “sparkle,” to highlight the company’s positive energy. Harkel successfully bridges the gap between the company’s retro allure and contemporary appeal.

Our output

A name with distinction and style.

Our work with the distinctive fashion brand resulted in the discovery of the perfect title. The name “Harkel” embodied everything the Company wanted to convey to its audience, hinting at its vintage roots, while also highlighting its clear focus on the future. The name became a solid foundation for the organisation’s market presence, preparing the brand for an exciting future.

Harkel is more than just a name; it’s the beginning of a brand narrative that intertwines the elegance of the past with the aesthetics and ethics of the present. With our help, Harkel is ready to bring its unique sense of style to a growing audience, forming lasting connections with fashion fans.

What we did:


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