How to name a construction company: Laying the foundations for a great construction name
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How to name a construction company: Laying the foundations for a great construction name

How To Name A Construction Business

Figuring out how to name a construction company is one of the first steps to take when building your new brand. Before anything else, your name will tell your audience if they can trust you to take on their project. It needs to convey strength, reliability, and passion. 

While selecting an effective name is important for any brand, it can be particularly crucial in highly competitive industries. Currently, the market for the construction industry is growing at a relatively consistent rate, despite some complex economic factors. 

Alongside numerous new players entering the market, growing companies must compete against endless established brands. 

Your name will help set you apart from those other brands, even before your customers can interact with your marketing campaigns. Choosing the right name can also help to guide you through the rest of the branding process, establishing the identity you want to convey. 

Today, we will be looking at some of the key steps in naming a construction company, from finding your inspiration to testing the value of each moniker. 

Let’s start building. 

How To Name A Construction Business

What makes a good name for a construction company?

The first step in figuring out how to name a construction company is defining what makes a moniker endearing, effective, and memorable. The best names are distinctive, separating you instantly from the competition in your industry. However, they also need to demonstrate other crucial factors. 

Your construction company will be responsible for building some of the most important assets any consumer or business could own. Whether you’re building offices or residential homes, you’ll need to prove to your audience you have what it takes to deliver exceptional value. 

Generating trust in the construction industry starts with the naming process. After all, people are more likely to believe in companies they can resonate with on an emotional level. As such, you’ll need to ask yourself how you can reach your target market and showcase what makes you special. 

While amazing names can come in many different forms, from descriptive to invented titles, there are a few elements you should always prioritize when choosing names for construction businesses:


With so many construction companies now active in the market, it’s important to ensure your name sets you apart. The last thing you want is for your consumers to confuse your brand with something else that’s already available. 

Try to avoid a name that’s too generic. Build your name around what makes your brand unique.


More than anything else, most consumers in the B2B and B2C landscape for construction are looking for professionalism. They want to see evidence your business is stable, knowledgeable, and packed with expertise. Your name should help to demonstrate the authority you have in your space. 


As mentioned above, construction is a relatively expensive area for anyone to invest in. Nobody wants to work with a brand they believe isn’t honest or credible. Make sure your name conveys a sense of trust, so customers can believe in you. 

Ask yourself how you can reassure your customers with your naming title. 


Inventive and complex names can sometimes be a little too difficult for people in the construction industry to understand. Many of the top construction companies use eponymous or descriptive names to ensure they’re keeping things simple. 

Don’t be too clever with your construction company name ideas. 


While you might start your construction company focusing on a specific niche, there’s always a chance your venture might grow and evolve over time. With that in mind, avoid choosing a name that ties you into a specific area. 

Your moniker should be able to evolve and scale with the brand you’re building. 

How To Name A Construction Business

How to name a construction company: Getting started

Coming up with a construction business name takes time and focus. A lot of business leaders make the mistake of assuming the right name will simply come to them after they start hiring employees and writing their business plan. 

However, the reality is you should be focusing on the naming journey before you do anything else. Failing to put enough research into your name could mean you end up having to change your title before you’ve had a chance to grow in your industry.

Just as you would research suppliers and market trends before you start investing in machinery and resources for your construction business, you’ll need to do your homework for your name too. Here are some key steps you’ll need to follow before you start brainstorming.

1. Define your niche or target audience

Before anything else, you need to know who exactly you’re going to be serving in the construction industry. There’s more than one type of construction brand you can build. 

You might focus on developing your own architectural or design firm, or you might create a construction management company designed to help B2B companies manage their resources. 

Knowing your niche and the target audience you’re going to be addressing with your branding and marketing campaigns is crucial. It ensures you can build user personas that help you to understand your customer’s pain points, interests, and values. 

Using this information, you can create a name that appeals to the most important things your customers are looking for in a construction brand. 

2. Examine the competition

The number of construction companies is growing all over the world. In the United States alone, there are nearly 4 million construction companies out there. 

This means even if you choose a relatively small niche for your brand, there’s a good chance there’s going to be a competing company in your industry offering similar services. 

Researching your competitors is how you define what you’re going to do to set yourself apart from the other groups in your niche. 

Examine the names of other construction companies around you. 

Ask yourself what kind of naming strategies they’ve used and what they convey with their title. Dive into their unique selling points and offers, and determine what it is that makes your business different. This will help you to ensure your name is unique and relevant to your specific business. 

3. Explore your brand essence

Like any branding asset, your name should convey crucial information about your brand. A good moniker doesn’t just tell your audience what you do. It also highlights how you approach your industry, what kind of values you bring into the landscape, and your vision for the future. 

Before you start brainstorming names, ask yourself how you want customers to perceive your brand. 

Do you want to be seen as an innovator in your space, developing new and sustainable practices for the construction landscape? Are you looking for a way to help consumers purchase their first home or assist businesses with creating amazing office spaces and retail locations? 

Are you modern and cutting edge, or traditional and trustworthy? 

How To Name A Construction Business

Choosing names for construction businesses: Step by step

Once you’ve done your research into your brand, target audience, and competition, you can begin the process of searching for construction company name ideas. The important thing to remember here is that finding names for construction businesses can take time. 

Don’t try to rush yourself through the process, or you could end up choosing a title that doesn’t really work for your brand. 

In most cases, unless you’re starting your venture alone, it will be a good idea to bring other people from throughout your company into the naming journey with you. 

Having different perspectives to consider will ensure you don’t make a choice based only on your preferences. Remember, your name doesn’t just need to resonate with you – it needs to reach your target audience. 

Here are the key steps involved in figuring out how to name a construction company. 

Step 1: Know your naming options

First, it’s worth exploring the different types of naming strategies you can use for your construction company. Browse through the industry, and you’ll notice there are multiple different styles of a name out there. 

Some organizations choose eponymous names to reference their founder and their expertise. This can be a good option if the person who leads your company already has a strong personal brand and plenty of authority in the space. 

You can also consider compound names, which bring various different words together to describe your business. Depending on what you want to convey with your title, you might even decide to choose a full name and an acronym, which you can use on your logo design and website.

Try to avoid any titles which appear too long and complex. 

Step 2: Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming is one of the core components of figuring out how to name a construction company. However, many business leaders don’t approach this strategy as well as they could. The first thing to keep in mind is initial brainstorming sessions are all about getting ideas down on paper. 

Use your customer personas and market research to guide you. Choose words that reflect the core identity of your company. You might even make a list of words and names you want to avoid. 

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, it’s worth using some additional tools to help you. A thesaurus, for instance, can give you a range of synonyms to work with. 

You may also consider working with dictionaries in different languages or exploring Latin words. Just make sure you do your due diligence and double-check each words meaning. 

Step 3: Refine your list

Once you have a list of words and terms you want to consider for your name, start highlighting the ones that make the most sense for your company. You might focus specifically on modern names if you want to be perceived as a new, fresh company. 

Or you might be looking for a more historical brand name which gives your business a sense of heritage. 

Consider combining different terms to bring your name to life and make it more unique, but avoid anything too complex. If your name starts to look too long or difficult to pronounce, it might be worth cutting out extra components. 

Speak names out loud to see how they sound, and consider what they’ll look like in an URL or logo. 

Step 4: Check for availability

Before you try refining your short list of names down to one specific choice, you’ll need to make sure the monikers you’re considering are actually available to use. 

Even if you’re using a relatively complex title with different words and numbers, there’s a risk you could end up choosing a title too similar to someone else in your market. Conduct a trademark search online to see if any aspects of your name are already being used. 

Even if another title isn’t exactly the same, it’s worth avoiding anything that looks too similar to what’s already out there. If you can’t find any similar trademarks, the next step is to look for availability online. 

Ensure you can purchase the right domain name for your business, and look for any existing brand names and usernames on social media. This will guarantee you can effectively market and showcase your company once it’s established.

Step 5: Create a naming presentation

With all your research completed, it’s time to start looking at what your name is really going to sound and feel like when connected to your brand. A good way to do this is to create a naming presentation you can share with your stakeholders and other key members of staff. 

Choose a handful of your favorite names, and create mockup logos for each. Highlight the core components of each moniker in your presentation, and describe why the title is right for your business. 

A naming presentation might also include potential domain names, social media assets, and anything else you want to include to show your name in action. 

You could even create mockups showing what your name will look like on vans, letterheads, and the various uniforms and outfits your employees are going to be wearing. 

Step 6: Collect feedback

The best construction business name won’t be created in a vacuum. 

Once you have a selection of great names for construction companies, present them to as many people as possible, and ask them to share their thoughts and feelings. Find out what your name makes people think about when it’s spoken out loud or seen written down. 

You could also consider connecting with some of your clients and asking them what they think about your new name if you’re planning on renaming your business. Just make sure you don’t share your title with too many people if you haven’t trademarked it or purchased the domain name yet. 

There’s always a risk someone else could end up buying your title if they like it too much. 

How To Name A Construction Business

Should I use a name generator for my construction business?

Choosing an effective construction business name can be a complex and time-consuming process. 

Many of the most obvious titles will already be taken, which means you’re going to need to use every ounce of your creativity to find something that’s unique to your company and relevant to your target market. In some cases, business leaders even consider using name generators. 

name generator is essentially an online tool that uses algorithms to combine different synonyms and word options into a potential name. They actually can have some value – but only in certain cases. 

A name generator is something you can use during the brainstorming process to help you come up with synonyms and ideas you might not consider on your own. 

Name generators can sort through lots of synonyms at once and offer ideas on how to combine names. However, they can’t come up with truly unique and creative titles. 

These solutions are restricted by basic algorithms, which usually embrace the method of smashing different words together to create something new. 

They may suggest misspelled or generic titles which don’t really resonate with your brand. Most tools also won’t do the due diligence required to ensure a name is actually available for use, so you’ll need to ensure you’re not selecting something too similar to an existing business. 

In most cases, you should never use a name generator to select a “final” name for your business. 

How To Name A Construction Business

Should I use a professional naming agency?

While name generators aren’t a particularly reliable way of coming up with great names for construction companies, that doesn’t mean you have to go through the process alone. There are other options available if you feel you can’t find a name that’s right for you. 

The most effective option is to consider working with a naming firm or agency. Naming companies with experience in the construction sector will be able to come up with unique, engaging titles which resonate with your specific brand and target audience. 

They have endless experience in the branding landscape, and they’re committed to doing the research required to make your name stand out. 

Some naming agencies will be able to offer extra assets to help you make your choice too. For instance, they could mockup a version of your logo with the names they suggest, so you can see what it’s going to look like on your branding assets. 

Naming agencies aren’t limited by the restrictive algorithms used in generators. 

They can be more creative with your title, take your feedback into account, and suggest a range of different titles based on your specific needs. It may be worth working with one of these professionals if you don’t feel equipped to select a name on your own. 

Examples of good construction company names

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to come up with a name for a construction company is to start by examining the competition. 

While you should never choose a title too similar to another organization, researching what’s already available in your industry can give you an insight into how different brands use their naming strategy to connect with customers. 

Here are some great examples of good construction company names to inspire you:

How To Name A Construction Business


Interserve is a British construction and support services company. The name “Interserve” conveys ideas of community with “inter” and service with “serve.” Through this compound moniker, the company tells its audience it’s committed to addressing their specific needs and requirements. 

It’s a powerful name, made more effective by an engaging logo. 

How To Name A Construction Business

Renew holdings

Renew holdings is another excellent example of a construction business name. The word “renew” makes us think of revitalization and growth. It also provides an insight into what the company does – renovating projects and locations. 

How To Name A Construction Business

Tide Construction

Using the name “construction” in your company name might be a good idea if you want your title to be a little more descriptive. There are many construction businesses out there that have used this strategy. Tide Construction also uses the word “Tide” to convey power, strength, and stability. 

How To Name A Construction Business

J Murphy & Sons

Eponymous or founder-based business names are also quite common in the construction industry. What makes J Murphy & Sons unique is the reference to the family ties in the business. 

By referencing his sons, Murphy tells customers he’s running a family-based business, which spans across generations. 

Finding great names for construction companies

Figuring out how to name a construction company can be quite a complex endeavor, particularly if you’ve never had to choose a name before. It’s easy to end up with a generic or boring title if you don’t put the right amount of time and effort into research. 

However, if you do your due diligence and consider your naming options carefully, you can ensure you have a title that tells customers everything they need to know about your brand. 

With the right naming strategy, you’ll set your business up for success in a competitive industry and build deeper relationships with your target audience. 

If you’re struggling, speaking with a professional naming agency that can help guide you through the process could be an excellent way to reduce your risk of selecting a boring name.

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