Why do graphic designers use Macs? Everything you need to know

Why Do Graphic Designers Use Macs

Why do graphic designers use Macs?

iMacs and MacBooks are popular across the creative industries, and in fewer places is that more evident than in graphic design. Several self-employed graphic designers use Apple devices to complete their client projects, and many working full-time also use Macs to fulfill their roles.

Graphic designers love using Macs for several reasons. As you might expect from a group of people with an eye for aesthetics, the sleek design of these computers doesn’t go unnoticed. But from a practical standpoint, Macs offer excellent performance for demanding tasks.

If you’re a graphic designer, you might want to choose a Mac for your work computer for many reasons. And in this article, we’ll share some of the main reasons graphic designers use Macs.

Why do most graphic designers use Macs?

What percentage of graphic designers use Macs? It’s difficult to tell, but it’s likely relatively high. There are several reasons why graphic designers might choose an Apple computer over something running on a different operating system, and the subsections below outline some of the main reasons.

Fast processing speeds

Perhaps the main reason why graphic designers use Macs is because of these computers’ excellent performance levels. Apple devices are known for their fast-processing speeds, which are useful when using tools like InDesign and Photoshop.

Every day, graphic designers need to perform demanding tasks as a part of their jobs. And to put things simply, having a computer that doesn’t allow them to do this isn’t cut.

Of course, Macs can suffer from performance issues over time – but this is typical because of problems like low storage space.

Despite performing well under pressure, Macs tend to have pretty good battery life. For graphic designers using MacBooks, this is particularly important.

Advanced software

One of the most annoying things you can encounter as any creator, let alone a graphic designer, is having to deal with clunky software. And while Windows operating systems are by no means a pushover, many graphic designers simply prefer how macOS works.

Apple updates its macOS software regularly throughout the year, and you’ll have these sent directly to your computer. If you want to be particularly tech-savvy, you can choose to set your Mac software to update automatically.

Besides receiving regular updates throughout the year, Apple also releases a large new upgrade to macOS each fall. And with each of these, you might find several tools that help you do your job better. Examples include Focus Modes for increasing productivity and Freeform for brainstorming and mind mapping.

Why Do Graphic Designers Use Macs

Easy to carry around

Today, more and more people are working from wherever they want. Some individuals have a hybrid working agreement with their employers, whereas others work remotely. In a world where graphic designers have more options, having portable equipment is non-negotiable for many.

If you’ve ever owned a clunky laptop, you’ll know how annoying it can be to carry around. While most modern backpacks will meet your needs, this isn’t the case for all of them. The good news is that if you use a Mac as a graphic designer, you’ll have no problem carrying your computer around.

You can carry your Mac with you for your commute, and it’s also easy to put in your carry-on baggage when traveling longer distances. Moreover, because setting it up and putting it away is simple, you can continue working in multiple settings.

For example, you can work on client projects while waiting for your plane or in a café.


Thinking about online security is crucial for creatives, and graphic designers are no different in this respect. Everyone faces several threats, such as dealing with malware and needing to contend with potential scams.

While staying safe online requires effort on the user’s end, having a computer with advanced security features is one way to mitigate possible threats.

Apple has included a wide selection of security features with its Macs. Infecting these devices with malware isn’t impossible, but it’s much more complicated than using another computer. And if a potential breach is discovered, you’ll often receive a macOS update to patch the problem.

Screen resolution

As a graphic designer, the most important thing you’re supposed to do is create beautiful work. And of course, much of this will depend on your individual skills. But to some extent, the equipment you use does matter.

If you have to deal with a computer screen that doesn’t have high levels of resolution, completing your tasks to a high level can become difficult.

Generally speaking, Macs have fantastic screen resolution – especially the newer ones. You can view all your creations in high definition, and the colors are excellent. If you need to change your screen settings, you’ve got a wide range of options for doing this within System Settings.

Storage space

Why do graphic designers use Macs? One reason could be the storage space.

Of course, you should have an external hard drive; this is true for other visual artists, such as photographers and illustrators. Doing so will allow you to save backups in case your files become corrupted or something else problematic occurs.

However, knowing that your computer has enough storage space is also nice.

Macs vary in their storage size, but you’ve got plenty of customization options in this respect. You can keep everything organized by putting your projects into different folders, and – if necessary – you can purchase additional iCloud storage for a reasonable price.

Why Do Graphic Designers Use Macs

Cross-device working

While many graphic designers will use their computers to complete creative projects, you have plenty more options. Some of the newer iPads, for example, are pretty powerful – and you might even decide to use these instead of your computer.

One of the most remarkable things about using Apple products is that using different devices becomes much easier once you’re in the ecosystem. You can start editing on your Mac before later switching to your iPad if you’d prefer. And if you want to make prototypes, consider using your iPhone.

You can continue working across your different Apple devices by signing in with your Apple ID.

No need to buy an extra monitor

Many visual artists perform their tasks on more than one screen. It’s not uncommon to see monitors next to their computers, regardless of whether they work from home or in an office. But while monitors help get a better overview of your project, not everyone likes using them.

Using monitors can become overwhelming for some people, and many individuals do not want to use more than one device to do their work. The good news is that you often don’t need to do this with Macs.

You might not need a monitor for several reasons if you have a Mac. You can use tools like multitasking view if you want to see more than one window at once – and if the resolution is your main concern, you don’t need to worry about this.

Macs look good

Let’s be honest – if you’re a graphic designer, you’re almost certainly interested in things that look aesthetically pleasing. And when you’re not creating beautiful things each day, you probably want your personal items and spaces to reflect how much you care for aesthetics. 

With the above in mind, why would you choose a computer that doesn’t look good? This isn’t to say that some Mac alternatives aren’t visually appealing, but some could argue that Macs are the most beautiful computers on the market.

Mac computers have a long lifespan

When buying a computer, you don’t want to need a replacement in a year. And if you’re purchasing something you will use for your creative projects, this is even more true. While many other computers have good longevity, Macs are well-known to last long.

Generally speaking, you can expect your new Mac to last around five years – though this will depend on multiple factors. Your model will play a role, and how you treat your computer will also have an impact. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t run into massive issues if you use your device wisely.

If you get the newest Mac model, you can also expect to receive Apple’s new macOS updates for a considerable period.

Graphic designers use Macs for several reasons

Why do graphic designers use Macs? In truth, a graphic designer would want to invest in an Apple computer for plenty of reasons. Among the most critical factors is that these devices work better than many competitors – allowing you to complete your job without too many issues.

Macs are also well-known for their security; you will enjoy excellent screen resolution. Longevity is also important, and Apple computers specialize in this respect; you shouldn’t have too many issues with your device lasting longer than a few years.

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