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Meet Alyssa Omandac

Content manager

Alyssa is our content manager and article writer. You’ll find her crafting content, preparing images, optimising copy for search engines, and overseeing our publishing machine.

It’s her role to have her fingers in many pies and keep everything consistent.

How did she get here?

Like all content creators and writers, Alyssa loves different experiences. So, after getting her nursing degree from Ateneo de Davao University in 2010, she continued down that road until she joined a private hospital.

Realising that it wasn’t the route for her, she entered the real estate industry until she discovered she had a knack for writing and managing content schedules.

In 2015, she became an online English teacher, eventually finding her passion for writing and editing in 2016. Since then, she’s been a content manager and copywriter and found us in 2020.

Her varied career helps her understand a brand’s challenges and create relatable content that appeals to a broad audience.

Alyssa is a regular contributor to Brand Fabrik, our online publication, where she covers topics from the role of social media in marketing to the importance of search engine optimisation, self-promotion, and personal branding.

What drives Alyssa?

Family is at Alyssa’s core. She’s a caring soul who puts others first and looks to help wherever she can. You’ll find her nose-deep in a cup of coffee when she isn’t looking after everyone around her.

No surprise, with so many relying on her.

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