Reinvigorating the brand of a robotics technology innovator.


Revolutionary technology, ground-breaking innovation.

Slamcore, a trailblazer in spatial intelligence software, empowers consumer products and robotic solutions to navigate and understand the worlds around them. Born from the prestigious Imperial College, the firm combines AI innovation with practical solutions to common business problems. Its state of the art SLAM creations are set to transform the future of the industry.

Slamcore’s world-leading SDK unlocks new opportunities for precision and accuracy in autonomous navigation. The team of expert engineers behind the company are positioned to revolutionise the modern industrial market. However, before they could thrive as a true industry leader, they needed a brand that reflected their unique value proposition.

The brief

Signalling a new era for Slamcore's brand.

After six years of phenomenal growth, fuelled by Slamcore’s state-of-the-art technology, the company recognised a growing need to revitalise its branding. The company wanted to reposition itself as a mature market leader, highlighting the evolution of the Slamcore SDK and capturing the attention of new audiences and industries.

The company wanted more than just a facelift. Slamcore was keen to embark on a strategic metamorphosis towards a brand identity with greater impact and clarity. The team turned to Fabrik for our help identifying a clear value proposition, tone of voice, personality, and image.

Our input

The journey from start-up to market leader.

We started the Slamcore project with deep-dive discovery sessions, uncovering the core essence and values of the brand. This research spawned a straightforward proposition for the company: “Spatially Intelligent”. With the brand ethos to guide us, we crafted new editorial and personality guidelines for the company, establishing Slamcore as a trusted authority with a human-centric approach.

Next, we turned to the firm’s visual identity. The logo with its S-shaped graphic and graduated central circle symbolise the importance of vision in spatial intelligence. A new typeface, color palette, and graphical guidelines now define Slamcore as a flexible, versatile, and modern brand. Our UX/UI team also developed a new website, centred around exceptional experience.

Our output

A vibrant identity for a visionary brand.

Our collaboration with Slamcore culminated in a refreshed, revitalised brand identity. We used our unique blend of strategy and creativity to enhance the Slamcore website experience, optimise the company’s tone of voice, and produce an unforgettable image. Together, these assets reflect Slamcore’s ambitious vision, accessibility, and humanised approach to building the future of spatial computing technology.

Now, each of Slamcore’s brand assets resonate consistently with an array of audiences, from tech enthusiasts, to new adopters. The website, color palette, logo, and brand personality work in tandem to position Slamcore as a true pioneer in autonomous tech.

What we did:

—Brand strategy
—Tone of voice
—Logo-mark creation
—Visual identity
—User guidelines
—Website design & build
Project team:
Rob Morrisby,
Vix Ross

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