The complete guide to popular F1 team logos
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The complete guide to popular F1 team logos

popular F1 team logos

How many F1 team logos can you picture right now?

The Formula One championship teams might not be the first groups you think of when you’re looking for examples of phenomenal branding. However, the reality is these teams are just as reliant on the right brand image as any major business, non-profit, or commercial entity.

Entering the F1 racing tournament is a badge of honor for many automotive brands. It demonstrates an organization’s ability to produce some of the most incredible, high-performing vehicles on the market.

Indeed, the Grand Prix has its own point system to determine whether the constructors of cars should be entered into Formula One or not.

Many well-known companies create new logos based on their existing brand identity to celebrate their position in the world’s leading international racing championship. At the same time, some contenders must find their own branding to compete with bigger organizations.

Let’s take a closer look at popular Formula One team logos and how they connect with customers.

An introduction to Formula 1 team logos

Formula One, also known as F1 or Formula 1, stands as the highest class of international racing competitions in the world. The word “Formula” in the title refers to the specific rules to which all cars in the tournament must conform.

The exclusive sporting event is beloved around the world by car enthusiasts. After all, F1 cars are some of the fastest road-course racing cars in the world, capable of demonstrating incredible performance and speed through the generation of powerful aerodynamic downforce.

Entry into the Formula One racing competition is an opportunity for a brand to showcase its latest innovations, capabilities, and prowess in the automotive industry.

The exclusive nature of F1 racing makes visual identity particularly important for many groups who enter this campaign.

In every race, known as a Grand Prix, it’s not just the primary “F1 emblem” we see on display, but also the unique insignias of the drivers and teams. These logos help to differentiate each team, generate excitement from fans, and promote loyalty.

Most F1 team logos are designed to demonstrate similar concepts, such as speed, confidence, and power. However, they can also offer an insight into the nature of the driver and the company responsible for making the car.

Let’s start by looking at some of the most popular F1 Team logos you may have seen racing throughout 2022. Many of the companies connected to these logos already have a phenomenal presence in the automotive industry.

Popular F1 team logos

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull might not be the first company you consider when looking for automotive logos. However, the company’s commitment to extreme sports has earned it a powerful place in the lineup. Toyota, Ferrari, and Dodge produced many of the cars driven by the team.

The Red Bull Racing Team has updated its logo a number of times over the years, focusing heavily on the elements of the popular Red Bull emblem.

For 2022, the company introduced a reference to its sponsor for the year, “Oracle,” by adding its logo to the image. The image also features the word “Racing” in sleek silver letters to highlight speed.

Find out more about the Red Bull Racing logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

McLaren F1

McLaren is a well-known Formula One constructor and the second oldest team active in the competition today. It’s also the second most successful Formula One team after Ferrari, with more than 183 races won.

The company founded its racing team with Bruce McLaren and won its first Grand Prix in 1968.

McLaren’s racing team logo is exactly the same as the logo it uses for the rest of the business. The image features a stylized sans-serif wordmark in bold black font. The angled “M” symbolizes movement, while the orange arrow shape highlights upward progression and innovation.

Find out more about the McLaren F1 logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

Ferrari F1

It’s challenging to find anyone in the automotive landscape unfamiliar with Ferrari. The company produces some of the most popular racing cars in the world and is currently the most successful brand in F1. Coincidentally, Ferrari is also the oldest team in Formula 1 Racing.

Like McLaren, Ferrari uses the same brand image and logo for its road cars and racing tournament vehicles.

The image includes a picture of a horse on its hind legs, jumping into the air. This prancing horse is intended to be a symbol of power and grace. The colors red, green, and white also draw attention to Ferrari’s Italian heritage.

Find out more about the Ferrari F1 team logo here, and the general Ferrari logo here.

Popular F1 team logos


The Mercedes-Benz company first took part in the world championship for Formula 1 in 1954 and 1955.

Despite a successful run, the organization left the sport after two seasons, eventually returning as an engine manufacturer in 1994. The company has also reformed its racing team, with familiar names such as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes’ Formula 1 team logo is typically the same as the image used for the larger company, with some slight differences. The Mercedes-Benz wordmark is removed and exchanged instead with references to the company’s partners and sponsors for the event.

Learn more about the Mercedes F1 team logo here, and the general Mercedes logo here.

Popular F1 team logos


Otherwise known as BWT Alpine, Alpine is a Formula One Constructor relatively new to the championship.

It made its debut at the beginning of the 2021 World Championship, after rebranding from the “Renault F1 Team.” The background Renault company has a long history in Formula One Racing, first competing in 1981.

Alpine has one of the most compelling F1 team logos on the market.

The image features a bold stylized “A,” angled towards the right to demonstrate speed. The sharp edges on the image showcase power and precision. The company also includes a small reference to the French flag and its geographical heritage at the bottom of the insignia.

Find out more about the Apline F1 team logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

Alfa Romeo

A world apart from the better-known Alfa Romeo logo, the Alfa Romeo racing team uses entirely different imagery for its emblem. The company has competed many times in Formula 1, both as a constructor and engine supplier.

The brand currently works with world-renowned drivers like Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas.

Alfa Romeo’s Formula One logo features a script-style wordmark with the letter “R” for Romeo in uppercase and the “A” in Alfa in lowercase.

Underneath the wordmark, we see an underline in the colors of the Italian flag, as well as a reference to the company’s history in the sport, with the tagline “Since 1910.” The image is sophisticated and elegant, like the organization’s cars.

Find out more about the Alfa Romeo F1 team logo here, and the Alfa Romeo logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

Aston Martin

Best known as a world-leading British car manufacturer, Aston Martin has participated in various Formula One racing events.

The organization first got involved with the tournament during the 1959 season, debuting a DBR4 chassis with an innovative engine. The team is currently owned by Lawrence Stroll and features Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel as race drivers.

The Formula One team logo for the Aston Martin company features the traditional Aston Martin logo most consumers are familiar with, alongside the “Formula One Team” tagline.

The design of the logo is also slightly different, with simplified white lines on a deep green background. The green color also connects to the Aston Martin company’s original branding.

Find out more about the Aston Martin F1 logo here, and the general Aston Martin logo here.

Popular F1 team logos


Otherwise known as Haas Formula LLC, the Haas F1 team is an American group established by the NASCAR Cup Series co-owner Gene Haas. Initially, the team wanted to make its debut in 2015 but eventually postponed until the 2016 season.

The brand has achieved some excellent results in races and has earned quite a strong following among fans.

The Haas team logo is simple but effective, leveraging the bold and confident colors of red and black. The image includes the wordmark for the company and the subtitle “F1 Team.” There’s also a unique emblem that showcases a stylized H inside of a red circle.

The elongated line in the “H” is similar to that of a racing road or track.

Find out more about the Haas F1 team logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

Scuderia AlphaTauri

Known to most Formula One fans simply as “AlphaTauri,” the Scuderia AlphaTauri team is one of two companies owned by the beverage company Red Bull.

The constructor was rebranded in the 2020 championship from “Toro Rosso” to promote the upcoming AlphaTauri fashion brand.

The logo for this team is quite unique, with a lot of stylized elements. The image in the center of the logo is intended to represent the letters “A” and “T,” with a white bull between them, referencing the Red Bull company.

The name “AlphaTauri” also appears in unique typography below the image, with one half bolded to pull attention to the “Tauri” or “Bull” theming.

Find out more about the AlphaTauri F1 team logo here.

Popular F1 team logos


Another well-known option on our list of F1 team logos, Williams is a British Formula One racing team and constructor, founded originally by Frank Williams.

The team launched in 1977, and has taken part in a number of races over the years, starting with the 1977 Spanish Grand Prix. Williams has worked alongside many engine manufacturers, including Renault.

The Williams Racing logo for Formula One is one of the simplest on this list, with minor embellishments.

The image is a simple wordmark written in block sans-serif font. The brand name is split into two sections with black and blue colors. The blue shading conveys a sense of heritage and stability.

Find out more about the Williams F1 team logo here.

Previous Formula 1 racing team logos

The lineup of F1 racing teams and constructors is constantly changing as new competitors enter the midst. If you’re interested in how the landscape and the logos used by brands have evolved over the years, it’s worth taking a look at some of these famous groups from the past.

Popular F1 team logos


The Tyrrell racing organization was a Formula One constructor originally launched by Ken Tyrrell.

The group made its debut in 1958 and gradually began building its own cars in 1970, at which point the team had its biggest run of wins of all time. The brand won three Driver’s Championships and one constructor championship with Jackie Stewart.

An interesting alternative to many of the F1 team logos we’ve seen so far, Tyrrell’s logo is a simple stylistic wordmark with curved points on various letters. The image is depicted in a dark shade of blue, often associated with class and sophistication.

Popular F1 team logos


Another well-known automotive company with a history in Formula One racing, Toyota Racing was a Formula One team owned by Toyota, which announced its plans to participate in the championship in 1999. 

After an extensive testing period, the group made its debut in 2002. The organization, unfortunately, never won a Grand Prix. 

Interestingly, the Toyota Racing logo only features the official Toyota logo in a small space alongside the well-known Panasonic logo. The largest element of the emblem is a unique “T” shape created in the colors grey, blue, and red.

Popular F1 team logos


Competing throughout the years 1991 to 2005, Jordan Grand Prix was named after the Irish founder, Eddie Jordan. In 2005, the company was eventually sold to the Midland Group, who continued to compete for a final season as “Jordan” before rebranding for the next season.

Jordan’s Formula 1 racing logo is a world away from most of the emblems in the world today, with bold block letters in a bright shade of yellow. The image is intended to convey confidence and joy while drawing attention to the bold nature of the team.

Popular F1 team logos


Competing under the Lotus name between 2012 and 2015, the Lotus F1 team was a British group primarily owned by Genii Capital. In their first season, the team achieved four positions in the Formula One Constructor championship.

The team was eventually sold back to Renault, and the Lotus name was dropped.

While the Lotus F1 team logo does include a reference to the shapes and style of the Lotus logo, none of the color elements of the other emblem are present. Instead, we see golden components positioned on a brown background, perhaps to indicate luxury.

Like many groups, the company also uses the “F1 Team” tagline with its copyright mark.

Popular F1 team logos


Perhaps lesser known than some of the F1 team logos on this list, Lola Cars International was a British race car company that operated between 1958 and 2012. The brand started off building small front-engine sports cars before eventually entering the Formula Junior section.

Martin Birrane acquired Lola Cars after unsuccessfully attempting Formula One racing with MasterCard sponsorship. The logo features a bright blue wordmark in a yellow oval shape.

The combination of colors is engaging and eye-catching, while the font choice conveys a sense of strength and confidence.

Popular F1 team logos


Jaguar Racing was the team responsible for Jaguar Land Rover’s racing efforts.

The company is still competing in Formula E racing, as Jaguar TCS racing, through partnership with Tata Consultancy Services. Previously, it was a Formula One constructor which competed in the FIA championships between 2000 and 2004.

Similar to many Formula 1 racing teams, Jaguar’s logo includes a clear reference to its partner and sponsor in its image. The logo combines the well-known logo elements of both TCS and Jaguar, with the word “Racing” in slanted letters underneath to indicate speed.

Learn more about the Jaguar logo here.

Popular F1 team logos

Force India

Founded in 2007 by a consortium, Force India was a group with a poor track record in Formula One for some time.

After 29 races wherein the group didn’t score any points at all, the team eventually won their first Formula One world championship podium place with Giancarlo Fisichella. Following some controversy, the brand was eventually shut down.

This organization used a unique and compelling logo, wherein the Indian flag was designed to look similar to an “F” for the beginning of “Force.” The letter “I” in India is also written in lowercase and presented in red to represent a team member or racer from the group.

Popular F1 team logos


Otherwise known as Equipe Ligier, Ligier was a motorsport team with a Formula One presence from 1976 to 1996. The team was founded in 1968 by a French rugby Union player named Guy Ligier.

The Ligier logo is an interesting one, featuring both the French flag to pay homage to its nationality and a checkered flag often used in racing events.

The wordmark is written in all capital letters, aside from the two I’s, which may be intended to look like people, representing the wide community of individuals involved in a Formula One team.

Popular F1 team logos

Brawn GP

Brawn GP first entered the Formula One racing circuit in 2009, with drivers Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button.

The team started developing their car in 2008 when they were owned by Honda and had a massive $100 million budget. The team took 2nd place in its qualifying race and won six of its first seven races of the season.

The Brawn GP Formula One logo is relatively simple, but still eye-catching. Though it may appear as a simple wordmark at first glance, the slanting of the second half of the word towards the right is a fantastic tool for showcasing movement and speed.

Popular F1 team logos


Otherwise known as Motor Racing Developments Limited, Brabham was a British racing car company and a Formula One racing team at the same time. The group won four Driver’s and Two Constructors championships during 30 years within the F1 landscape.

In the 1960s, it was also the world’s largest builder of open-wheel racing cars.

The Brabham logo is perhaps one of the boldest on our list of F1 team logos. The image features the name of the company, written in a vertical line, with a coiled cobra beside it. The use of the snake in the imagery conveys danger and strength and gives the brand a more edgy appearance.

Popular F1 team logos


If you’re familiar with Formula 1 team logos, you might know the Benetton image. The company was a Formula One constructor from 1986 to 2001.

Owned by the Benetton family, the racing group started its debut in 1986 with a TG186 chassis. In 2002, the team was acquired by Renault and now competes via the Renault F1 marquee.

The imagery for this brand is interesting, as it includes a number of colors designed to look as though they’re bleeding off the page. The Benetton Formula 1 wordmark is also included in bold, sans-serif font to demonstrate confidence and strength.

Popular F1 team logos


First founded in England in 1977, the Arrows Grand Prix international team was launched by former racing driver Jackie Oliver and a range of other innovators. Arrows was active in Formula One racing between the years 1978 and 2002.

Arrows had quite a bold logo for its racing team, featuring several geometric shapes, mostly triangles.

The design used the colors of the British flag, perhaps in reference to the company’s heritage. Additionally, it included the team’s name at the top of the image, with the “A” highlighted in red, while the rest of the word was in blue.

F1 team logos, just like the emblems used for major businesses and organizations worldwide, are designed to send a lasting message to a specific audience. As you can see from the examples above, many of these emblems are bold, eye-catching, and meaningful.

Like any brand, F1 teams needed to convey meaning to their followers and inspire loyalty from the fans who supported them. You can learn more about some of the major vehicle logos of all time if you’re a motorhead elsewhere on Brand Fabrik.

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