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Meet Stewart Hodgson

Our co-founder, Stewart, is responsible for content strategy, digital marketing and managing our publishing team. It’s up to Stewart to bring Fabrik to busy marketers’ attention and ensure they know all about us.

A creative soul at heart, Stewart created our own name and vision. He’s also behind launching our publishing businesses and expanding our business model.

How did he get here?

Stewart joined one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Ted Bates, straight from college in 1984. After hopping between ad agencies in London, Stewart decided it was time to set out independently.

He founded his first agency in his mid-twenties and has been at it ever since.

Now, he’s the co-owner of seven different businesses, working with brands across the spectrum. From music to technology. Charities to fashion.

The creative aspect of defining a brand’s identity captures Stewart’s attention – which is why he’s set up so many businesses. The naming, developing the personality and establishing an online presence keeps him constantly motivated.

As a regular contributor to Brand Fabrik, our online publication, Stewart writes articles relevant to anyone in the branding, marketing and creative communication sectors.

What drives Stewart?

His North Star is music. As a teenager, he played the guitar, wrote songs and sang in a band. It’s part of why so many of his other businesses involve audio in some form or another. But aside from music, he enjoys fashion, media, exploring the Lake District, boxing and F1 racing.

On weekdays, you’ll find Stewart keeping Fabrik’s publishing machine on track. But on Sundays, you’ll spot him in Soho or Copenhagen – browsing in record stores and soaking up the vibe.

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