3 proven marketing strategies to promote your medical clinic
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3 proven marketing strategies to promote your medical clinic

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Starting a medical practice that no one has ever heard about isn’t a medical practitioner’s dream. As a matter of fact, every medical professional that opens a clinic assumes that solely opening their business would be enough to line up patients at their doorstep. Yet, it does not work that way.

Like any other business, medical practices must apply healthcare marketing strategies to accomplish their long-term and short-term goals.

Perhaps you’d prefer to implement a mix of different marketing strategies in the hopes of gaining more, getting an edge over competitors, advertising services and products, expanding your market share or venturing out into new markets.

Whatever your goals, you need to get the word out about the spectacular patient services that you’re offering.

Do this, and the rest will unfold:

Medical Clinic

1. Optimise your web presence

Your website should serve as a central hub of information about your practice H4

Your offline business needs an online home. Unlike the physical one, the online space will give you more control over the patient experience. For patients, your website is the one place where they can learn more about you.

If you have little to no experience in online marketing and do not have a website that you can work with, you can use online freelance services to hire someone to build one for you. But don’t fret. You can always use a seamless, and beginner-friendly website builder like Squarespace to build something on your own terms.

The choice will depend on the financial means and time you have at hand. A well-made, well-designed, and mobile-friendly website may seem like an expensive marketing endeavour in the beginning, but it offers long-term benefits. 

A mobile-friendly website will attract more patients

If you run a healthcare business, perhaps you’re already aware of the level of competition out there. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to stand out. According to a Google survey, over 61% of people leave a website if it’s not mobile-optimised.

Although we still use laptops and desktop computers, the majority of people access services via smartphones. You only have to take a look around in a café bar to see how reliant we are on our mobile devices. So, it makes perfect sense that having a mobile-friendly website will only grant users access to will display adequately. 

Follow SEO best practices to improve your position in SERPs

As search engine ranking becomes a top-of-mind priority for online businesses, medical practices also need to stand out in a competitive market. This is because patients are increasingly reliant on medical practices online.

So, whenever someone googles ‘’the best dental clinic’’ or ‘’podiatry nearby’’, you will want your clinic to be one of the first names that pop up in the search engine result pages. 

To stand out and expand your reach through the website’s best practices, be sure to invest time and money into clean-cut SEO strategies. Along the way, try to publish fresh and relevant content to keep users engaged and Google happy enough to rank you in the uppermost result pages.

Customise your content

Quality custom content plays a key part in your SEO plan. You can publish your own form of content to inform patients about your practice, qualifications, services, and procedures. Some clinics choose to create their own custom content, but you can always hire your own writing services to help you plan and create quality content.

Content is king, as many marketing experts claim nowadays, and they have good reasons to think so. What you share out there is an important factor in Google ranking. It proves that you know your field and you’re an expert, which improves your chances of ranking for relevant searches.

Medical Clinic

2. Patient experience & communication

Stay in touch with your patients through email marketing

When it comes to driving patient engagement and improving the bottom line, email remains one of the most reliable marketing forces. And there’s great sense and logic to it: people see email inbox as their personal online environment, so having an interaction there, you will receive a type of attention that you cannot get on social media.

Make sure to use email marketing systems like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact to target your audience and only send emails to patients who can benefit from the information you are sending out.

Reassure patients that you care about them through health tips

By sharing health tips, you’re not only educating your patients but also reassuring them that you care about their well-being, even when they don’t know you personally.

Keeping them up to date with the latest medical trends or educating them on how to steer clear of unreliable medical professionals is a great way to keep patients pleased and loyal to your service. People are afraid of doctors but more afraid of those who are negligent in their practice.

Only in 2021, there were over 12,600 thousand clinical negligence claims in the UK, a number that encourages patients to triple-check their clinics and medical professionals before anything else.

But you can stand out from the crowd by ensuring that your staff follows only the ethical way of medical care and by sending them periodic educational emails to combat misinformation.

Medical Clinic

3. Advertising & social media strategies

Bust common myths and educate your audience on social media

As a healthcare representative, educating your audience is one of the most important and impactful social media strategies. The reason is that people come to your page for information, and if you don’t give them or find your information misleading, they will look elsewhere.

Choose to share and distribute your information using your clinic’s social media platforms. You can create educational videos, share blog posts, or use static images and graphs that contain some written information.

In the last two years, short forms of video content have caught more attention than images. They’re interesting and fun to watch, not to mention that people don’t have patience for anything else. 

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