What is quiz marketing? An introduction to quiz marketing
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What is quiz marketing? An introduction to quiz marketing

What Is Quiz Marketing

What is quiz marketing, and why should you use it to grow your business? Advertising and marketing are all about engaging your customers and capturing their attention. 

Quiz marketing appeals to your audience’s natural curiosity, gives them a fun way to connect with your brand, and helps you generate meaningful insights. 

A form of convenient interactive content, quiz marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your target customer. In fact, around 81% of marketers believe interactive content grabs audience attention, while 79% say they believe this content enhances a brand’s message and leads to repeat website visits. 

Despite its exceptional potential for success, quiz marketing is still a relatively underutilized tactic in today’s content marketing efforts. Today, we will explore what makes quiz marketing so effective and discuss why you should consider adding it to your promotional plan. 

What Is Quiz Marketing

What is quiz marketing? The basics

So, what is quiz marketing? In simple terms, it’s the art of using interactive quiz content for advertising and promotional purposes. Marketers use quizzes to recommend products, collect customer feedback, and even generate lead opportunities. 

The marketing quiz is a concept that has been introduced previously in the digital world. Leading brands like Airbnb, Warby Parker, and Sephora have previously leveraged this strategy.

In fact, Sephora has its own dedicated quizzes and buying guides page, which helps to direct consumers to the correct products. 

The purpose of quiz marketing is to share information about your products and services in a way that’s fun, engaging, and interesting. Because you’re actively encouraging customers to interact with your brand, you share insights and collect information. 

The data you gather from your audience can then help with the creation of more personalized sales strategies. 

What Is Quiz Marketing

The benefits of using a quiz for marketing

Creating a quiz funnel for marketing purposes is much simpler than most companies think. Quiz marketing isn’t just a great way to spice up your content marketing strategy; it’s also a simple solution for generating leads, market insights, and more. With quiz marketing, companies:

Collect useful customer data

You can collect important information about your target audience with the right questions. This is an excellent way to learn more about the different customer segments you serve and create more personalized marketing and sales campaigns in the years to come. 

You can even use quizzes to recommend products.

Build their email lists

Quizzes provide a unique solution for companies to collect leads for their marketing and sales funnels. Forrester notes even B2B companies have used interactive content to add prospects to their email list. 

You can ask customers for email and contact details at the start of the quiz or request contact details when customers get their results.

Engage their audience

With quiz marketing, you provide your audience with a fun and exciting way to learn more about your brand and products. Quizzes are naturally more exciting than most other forms of static content. They’re also a chance to showcase your unique brand personality and values.

Drive sales

62% of customers think it’s vital for companies to personalize their buying experiences. With quiz content, you can use the responses given by your audience to guide them toward the right purchasing option for their needs. 

This can improve your chances of sales and conversions while reducing refunds and returns.

How do marketers use quizzes for advertising?

If you’re asking, “what is quiz marketing,” you’re probably wondering how businesses use quizzes to connect with their customers. There are several different options, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

For instance, companies can build “product recommendation quizzes,” like this one on the Encircled page, which helps to guide clients towards their ideal purchase:

What Is Quiz Marketing

Alternatively, a company might use quiz marketing to collect information about its target market. With a quiz, you ask customers about their preferences and goals as you guide them toward an ideal product, which gives you an in-depth view of your user personas

Quizzes can also be an excellent way to provide your customers with interesting information and guidance. You could create a quiz to help clients identify what kind of business they should start or what marketing strategy they should use. 

This helps to demonstrate your thought leadership and improve your relationship with your target market.

What Is Quiz Marketing

The principles of quiz marketing

If you decide to implement quiz marketing into your own advertising strategy, it helps to have a clear plan of action in place. Understanding the answer to not just “what is quiz marketing” but what the principles of quiz marketing actually are will help you to define your strategy. 

The principles of quiz marketing include the following:

Clear marketing goals

You’ll need a clear set of goals for what you want to accomplish before you build your quizzes. This means figuring out if you want to collect leads, encourage sales, or provide your audience with valuable information. 

Audience research

You’ll need to understand their needs, pain points, and expectations to deliver the right kind of quizzes to your customers. Consider the kind of questions customers want answers to, and build these into your quiz marketing funnel. 

Asking the right questions

Asking questions is a critical component of successful quiz marketing, but it’s essential to ensure you’re asking the right questions. You’ll need to consider what kind of information your customers will be comfortable sharing. 


A good quiz should be easy-to-use and visually attractive. You can design a phenomenal online experience using online quiz maker tools and graphic designer expertise. Your quizzes should naturally match your brand essence


For customers to take advantage of your quiz, they need to know it’s available. You’ll need to create a landing page or dedicated space for your quiz and choose a range of marketing strategies to promote it. 

You could share quizzes through email, social media, and even with content marketing and SEO strategies.

What Is Quiz Marketing

What is a quiz marketing funnel?

A quiz marketing funnel is essentially a comprehensive plan for guiding your customers through their buyer journey with the assistance of quiz content. Traditionally, most marketing funnels begin with a lead magnet, which encourages customers to share their information with you.

Standard lead magnets range from eBooks and free downloads to online software demos. In a quiz marketing funnel, the lead magnet is the quiz itself. You offer your customers unique information in exchange for their contact details.

For example, give them an insight into their personality with a personality quiz or tips on how to grow their business.

The components of a quiz marketing funnel

Once you understand the answer to the question: “what is quiz marketing?” you can begin working on your own quiz marketing funnel. There are various components involved in using quizzes to drive your customers through the purchasing journey, such as:

1.      Quiz landing pages

A quiz landing page is essentially the core environment where your customers take their quizzes. With a landing page, the idea is to remove any distractions which might draw customers away from your customers, such as buttons, other ads, and even website navigation.

Your quiz landing page should include a clear headline that tells your audience exactly what they will get from your quiz. You should include a list of benefits and testimonials from other customers who have used the same service.

2.      Strategic quiz questions

Once your customers agree to take your quiz, you need to provide them with relevant questions. Some leads will start your quiz and won’t finish it if you ask for too much information.

Use simple language with your questions, so your customers don’t get overwhelmed and confused, and make sure your questions aren’t too personal.

You can also experiment with a range of different question types. For instance, you might ask customers to use a rating system for their answers or provide multiple-choice answers. Focus on questions relevant to your customers and valuable to your business.

3.      Results pages and lead forms

Once your customer has completed the questions, you’ll need to deliver their results in an engaging and exciting format. Provide a clear rundown of their results, with bullet points and pictures if necessary. 

The results page is also an excellent way to earn leads for your email marketing campaigns

Rather than simply giving your customers their results, you can ask for their email to send personalized results documents straight to them. This is a great way to start nurturing customers for your sales team. 

After customers have already made an effort to complete your quiz, they’re more likely to offer their contact details in exchange for answers

Is quiz marketing right for my business?

Now you know the answer to “what is quiz marketing?” you can begin to ask yourself whether it’s the right solution for your business. Quiz marketing is an excellent tool for engaging your audience, building brand awareness, and generating insights into your customers.

You can use quiz marketing to delight your clients and provide them with helpful information which helps to drive trust for your brand. Alternatively, you can leverage quizzes to capture leads, which you can then nurture into sales.

Quiz marketing can even help your brand stand out from the competition, provided you have the right strategy in place to provide your audience with meaningful, valuable results.

Though quiz marketing might seem like a relatively simple concept for content marketing, it’s something no business should overlook.

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