Ferrari logo history and Ferrari symbol meaning
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Ferrari logo history and Ferrari symbol meaning

Ferrari Logo

The Ferrari logo history may be more intricate and exciting than you’d think. One of the most long-standing logos in the automobile industry, the Ferrari logo has seen very few changes over the years.

The icon of the prancing horse began as a testament to spirit and bravery. Today, the Ferrari icon is widely connected to quality and luxury around the world.

The Ferrari emblem is among the most sought-after in the vehicle landscape. More than just the badge on a car, the Ferrari logo design even appears on clothing and merchandise across the globe.

Though the Ferrari car logo may seem like something a professional branding company would need to create, the design was actually more spontaneous than most people assume.

Here’s your guide to Ferrari logo history.

Ferrari history: The Ferrari logo today

The Ferrari logo is an icon of luxury, quality, and speed. Known throughout the world for producing some of the most attractive and impressive cars available, the Ferrari brand has earned its position in automobile history.

Today, the logo is instantly recognizable, featuring a prancing black horse on a yellow rectangle background. The image is bold and beautiful, sometimes accompanied by the “SF” monogram, which stands for “Scuderia Ferrari”, which is the name for the stable where racing horses were kept.

With three stripes at the top of the badge to represent Italy, and the Ferrari name written in stylized font below, the Ferrari logo is a true classic.

Ferrari logo history: Brand overview

Founded: 1939
Founder: Enzo Ferrari
Headquarters: Maranello and Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Logo downloads:

Ferrari logo history goes back as far as 1692 according to some experts, when similar designs were found on a regimental banner for the Duke of Savoy. However, Ferrari has its own distinct story about where the logo originally began.

According to the Ferrari team, the founder of the company, Enzo Ferrari was visiting the parents of a famed Italian fighter pilot in World War 1, Francesco Baracca. The Countess, Paolina Barraca suggested the prancing horse painted by her son on her plane during the war would be a good luck symbol for Ferrari’s race cars.

Interestingly, Ferrari won the opportunity to meet the Baraccas after driving to victory in the Italian Savio circuit in 1923. According to Enzo, the black horse from the emblem was the feature he kept from the suggestion, while the yellow background was a choice based on his hometown of Modena.

The horse originally painted on the plane of Francesco Baracca was actually red, but his squadron mates painted it black after Baracca was killed in action.

The old Ferrari logo: Ferrari logo evolution

There haven’t been a huge number of Ferrari emblems over the years. The unique nature of the Ferrari logo meaning has prompted the company to keep the symbol consistent through Ferrari history. Only a few features have changed across the years, including the shape of the yellow background for the prancing black horse.


The first official version of the Ferrari horse logo appeared in 1931, where we saw the Ferrari logo design placed on a slim-line shield shape. There were a few versions of the logo in circulation before this, with a more curved shield shape, but many collectors consider the 1931 option to be the most official version of the old logo.

In this example of the Ferrari symbol, it was common to see the letters “S F” and no wordmark for the Ferrari name. The iconic horse symbol is very detailed here. At the top of the shield are the three lines representing the Italian flag still common on the Ferrari logo now.


In 1947, Ferrari made some slight changes to the Ferrari logo design. Though the majority of the elements in this symbol remained the same, the changes made in 1947 were the most significant since the logo design introduced in 1931.

The first major difference is in the colors, which became much brighter and more eye-catching than the predecessors. The second major change was in the shape of the logo background, which evolved from a shield to a rectangle with rounded edges.

In this version of the logo, the lines representing the Italian flag have been separated with black lines. We can also see the Ferrari logo font on this symbol, which replaced the more common “SF” from previous Ferrari emblems.


In 2002, the Ferrari logo evolved yet again, this time into the emblem we know today. Overall, the Ferrari horse logo today looks very similar to the design chosen before it in 1947, however, there are a few subtle differences.

The black lines between the red, white, and green stripes are no longer visible, making the emblem more smooth and elegant.

Ferrari symbol meaning

Meaning behind the Ferrari emblem

The Ferrari symbol is one of the few which refused to change too much over the years since the brand first appeared in the market. The black prancing horse, synonymous with the Ferrari car logo has remained a staple of the company’s image since the Francesco Baracca story began in 1929.

Ferrari’s original logo has changed slightly over the years, but the company has never moved away from the horse, considered to be not only good luck, but a symbol of innovation, speed, and power. Ferrari’s horse embodies the spirit of the company.

The other, smaller elements of the logo are also important. The decision to use bright yellow as the primary background for the Ferrari logo colors really makes the image stand out. The use of the colors of the Italian flag pays homage to Ferrari history too.

What are the Ferrari logo colors?

The primary Ferrari logo color may be black or yellow, depending on who you ask. The black horse in the center of the Ferrari symbol symbolizes luxury and power, but it was also a sign of mourning for the man who had inspired the Ferrari logo.

The decision to use the bright yellow coloring in the background of the logo is also important, as it represents the city of Modena – the birthplace of Ferrari’s founder.

The Italian tricolor flag with white, red, and green stripes is also evident in all of the Ferrari logos over the years, representing the company’s heritage.

The Ferrari brand colors include:



HEX color: #FFF200

RGB: (255 242 0)



HEX color: #000000

RGB: (0,0,0)

Fern green


HEX color: #008C45

RGB: (0,140,69)

Bright white


HEX color: #FFFFFF

RGB: (255,255,255)

Flame scarlet


HEX color: #CD212A

RGB: (205,33,42)

The Ferrari logo font is an interesting component of the emblem. Over the years, the font hasn’t changed very much. It started a little bolder than the typeface we know today. The Ferrari logo is a unique typography with an elongated “F” to symbolize speed.

Celebrating the Ferrari logo today

It’s hard to find anyone unfamiliar with the Ferrari logo today.

Ranked among the most popular logos of all time, Ferrari’s symbol is synonymous with luxury and class. The company has produced some of the best cars in the world, as well as a number of high-performance racing vehicles.

Today, the Ferrari horse sits among the top best-known icons of all time, particularly in the automobile industry. Don’t forget to check out some of the other well-known vehicle brands listed on this website to discover where their logos came from.


Ferrari logo timeline

Ferrari Logo
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