A distinctive brand identity for a domestic services pioneer.


An intuitive platform transforms domestic services.

Driven by the quest to simplify the management of everyday chores, Dobeo stands as a unique innovator in the digital market. The Company offers an intuitive domestic services platform that allows users to manage laundry and dry cleaning through a single mobile app.

By carefully curating a network of suppliers into a unified ecosystem, Dobeo empowers users to compare prices, schedule pick-ups, and arrange delivers at a time that suits them. The Company aims to become the ultimate companion for its consumers, taking the challenge out of cleanliness.

The brief

Crafting a fresh identity for an innovative brand.

The owners of the digital domestic services app approached Fabrik with the task of creating a new brand identity. The business needed to sculpt a presence that resonated with the goals and pain points of its customers. Our mission involved everything from creating a clear brand positioning statement, to establishing a visual identity and tone of voice.

Through the development of distinctive brand assets, we were challenged to position the brand not just as a service, but as a lifestyle choice that empowered and supported its users. This required a careful blend of creativity, strategy, and comprehensive research.

Our input

Devising an evocative and memorable image.

After extensive research and conversations with the Company’s stakeholders, we marked a space for Dobeo in the domestic services market. From there, we built a personality, messaging, and core ethos, which focused on the organisation’s ability to help users escape the monotony of everyday chores. Using these concepts as guidelines, we moved onto the development of a visual identity.

We were keen to create an image for the company that combined style, functionality, intelligence, and modernity, while also hinting at a touch of luxury. The brand mark we created from Dobeo is clean and sophisticated, drawing attention to the focus of the organisation, and its commitment to simplifying everyday tasks.

Our output

A brand poised for growth in domesticity.

Our holistic approach to building a brand identity for Dobeo culminated in a collection of powerful assets, carefully chosen to highlight the ethos and ambition of the Company. We delivered a versatile visual identity that extends from digital applications to physical manifestations, ensuring the business can connect with customers through every platform.

The messaging and tone of voice guidelines produced gives Dobeo the direction it needs to forge long-lasting relationships with customers, conveying excellence, reliability, and expertise. With our help, Dobeo is ready to revolutionise the domestic services space.

What we did:

—Logo design
—Visual identity
—User guidelines
—Website design

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