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Without branding, a company, product or service hardly exists. No personality. No character. Faceless. The invisible brand. Fabrik Brands is a specialist branding agency in London. In our opinion, the best brands use distinctive visual and verbal cues, building on the brand essence to create a big idea. Get the idea right and people will embrace your brand, making it part of their daily lives. But it’s hard for organisations to find that idea themselves. And capturing and distilling your own brand essence is as difficult as looking at the back of your head. Which is where Fabrik comes in…

Logos can be strong, symbolic short-cuts. It’s hard to imagine a world without them. At the same time, a logo isn’t the only way to define an organisation. Branding agencies in London (like Fabrik) use a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build the complete brand. From strategy, positioning and differentiation, to more tangible cues such as colour, typography, graphics, photography, illustration and design. Combined, these elements play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable brand, not just a new name, logo or visual identity.

Fabrik is an established branding agency in London

Branding Agency
At Fabrik, we use the power of branding – strategy, visual and verbal identity – to help organisations stand out from the crowd. Making them more memorable, and easier to understand, with or without a change of name or logo. Occasionally, we ask our clients to try the ‘cover the logo’ test. If hiding the logo makes their brand disappear, it’s hardly unforgettable. As an established brand agency in London, Fabrik is ideally positioned to help. Organisations usually come to us when they want to change the way they look, and the way they’re perceived. We help them develop a vision of where they want to go, and inspire them to get there.
Reasons you might engage with a branding agency like Fabrik include…

Your market has changed. You want to more clearly segment and differentiate your products and services. You would like to woo a new generation of customers and staff. You need to be better understood. You’re in crisis, or your brand has lost a little sparkle.


Perhaps your brand no longer works on a practical (or emotional) level, and it’s time to refresh and re-energise it. You no longer stand out from the crowd, and need to redefine your brand positioning. You’ve acquired someone else, have been acquired by someone else, or joined forces with someone else. Or, you simply feel like change… If any of these apply, Fabrik is a branding agency in London best placed to reinvent or reinvigorate your brand.

A brand agency in London fusing style and substance

Branding Agency
While flair and imagination are two elements required for brand-building, we employ more basic skills before we let them loose on a project. We read. We listen. We talk to our clients. We gain an understanding of the brand’s values. We find out what makes the target audience tick. We apply common sense. And, importantly, we analyse the competition. After all, it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd if you don’t know what the crowd looks like. Only when we have a clear appreciation of the objectives and the role of a brand, do we start to design. Any branding agency worth its salt will start by creating a robust brand strategy.
Fabrik is a bespoke operation. We’re a fiercely independent branding agency in London. We go beyond creating a ‘pleasant’ facade for your business. We create brands with meaning and depth. Substance and longevity. Working from the outside in, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customers, staff and stakeholders. Our team of creatives, writers and project managers collaborate enthusiastically to understand the purpose of your brand. We’re not afraid to ask awkward questions, and know when to abandon the rules and reject formulaic solutions. We ignore conventions and industry norms, because we believe they stifle creativity. And, when we’ve visualised the big idea, we’ll help to bed it into your organisation and communicate it through every media channel at our disposal.

A branding agency that creates lasting impressions

Branding Agency
Fabrik helps organisations build positive and profitable relationships through better branding. We’re unusual because we think consistency is as important as creativity. To this end, we put in place standards and guidelines to make sure the brands we create today, look just as good tomorrow. Our clients also know we can be consistently creative. As a branding agency with a strong track record, we cherish projects of all shapes and sizes. Whatever the assignment we reliably deliver quality, value and that little bit of magic. We like to go the extra mile, and view client services and project management as disciplines in their own right. Because we want clients to have a positive experience of working with our branding agency.
Branding is at the heart of modern life. As we’ve established, your brand will be more than just a snappy name or smart logo. It will be a way of moving your thinking, and your people, forward. A new language, a compelling story based on what people want and care about. Because that’s the kind of brand that will live and last. Whatever we’re branding… A private company. A charity. An education provider. A tech start-up… The path we take – and the care we take along it – is always the same. So you can be sure of one thing. We’ll help you to make a lasting impression, and build long-term relationships. And, when you have a brand and identity to be proud of, we’ll apply to it your marketing communications and website.

Core branding services:

  • Positioning
  • Differentiation
  • Nomenclature
  • Logo mark design
  • Brand architecture
  • Sub-branding
  • Tone of voice
  • Top-level messaging
  • Verbal identity
  • Naming services
  • Visual identity
  • Branding assets

Is branding
on your agenda?

Whether your organisation requires a brand refresh, or a brand reinvention, Fabrik has the nous to help. Throughout the process we’ll think strategically, creatively and objectively. We’ll deliver tangible, not tangential, creative solutions. And harness the power of branding to bring your business strategy alive. If you’re seriously thinking about change, and wish to engage a branding agency in London, drop us a line, or give us a call…
Fabrik is a branding agency in London. Our brand designers create compelling visual and verbal identities aligned to robust and imaginative brand strategies.