A look back at the iconic Aston Martin F1 logo

Aston Martin F1 Logo

Are you familiar with Aston Martin F1 logo history? Although the emblem for the central Aston Martin brand has remained relatively consistent over the years, there have been a handful of changes to the company’s F1 team’s visual identity. 

Aston Martin is one of the better-known companies in the automotive industry, investing not just in phenomenal luxury cars but also in the motorsports landscape. 

Over the years, the Aston Martin F1 team logo has become one of the most recognizable images in the Formula One space. But where exactly did this iconic symbol begin, and how has it changed with time?

Whether you’re a Formula One racing fan or simply want to learn more about Aston Martin’s visual evolution and heritage, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the F1 logo of Aston Martin and defining what makes it so unique. 

Which F1 car is Aston Martin? Introducing Aston Martin F1

The Aston Martin car company has been competing in the Formula One landscape since 1959 when it debuted the DBR4 chassis using an Aston Martin engine. In the initial years, the team struggled to live up to performance expectations, causing Aston Martin to abandon motorsports after 1960. 

In 2006, the man who leads the consortium that owns Aston Martin, David Richards, earned a spot in the Formula One World Championship with his technology company, Prodrive. This generated some excitement about the concept of Aston Martin re-entering the landscape in 2008.

However, Richards clarified that Aston Martin still wasn’t ready for an F1 team of its own. 

The automotive company did go on to have something of a presence in F1 in later years, serving as the title sponsor for the Red Bull Racing team between 2016 and 2020. It wasn’t until later in 2020 that Aston Martin began shifting back into the Formula One space properly. 

After a commercial rebranding of the Racing Point F1 Team, Aston Martin returned to F1 in 2021, using Mercedes power units instead of its own. This leads some people to ask the question, “Is Aston Martin F1 owned by Mercedes”. 

Aston Martin F1 logo history

Due to a relatively rocky relationship with the F1 landscape, Aston Martin hasn’t got much of a history in the F1 logo landscape. For the majority of the team’s life, the traditional Aston Martin logo has been present in all of its brandings, with a few core changes to certain elements. 

Aston Martin F1 Logo


For the first period of Aston Martin’s ascent into the Formula One industry, the company used a version of the official Aston Martin logo as its badge. The design was almost exactly the same as the one used on other Aston Martin cars, with the same wings and banner in the middle. 

The only difference was the addition of the name “David Brown” on top of the Aston Martin wordmark. 

Aston Martin F1 Logo


In 2021, as Aston Martin began returning to the Formula One landscape, a new tentative logo was introduced before the company took on any sponsorship deals. Once again, this logo was a variation of the Aston Martin logo as it stood at the time, depicted in black and white. 

Underneath the emblem was the name of the brand and the tagline “Formula One Team.” 

Aston Martin F1 Logo

The rebrand in 2020, which inspired Aston Martin’s return to Formula One, led to a lot of changes in the team’s appearance. The colors of the team changed from pink to a modern version of the Aston Martin “Racing Green” color. 

Cognizant, a technology solutions company, was also announced as the company’s core sponsor. This led to an alternation in the F1 racing logo. 

A design was introduced, which included the previous Aston Martin F1 team logo, with the name of the Cognizant brand underneath a green line. The Cognizant wordmark was written in the same font style as the official brand’s logo. 

This matches the trend in the F1 space of implementing a sponsor’s branding into an existing team identity. 

The Aston Martin F1 logo as it stands today is quite a bit different from the previous designs, thanks to the introduction of a brand-new logo for the larger Aston Martin company. In 2022, Aston Martin introduced a new logo that reformed the company’s iconic wings. 

The strategic repositioning of the brand marked the first significant visual change in the company’s history of more than 100 years. The brand even created a physical version of its logo with the help of a jewelry company to help highlight its focus on sophistication and excellence. 

The new Aston Martin logo features far-sleeker wings with no curved line in the middle. 

The lettering in the “Aston Martin” banner also appears to be a little bolder. This design has been implemented into a new logo for Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team, which features both the Cognizant sponsor and the Aramco sponsor for the group.

Aston Martin F1 Logo

The design features Aston Martin’s iconic racing green coloring, with white elements for all of the accompanying logos and word marks. The logo might seem a little cluttered at first glance, but it’s a sleek image overall, intended to highlight the elegance of the Aston Martin team. 

The Aston Margin F1 logo: Fonts and colors

The latest version of the Aston Martin logo is an excellent example of how F1 teams bring different brand elements together to highlight not just their core companies but their sponsors too. Aston Martin is one of the few organizations in Formula One to have two sponsors in its logo at present. 

The new Aston Martin logo remains to be seen in all of its glory on the track, as the designs were only recently updated in time for the 2023 championship. However, the image is sure to make an impact on any circuit, particularly with the new wings in full flight

If you want to learn more about the Aston Martin Formula 1 logo, you can find some useful resources here:

The Aston Martin logo colors used within the company’s official branding are also present within the Formula One design. However, instead of placing a black outline with a green banner on a white background, the F1 team presents white components on a green background. 

The iconic green coloring of the Aston Martin F1 logo is known as “Racing Green.” The color is somewhere between a dark green and tiffany green shade. 

What font does the Aston Martin logo use?

Due to the presence of sponsorship logos, there are four different fonts included in the F1 Aston Marin emblem. The first is the standard Aston Martin logo font, which is similar to Optima Roman, a simple and sleek sans serif typeface. 

The second is the Cognizant logo font, which is a rounded sans-serif font. In the words “Formula One Team,” we see another typeface, similar to the Aston Martin logo, in a slightly bolder design. Finally, the Aramco logo appears on the right-hand side in an all-lowercase, stylized sans-serif font

Aston Martin F1 logo history shows us there haven’t been many examples of the Aston Martin emblem in the motorsports landscape. The company has almost consistently used the same official Aston Martin emblem in all the racing team designs. 

However, slight aspects of the surrounding elements have changed over the years.

Now that Aston Martin has updated its logo, the accompanying Formula One image has evolved too. The current design is colorful and modern, focusing strongly on Aston Martin and its accompanying sponsors. 

It also features the Aston Martin signature color on the company’s cars and the team’s uniforms.

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