Our team

Our team blends creativity with strategic nouse.

Apart from a few apprentices, all our people are seasoned professionals. Taking pride in their roles, they work quickly without sacrificing quality. We don’t have a rigid structure, as everyone shares duties.
You can get to know some of our key people below.

Steve Harvey
Our co-founder, Steve, is always looking to get involved with projects that impact the world...
Stewart Hodgson
Our co-founder, Stewart, is responsible for content strategy, digital marketing and managing...
Stephen Peate
Creative director
There’s a specific joy in stepping into a completely unknown world, researching everything...
William Baker
Digital producer
Curiosity and a desire to learn are the traits that sum up Will, our digital producer. He...
Aaron Penman
Senior designer
At its core design is about solving a problem. It’s about beauty in functionality. That’s...
Rebekah Carter
Chief content writer
As our chief content writer, you’ll mostly find Rebekah at her keyboard, creating reports,...
Danny Maiorca
Content writer
Danny is a content writer and connoisseur of languages, always striving towards a new goal....
Alyssa Omandac
Content manager
Alyssa is our content manager and article writer. You’ll find her crafting content,...

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We dig deep to discover tangible benefits at your brand’s heart. We then use insights and ideas to build your brand and shape your reputation. But we always start with a simple question: what do you need?