The ultimate guide to famous brands that need a rebrand
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The ultimate guide to famous brands that need a rebrand

Brands That Need A Rebrand

We frequently encounter brands that need a rebrand in our line of work. Although rebranding can be a daunting, and time-consuming process, it’s sometimes necessary to help a business resonate with its target audience. After all, like people, brands change and evolve over time.

The image, identity, and personality you build for your company at launch won’t always thrive ten years in the future. Customer expectations change, markets evolve, and companies often need to adapt or die in a competitive market.

Unfortunately, companies that need rebranding don’t always see the value of an update. It’s easy to stick with the same image for decades, assuming your amazing products or customer service will outweigh the gaps in your brand image.

We’re going to be looking at some of the major brands that need rebranding in the world today, and why it’s so important for them to embrace the change.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

Why some companies need a rebrand

Brands that need a rebrand are often reluctant to invest in a complete company overhaul. It’s easy to see why. A true rebrand is a complex process. It’s not just about changing your logo and updating your marketing materials. A full rebrand means optimizing your entire identity.

Some companies need to choose a new name for their organization, update their color palette, transform their messaging, and even redesign their website. All of this takes time, money, and strategy. Get it wrong, and a rebrand can even harm your brand equity.

However, while there are countless examples of rebranding done wrong in the modern world (think GAP or Tropicana for instance), rebranding can also have phenomenal value.

Rebranding a company is an excellent way to showcase the changing values of your company, keep up with competitors, and strengthen connections with your target audience.

In some cases, rebranding is even necessary to revitalize your reputation, after scandals or marketing issues damage your affinity with your target audience.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

Signs of brands that need to be rebranded

A good brand should last for years, even decades, when implemented correctly. Rebranding isn’t something any company should dive into on a whim. Fail to do it right, and you could lose market share and opportunities for growth.

However, there are various signs that indicate a rebranding process might be necessary for a business.

Here are some common red flags for brands that need a rebrand:

Lost customer trust

One of the biggest reasons companies choose to rebrand, is they’ve lost the trust of their target audience. Look at CVS, for instance. The company was beginning to be seen as a corporate shell, lacking empathy and care for its customers.

By updating its name, changing its stance on certain products, and refining its logo, the CVS company was able to recapture the interest of its target audience.

Changing missions or values

The values of a company are what drive emotional connections with audiences. Over time, the values of your customers may change, forcing you to rethink your mission and brand positioning. For instance, Burberry decided it was time to change its focus on traditional luxury with its rebrand.

The company focused on moving away from its old, outdated image, to capture the attention of a younger, more modern audience. It changed its voice to become more inclusive, updated its logo, and began taking a creative approach to designing garments.

An evolving audience

The target audience you chose when starting your company may not be the same a few years from now. As new generations emerge, with their own values and priorities, companies need to adapt their brands to stay relevant.

For example, Old Spice was struggling to grow with its reputation as a product for older, more sophisticated gentlemen. The company’s rebrand allowed it to move into the modern landscape, capturing the attention of a younger audience.

New products or services

As your company evolves, merges with other businesses, and explores new markets, your original branding strategy could lose some of its value and relevance. Just look at Nintendo, as an example.

The company started life primarily focused on the sale of card games. However, as the world transformed, it began shifting into the console and video games niche. A new product focus meant Nintendo had to change not just its image, but its entire brand identity.

Falling sales

One of the major reasons brands need to rebrand, is they’re no longer competing effectively in their marketplace. If your brand strategy doesn’t stand out in a growing landscape, a rebrand can bring new life and opportunities to your organisation.

If you’re no longer making a profit in your organization, the problem might not be with your products or services, but with the brand you share. A logo redesign and update to your business model could help to pave the way for new growth.

8 brands that need a rebrand

Throughout the years, there have been countless examples of companies that need rebranding, across virtually every industry. Some organizations have recognized the need for a new direction in their branding approach. Others have remained stuck in their ways.

Here are some of the biggest examples of brands that need to be rebranded in the world today.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

1. Avon

Avon might have updated its logo in recent years, but it’s still struggling to connect with its target audience. Once the best-known company in door-to-door cosmetics sales, Avon has grown increasingly outdated and irrelevant over the years.

Avon is still the world’s 14th-largest beauty company, but it’s losing customer attention to competitors in a world where door-to-door selling has become almost obsolete. Combine that with various lawsuits and scandals over the years, and it’s clear Avon is in desperate need of a change.

The company needs to go beyond simply updating its logo, to start connecting with its audience on a deeper level. A new approach to marketing, and a more empathetic brand voice would make the company more appealing to younger audiences.

A switch in go-to-market strategy might be helpful too. Customers without access to an Avon representative would likely benefit from being able to buy some products online.

Find out more about the Avon logo here.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

2. Yahoo!

Like Avon, Yahoo has updated its logo a few times over the years, to compete with better-known search engines like Bing and Google. However, the company has lost a significant share of the market to other competitors over the last couple of decades.

Yahoo has made various attempts to improve its brand lately, with acquisitions, new products and services, and updated imagery. However, it frequently lags behind its competitors.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the brand identity of Yahoo! is a lack of clear positioning. The company doesn’t establish itself as an innovator like Microsoft, or a creative like Google.

The company needs to overhaul its web presence, its tone of voice, and its approach to offering services if it wants to get back into the market.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

3. SanDisk

SanDisk is another technology company that has been struggling to retain its competitive edge for some time now. The sales of the company have been gradually dropping, even after SanDisk sold its technology to Western Digital.

While the sale to Western Digital might have been the right decision for the company to increase access to new customers, the brand still needs to rethink its brand strategy.

SanDisk is operating in an industry that’s overflowing with competition. In a sea of memory options, SanDisk needs to do something significant to stand out. Investing more heavily in innovation, partnering with other industry leaders, and updating the SanDisk website would be good first steps.

A new brand identity for SanDisk should focus on demonstrating its experience in the industry, and highlight its commitment to security, speed, and other unique selling points.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

4. Ebay

Like many ecommerce brands, Ebay has revitalised its logo a number of times over the years. Yet despite this, the company still seems relatively outdated compared to its competitors.

Although Ebay holds a strong share in the online selling market, the company has struggled to deliver the exceptional experience customers are looking for. Currently, the business is investing in new technologies to connect with its audience, such as Generative AI.

However, it’s likely to take more than just new tech to really revitalize the Ebay brand. Ebay’s logo, even with its new modern look, isn’t particularly unique – it’s too similar to Google’s emblem.

To make matters worse, the Ebay website needs a major change if it’s going to thrive in the modern world. A website redesign could be an excellent way to improve user experience on the platform, which currently seems cluttered and overwhelming.

Find out more about the Ebay logo here.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

5. Johnson & Johnson

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with the Johnson & Johnson logo or color palette, the company has struggled in recent years, due to countless scandals. In 2019, the brand recalled 33,000 bottles of baby powder, due to trace amounts of asbestos.

While the recall was the right move, studies showed the company knew about the problem for approximately 50 years. This directly contrasted with Johnson and Johnson’s brand promise and focus on customer care.

For most customers, Johnson & Johnson is no longer a truly family oriented company. Their image has taken a serious hit, and their response has always been clinical and scientific.

A rebrand would help this iconic brand to reconnect with its target audience, and leave some of its biggest scandals firmly in the past. However, it will take more than a new logo to revitalize the company. The business will need to commit to a new brand mission.

Find out more about the Johnson & Johnson logo here.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

6. Evri

Evri, the name used for the Hermes company in the United Kingdom, suffers from a number of branding problems. Let’s start with the logo. The Evri logo is a world apart from the sophisticated, traditional image used by Hermes.

While the Hermes logo conveys speed and excellence, the Evri logo looks as though it was put together by a student, experimenting with fonts.

The design looks juvenile and messy, and this poor brand image is only worsened by the fact that Evri constantly earns negative reviews from its customers.

Evri needs to take a new approach to not only the visual elements of its brand, but its commitment to serving and supporting consumers. 

Brands That Need A Rebrand

7. Barbie

The Barbie brand could already be on the way to the start of a major rebrand, with the release of the Barbie movie in 2023. However, it remains to be seen how this new venture will influence the perception of consumers in the modern market.

Barbie has always stood as an archetype of femininity, but it’s frequently connected with outdated female beauty ideals, sexist gender stereotyping, and overpriced items.

The Barbie movie, combined with Mattel’s efforts to release Barbies with more diverse body types could be the beginning of a powerful rebranding effort.

However the daunting task of revitalizing the Barbie brand is likely to take a lot more work. The company is going to need to really transform its voice and marketing strategy on a consistent basis to connect with today’s modern audience.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

8. The Republican Party

Examples of brands that need a rebrand don’t just exist in the commercial industry. Sometimes government groups and individuals can benefit from a new approach to branding too.

The Grand Ol’ party, with its infamous elephant, has suffered from a major messaging crisis over the years. Fighting among internal members and a lack of leadership and direction has damaged audience perception towards the group.

An updated logo might not be enough to transform the Republican Party’s image at this point. To really start connecting with people again, the group will need to rethink its messaging strategy, and find some unity in the way it connects with followers.

Cohesion and focus could help the Republican party to attract the attention of a new generation of voters. However, it’s going to take a lot of work.

Find out more about the Republican Party logo here.

7 logos that need to be redesigned

A comprehensive rebranding strategy involves more than just a logo change. To fully rebrand a company, business leaders need to think about not just their style guide and how the brand looks, but how they connect with their audience.

However, while there are many examples of brands that need a rebrand out there, there are also some companies that could benefit from a simpler tactic.

Just updating a logo can be enough to revitalize a brand in the right circumstances if the messaging and personality of a business is already on point. Here are some examples of companies that might not need a complete brand overhaul, but could benefit from a new logo.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell already has a relatively strong position in its target market. Its messaging and marketing strategies don’t necessarily need a complete overhaul. On social media, for instance, Taco Bell has a fantastic connection with its target audience.

However, the Taco Bell logo, updated for the modern era, could potentially benefit from a change. The logo is intended to be sleek and contemporary, but it lacks a lot of the fun and dynamism in the company’s personality.

A flat and boring logo can make it difficult for a fast food brand to stand out in such a cluttered market. It might be time to take a new approach.

Find out more about the Taco Bell logo here.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

2. Levi’s

One of the better-known brands in the denim industry, Levi’s has a massive presence in regions all around the world. The company has a clean and straightforward website, and a relatively responsive customer service team, but its logo is lacking.

Though many people are familiar with the Levi’s logo, the symbol is largely regarded as too simplistic, and a little boring in the modern world. Even the typography choice isn’t particularly inspiring.

Since Levi’s uses its logo on many of its products, an update could be an excellent way to attract a wider range of customers.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

3. Twinings

Twinings doesn’t really struggle with any problems around its brand reputation, or its website. The company has maintained a relatively up-to-date online presence, despite being more than 300 years old. However, the logo used by the brand is less than inspirational.

Although the golden emblem might seem luxurious and sophisticated, it’s not particularly evocative. For an international market, the design doesn’t provide any insight into what Twinings actually does.

The image also seems a little outdated in a world where other organizations are experimenting with new color palettes and styles. This company’s logo could definitely do with a refresh.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

4. Prudential

Prudential is an example of a company that has stuck with the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mantra. The “Rock of Gibraltar” has been a part of the company’s logo since the 1890s. While a large rock might be a decent symbol for strength and stability, it’s not particularly modern.

It’s also worth noting that the company’s logo doesn’t really provide any insights into its value proposition, mission, or promises. The rock isn’t mentioned in any marketing materials.

It might be worth updating this old logo, to draw more attention to the key points that makes the Prudential brand really unique.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

5. Pepsi

Pepsi has been working on updating its brand image for some time now. The company is constantly fighting against Coca-Cola for a place in the minds of its target audience. That means frequently experimenting with new marketing campaigns and new imagery.

The Pepsi logo introduced in 2023 is a lot better than the logos introduced by Pepsi in the past, but it could probably still do with some refinement.

While the retro-style design might appeal to some customers, it feels a little unfinished. It’s likely we’ll see yet another new logo in the years ahead.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

6. Monster Energy

Probably one of the biggest examples of logos that need a redesign on this list comes from Monster Energy. Though the overall branding of the company isn’t particularly problematic, the logo is extremely outdated, and too complex for a modern audience.

The design looks like it’s stuck in the early 2000s, when it was originally designed. It lacks the impact and sophistication of some of the competitors in the energy drink landscape.

If Monster wants to stay ahead of other big brands in its industry, it may need to think about reworking its logo with some new design tools.

Brands That Need A Rebrand

7. Capital One

On the surface, there aren’t too many problems with the Capital One logo. The organization did try to update its logo somewhat in 2016, choosing a simpler color palette, and a sleeker design.

However, the image is still a little underwhelming. The swooshing image really doesn’t say anything about the company’s benefits or values.

Additionally, the use of contrasting typefaces makes the design look a little clunky, particularly with the placement of the two words being slightly off-balance.

Find out more about the Capital One logo here.

Does your business need a rebrand?

Looking at the examples of brands that need a rebrand above, we can see just how easy it is to lose track of how outdated your visual identity, personality, and image becomes over time.

Rebranding isn’t just necessary for small businesses who want to increase brand recognition and draw more attention to their company name. Sometimes, a rebrand is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, and strengthen your market presence, no matter your business size.

Whether it’s investing in new logo designs to give a brand a fresh look, or overhauling the entire brand story, personality, and mission statement, new branding can make a significant impact.

If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from the right rebranding efforts, reach out to Fabrik today.

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