The best 70s fonts on Canva for a retro design aesthetic  
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The best 70s fonts on Canva for a retro design aesthetic  

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Whether it’s because of nostalgia or something else, the retro aesthetic is in style right now. And if you’ve taken inspiration for your brand, you can choose from numerous 70s fonts on Canva. 

The 1970s were transformative in how we see the modern world today. We saw the Vietnam War, the Watergate Scandal, and many other major events. It was also a period when brands started to think more for themselves, and the marketing world changed forever. 

In the following decades, companies became even more unique as they sought to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

When looking at the best 70s fonts in Canva, you will find a selection of tools you can use with both the free and paid versions of the app. Many of these offer numerous customization options, such as changing colors and using them in different settings. 

If you’re looking for inspiration to take your brand to the next level, you’re in the right place. This guide will identify the coolest 70s Canva fonts that you can use to make yourself more visually appealing to your audience. 

You’ll also learn what you should consider when choosing these fonts and much more.

What do we mean when we say 70s fonts on Canva?

When we think of 70s fonts on Canva, we mainly refer to the bright and flashy aesthetic common during this decade. 

Looking at ads and branding from this era, along with design and fashion, we can see that neutral colors weren’t as big as they are today. Instead, you will find plenty of warmer tones – such as yellow, red, and light blue. 

In terms of the actual fonts, you’ll notice that many logos and branding styles featured rounded and bold text. On top of this, they often included more than one color – though these were often very similar. 

Your possibilities are endless when looking at where you can use 70s fonts on Canva. You can create brand logos with these, and they’ll also fit well in posters – especially if you pair them with that commonly-seen grainy photography style. 

Elsewhere, you’ll notice the 1970s aesthetic on clothing – plus in a selection of other places. 

Another common feature in the 1970s aesthetic is that patterns are a lot more unrestrained. This is a big difference from the lines that typically feature in designs such as minimalism, and they can include anything from spirals to flowers.

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Things to consider when picking a 70s font in Canva

Before we move on and talk about the best 70s fonts on Canva, let’s discuss what you should consider when picking one. The first thing you must think about is where you’re going to use your font. 

For example, if you only want to create a logo, it’s worth picking something that easily sticks out – but will also be visible when you minimize it to go on your website and in different spots. 

You should also think about your brand goals and objectives. If you’re in the sports industry, you may need something that is completely different from a brand that focuses more on fashion and lifestyle. 

And while many of the best 70s fonts on Canva are versatile, they aren’t always going to work in every situation. 

Another thing to think about when choosing your fonts is whether you need a paid version of Canva or not. 

The truth is that even if you don’t get Canva Pro, the free edition of the app has plenty of useful features. Nonetheless, you are limited in terms of the fonts you have access to – along with limitations in numerous other areas. 

We’ve spoken about your personal goals and where you’ll use these fonts, but these aren’t the only factors you’ll need to consider when picking your font and creating your designs. 

You should also consider the colors you’ll use and how these will interact with one another – along with the platforms that you post your work on.

What are the best 70s fonts on Canva?

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, we can start exploring the main 70s fonts in Canva. 

In the subsections below, we’ve included a list of our favorites. Some will be available with a free subscription – but for others, you’ll need a paid plan. For the fonts that you need to use Canva Pro, we’ll identify this.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


Perhaps our favorite Canva 70s font is Harlow. If you’ve ever watched the classic cartoon Looney Tunes before, this font will probably remind you of the credits for that. When customizing Harlow, you can choose multiple colors; the default version has a white middle bit and a black outer edge. 

Harlow manages to be playful but structured in equal measure, and you’ve got a lot of flexibility for where you can use it. It works great if you need to use something as a heading for a restaurant or bar menu, and you can also try Harlow when creating digital products – such as weekly planners. 

Note that when using the Harlow Canva font, you cannot bolden or italicize it further than what is already the case. You’ll want to look elsewhere if those are deal breakers for you, but if they aren’t, then it’s well worth experimenting with.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Harlow Solid

The font we mentioned above offers you the opportunity to customize both the outer and inner parts. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more simplistic, Harlow Solid is one of the many 70s Canva fonts worth playing about with. 

As you might expect, Harlow Solid fills out more of the frame than is the case with the normal version of Harlow. 

While the default version of Harlow Solid is black, this font works better if you use brighter colors. It works especially well if you try it with brown, yellow, and amber. 

When using Harlow Solid, you’re better off using it as a logo, title, or main header; the font would be quite difficult to read if you attempted to write paragraphs with it. 

You can use Harlow Solid in numerous situations, such as when designing banner ads that don’t use a lot of text. On top of that, you can use the font in newsletters and for app interfaces. It works well if you’re an American-style diner or something else in the service industry.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Lucidity Psych Outline

Another of the best 70s fonts on Canva that you should think about trying is Lucidity Psych Outline. While this font very firmly sits in the 1970s aesthetic, it does – at the same time – have more of a modern feel than the two we’ve mentioned so far. 

Lucidity Psych Outline has closer spacing, and you’ll also notice that its words are more rounded on the edges. 

Lucidity Psych Outline allows you to customize the outer edges of the writing in numerous colors, and you can underline your text if you feel that doing so is necessary. If you’re thinking about pairing different texts together, you might find that this works well with Harlow Solid. 

You can use Lucidity Psych Outline in multiple settings, such as when creating presentations. 

On top of that, you might find that it works well for you when designing album colors and notepads. When using Lucidity Psych Outline, you can choose from numerous different styles and effects to add different vibes and create more of a 3D look.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


So far, we’ve spoken about fonts that you can use in upper and lowercase. But if you’re looking for something that only features capital letters, Nectarine might be what you’re looking for. 

This font is quite bold and has a lot of similarities to Lucidity Psych Outline; the main difference is that the inner part of the letter has a block color. 

Nectarine looks coolest when you choose a 3D look in the Effects section, such as Shadow. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to create a 1970s-style logo t-shirt, and you will also find it useful if you want to design a logo for a band. 

Like Lucidity Psych Outline, this font might be handy for you if you’d like to design your own music album color. 

When using Nectarine in your Canva designs, blue is a great choice in terms of colors to use. It also works well with purple, red, and aqua.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Colo Pro

We’ve only spoken about fonts that you can use with the free version of Canva so far, but this one requires a paid subscription. 

Colo Pro is a bold font that features well-rounded letters, along with solid colors and two lines in each letter. It might remind you of something that you would see on the front of a video game, and it could also work as part of a logo for a discount store. 

Colo Pro is available in upper and lowercase letters. However, to get the most out of this font, you might want to consider using all uppercase letters. Doing so will ensure that it sticks out, and we also think that it looks better in cases when it’s used as such. 

You can also try looking at Colo, which is similar to Colo Pro – but the main difference is that the interior part of your letters won’t have block colors.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


If you’re looking to replicate that famous 1970s aesthetic, another Canva Pro font you can try is Rotterin. The font resembles handwriting in many ways, and it’s a great choice if you’re aiming to achieve branding that’s related to writing or something else within that field. 

The font features joined-up letters, along with a mixture of straight lines and rounded edges. 

Rotterin is also an ideal choice if you’re a freelancer and designing your own website. In addition to that, you can think about using it when creating headers for your social media accounts.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Gilker SemiBold

Moving back to the free 70s fonts on Canva, our next entry is GIlker SemiBold. 

The font looks very similar to Nectarine, but the main difference is that you can get a mixture of upper and lowercase letters. The spacing is quite close together, but at the same time, each letter takes up a significant amount of real estate on your screen. 

If you want to customize Gilker SemiBold, you can always try boldening it to add further depth. However, we’d recommend that you think twice about doing that – as doing so can sometimes make your wording quite difficult to read. 

In terms of color scheming, this font works well with similar colors that you would use for Nectarine. Blue, orange, and purple are all good choices.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


Another of the best 70s fonts on Canva is Genty, which works somewhat as a hybrid between Gilker SemiBold and Harlow. 

One of the biggest differences between this font and Harlow is that it has more of a 3D feel, especially when you add shadows to it. In many situations, the font also works better with brighter colors than what you can manage with Gilker SemiBold. 

Genty is a good choice if you want to design a logo, and you’ll also find it a handy option if you want to design simple online products – such as charts, calendars, and eBooks. 

You’re better off using this font as a title or main heading; it would perhaps be a good option for main bodies of text if you can reduce how bold each word is.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


Many of the fonts we’ve mentioned so far are quite bold, but what can you do if you want something where the words don’t take up so much space? You could always consider using Satisfy. 

Satisfy is a handy option if you want everything in your logo or title to fit on one line. 

By default, the font also has wider spacing between each letter – compared to some of the other options on our list. Another cool thing about Satisfy is that it’s quite versatile; it works well in a heading, but you can also use it for the main body of text where needed.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Tropika Script

Tropika Script is an ideal choice if you want something that isn’t too bold but – at the same time – takes up more space than Satisfy. 

The font is beautifully designed, with each lowercase word joining together. You’ll also get quite a neat finish with this font, making it a great choice if your brand values a sleek but playful style. 

You can use Tropika Script in several circumstances, such as if you’re an educational institution. The font is also a handy choice if you’re a graphic designer working with more traditional brands, and you may also get great use out of this font if you run an online store selling clothing from the 1970s.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


Pacifico is the next font on our list, and it bears a lot of resemblance to Satisfy and Tropika Script. Compared to the one that we mentioned in the previous subsection, Pacifico features more of a rounded style at the edges – making it a handy option if you want to showcase your brand’s fun side. 

Compared to Tropika Script, the words are slightly bigger – and you’ll see different spaces in between the words. 

For example, the capital “P” looks very similar to the Pinterest logo. You can use this font in several scenarios, especially if your brand revolves around something summer-related – such as selling skincare products for warmer weather.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


If you’re looking to achieve an aesthetic similar to something you might have found in a 1970s US city, Metropolis is worth taking a look at. This font is quite different from many of the others we’ve included in this list, and one of the main differences is that the words feature much straighter lines. 

Moreover, unlike many fonts discussed so far, Metropolis works better with darker colors. 

Metropolis features all uppercase letters, and you’ll see a similar style of letter spacing to what you’ll see with Colo Pro. This font is worth using if you’re in the film industry, and you might also find that it’s useful in other creative fields. 

It will look great in print media outlets, but you can also use it digitally – such as on your website landing pages.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is another of the main 70s fonts on Canva. 

As you might expect from the name, it’ll remind you of many hotel logos that you see in the US and beyond. While you can use this font in all uppercase letters, we think that it looks much better when you use a mixture of upper and lowercase options. Like Metropolis, it’ll work well when using darker colors. 

Compared to some of the other fonts in our list, Grand Hotel has a slimmer design – making it worth considering if you’re aiming for more of a minimalist aesthetic. 

You can customize this font further by adding numerous other effects – and we think that you’ll love this option with the shadows feature added.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


As we come close to the end of our list of 70s fonts on Canva, we’ll next look at Yellowtail. 

In essence, this is an italicized version of Grand Hotel. It has more of a “writing” feel than the font we discussed in the previous section, and you’ll find that it works well if you’re a writer looking to showcase your work. This is especially the case if you write novels or other kinds of books. 

Yellowtail is an ideal font to consider if you need to create digital assets. It might not be the best choice if you want to make a logo, but you’ll find it useful for designing brochures, book covers, and in numerous other creative pursuits.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


If you have a Canva Pro membership, you can consider using Kingsman to design your ultimate 70s-style aesthetic. This features many of the same features as Yellowtail and Grand Hotel, namely that it has a handwriting style and the words are joined together. 

But unlike the two options we’ve already mentioned, Kingsman features more of a conformist look. 

Kingsman is ideal in situations where you want some creative freedom, but – at the same time – structure is also important. Examples where you may wish to use it include if you’re running a healthcare clinic or you’re a graphic designer working within that particular sector.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


If you want a style that’s a little thicker than Kingsman, you should consider taking a look at Boardley. It features many of the same things that you’ll find with Kingsman, but each letter consumes more space – meaning that it might be an ideal option if you’re looking to catch your audience’s eye. 

Boardley works well as a logo, and you can also use the font when designing t-shirts and coffee mugs. You might also want to include it on physical notepads and whatnot.

Best 70s Fonts on Canva


To round up our list of the best 70s fonts on Canva, we’ll have a look at Spiro. 

This font is included with a Canva Pro subscription, and it’s a lot more free-flowing if you’re looking for something that doesn’t feature joined-up letters. The font is somewhat similar to Lucidity Psych Outline; the main difference is that your words have block colors in the middle. 

You can use Spiro in any logo, and one of the nicest things is that it works well with brands that have both older and modern aesthetics. You can use it with several colors, but we think that this one works well with the likes of blue and purple.

Build a retro aesthetic with the best 70s fonts on Canva

When choosing 70s fonts on Canva, you have a broad selection of options. Even if you only have a free version of Canva, you shouldn’t have too many problems finding something interesting. 

Those who decide to purchase a premium subscription will have an even larger suite of styles to pick from. 

You can find 70s fonts for all scenarios, from designing logos to creating web pages. Canva also gives you a lot of flexibility for changing the colors, and you can add various effects to your text to give them a truly unique touch. 

Although you will find several 70s fonts on Canva, you don’t need to tie yourself to one decade if you don’t want to. You will find several other retro fonts in the app, and you can discover the best of these here.

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