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Meet Danny Maiorca

Content writer

Danny is a content writer and connoisseur of languages, always striving towards a new goal. When he isn’t learning a new language – he’s up to four now – he’s writing.

And so, over the last decade, he’s focused on researching topics, reviewing tech, and producing long – form content.

How did he get here?

Danny started his career with a degree in Sports Journalism before working at a Paysafe Group in the heart of Canary Wharf. Since then, he’s written how-to guides and features for significant outlets like AppletoolBox, MakeTechEasier and MakeUseOf.

After moving to Copenhagen, Danny found Fabrik and has been producing content for us since. As a writer for Brand Fabrik, Danny creates guides, resources, and reviews geared toward the creative services community.

He’s helped us demonstrate our personality through informative and imaginative copywriting, creating quality content that sparkles and shines, reaching readers across the planet.

What drives Danny?

When Danny isn’t writing, he’s taking his camera out and taking photos. Getting outside and seeing the world from different angles helps him find other hooks and opportunities for the clients he writes for.

But when he isn’t learning languages, writing or photographing the world – you’ll likely find him at a football match or a CrossFit class.

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