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Meet Rebekah Carter

Chief content writer

As our chief content writer, you’ll mostly find Rebekah at her keyboard, creating reports, video scripts, whitepapers, emails, press releases, blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

Whatever our clients need, Rebekah is there to make their words shine.

How did she get here?

Rebekah has always been obsessed with learning. After achieving her Creative Writing degree, Rebekah delved into the business world – taking business, marketing, and SEO courses.

A regular contributor to Brand Fabrik, our online publication, Rebekah focuses her writing on creative copywriting, marketing, media, fundraising and employee communications.

She eventually volunteered for a local community in her town, helping people struggling with their mental health.

Realising that her words could directly impact lives, she began to work for other businesses, from technology to healthcare. Unified communication to dealing with OCD.

Throughout her career, Rebekah has worked with clients like Zoom, Microsoft, Amazon and Cisco.

She’s even got a section in the Zoom for Dummies book.

What drives Rebekah?

Knitter of chainmail, creator of arcade gaming cabinets, player of violin – whatever the task, Rebekah strives to experiment, learn and discover new experiences.

She loves losing herself to the moment and finding the narrative that gets her into the flow state essential for writing.

Knowledge, she believes, is the key to writing. By expanding what she knows, she can tap into those experiences and use them when creating content.

You never know what will inspire you.

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