Brand Fabrik: Rebekah Carter

As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

What is public relations? Solving the PR conundrum 

how do you define your brand to your customers? Your logo and website can provide useful information about your business and… More

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What is a primary audience? Defining your core audience 

As a business owner, you want your product or service to be popular. In an ideal world, your solutions would appeal… More

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Responding to disaster: Brand messaging and communications tips in a crisis 

Communication has always and will always be essential to branding. The right communication strategy is how you share your unique tone… More

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Using an SEO and content plan to increase brand awareness in a crisis 

As cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus continue to accelerate across the globe, brands everywhere are scrambling to navigate, and survive the… More

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How to write a press release: Your guide to working with the media 

Sometimes, we get so caught up with the latest parts of the content marketing world, that we forget that a considerable… More

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Lost in translation: The dangers of marketing jargon 

How often do you find yourself talking about core competency, bleeding-edge technology, and shifting paradigms in your marketing messages? When you’re… More

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The “Gig” is up: What is the gig economy, and what does it mean to you? 

When the first industrial revolution arrived, it brought with it the steam engine and new methods of exploring the world. The… More

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What is long form content? Creating marathon messages with structural precision 

Welcome to the goldfish paradox. We’re living in an era where people are constantly searching for quicker and more convenient ways… More

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Simplifying SEO: Everything you need to know about SEO copywriting 

Want to build the ultimate online presence for your brand? Then you need to be clever with your copywriting. The idea… More

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What is evergreen content? Sowing the seeds of your new content strategy 

Does your content strategy have an expiration date? Most companies today know that a content plan is a crucial part of… More

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SEO copywriting strategy: Your search engine secret formula 

Ready to write for robots? In the past, human beings were the only possible audience for a piece of writing. Whether… More

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Once upon a time… The rise of storytelling in marketing 

Once upon a time, there was a marketing technique that changed the future of branding. Today’s decision-makers and consumers are becoming… More

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