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Meet Steve Harvey

Our Co-Founder, Steve, is always looking to get involved with projects that impact the world or a company’s culture.

For over three decades, Steve has helped shape brands, name products and businesses, and find opportunities for companies to transform themselves.

How did he get here?

Steve learnt the ropes in 1988, working for a design and print agency. There, he learnt the whole creative process – from the initial design to getting the printed materials out the door.

Since then, he’s worked for multiple agencies before co-founding Fabrik, helping businesses like Barclays, Cable and Wireless, and Royal Scottish Insurance to define and develop their brands.

From housing associations to charities, Steve enjoys projects where he can help completely revitalise a brand from the ground up – like Salad Money and Sight Scotland.

Aside from brand strategy and naming, Steve has also been the co-owner of multiple businesses – helping tourism in Scandinavia, developing a journal for radio, managing the naming portfolio for an eCommerce venture, and giving editorial input for a wireless audio review site.

Steve is also a regular contributor to Brand Fabrik, our online publication covering topics relevant to anyone in branding, marketing and design. Steve explores his enthusiasm for brand naming at Brand Fabrik and shares his expertise in the naming process.

What drives Steve?

You only need to look at the businesses that Steve has helped run to get a glimpse at his personality. Music. Beautiful scenery. And cutting-edge technology. If it’s a hobby – it’s also a business opportunity.

But aside from being a savvy strategist, Steve is a musician. He started playing the drums, then bass (but not drum and bass). Nowadays, you’ll find him with one of his sons at a football match or looking up at the stars. We expect he’ll start up a spacefaring sports club in no time.

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