AQYR Technologies

Saterra product naming for a commercial satellite provider.


A commercial satellite pioneer connecting the world.

AQYR Technologies, launched with a mission to help connect the world with cutting-edge commercial satellite communication systems. Serving a range of crucial sectors, from law enforcement, to electronic warfare, and military communications, the brand earned a reputation as a pioneer in its landscape.

Today, AQYR Technologies operates as a pivotal part of the ARA organisation, a group committed to designing, manufacturing, testing, and installing cutting-edge antenna technologies in locations worldwide. However, before AQYR joined this revolutionary technology firm, it approached Fabrik, for help naming a product that would elevate its future brand equity.

The brief

Naming a revolutionary communications satellite.

Like many evolving organisations, AQYR Technologies knew that standing out in the competitive commercial satellite landscape required more than just a distinctive logo. They believed choosing the right names for their solutions, capable of conveying their unique value to potential buyers, was crucial to their success. The creation of an exciting new product sparked the need for a new name.

The Company charged Fabrik with the task of devising a name for its latest innovation, a portable modular communications terminal. The system promised to revolutionise field operations, condensing cumbersome equipment into a simple, streamlined solution. They wanted a name for the system that highlighted the transformative impact it would have on satellite communications.

Our input

Creating a memorable name with lasting impact.

After an initial consultation with the brand, where we learned more about the potential and capabilities of the product, the Fabrik team got to work on a naming strategy. We identified the need for a name that was inspirational and evocative, but also simple and memorable. Working with the team, we explored a various naming options and themes, before settling on a hybrid title.

We agreed that the chosen name should have a descriptive element that immediately resonated with AQYR’s commercial audience. However, it also needed to draw attention to the expertise, authority, and ambitious nature of the firm. The title “Saterra” was chosen, combining the word “Satellite”, with “Terra” – the Latin term for the earth, or land.

Our output

Saterra: A name that connects worlds.

The result of our work with AQYR Technologies was more than just a new product name. We helped the brand distil the essence of their new product into a simple, shareable term, that underscored the value it could offer. The term “Saterra” identifies a system that highlights a focus on global connectivity, as well as a grounding in reliability and accessibility.

With this name, the manufacturing firm instantly drew attention to the revolutionary nature of its solution, and its ability to establish connections from every corner of the earth. The product name aligned perfectly with the Company’s existing brand identity, and its vision for the future.

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