Naming and branding for a modern technology law firm.


Clearlake: A contemporary approach to law.

In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, where traditional firms are overwhelmed by challenges, a fresh wave of service providers is emerging. Clearlake, a boutique technology law firm, stands at the forefront of this revolution, focused on the delivery of innovative, cost-effective services. Clearlake tailors its approach to the bespoke needs of its consumers in a complex landscape.

With its distinctive independent partnership model, Clearlake incentivises lawyers to build deep relationships with clients, championing collaborative growth. However, before the pioneering firm could break into this new market, it needed a name, a brand, and an online presence.

The brief

Building a transformative brand: The journey.

Clearlake was born to address the complex challenges in the shifting legal landscape, giving clients an alternative to in-house practice and traditional firms. The team’s mission was clear, to deliver next-level support via specialist legal counsel and cutting-edge technologies. First, however, it needed a brand identity that resonated with its target audience.

The firm approached Fabrik with the complex task of developing a comprehensive persona that reflected its ground-breaking approach to connecting the law and technology landscape. Our challenge was to encapsulate the essence of the innovative firm with a compelling name, visual identity, and online presence.

Our input

Shaping a future for the Clearlake brand.

Our initial discovery process with Clearlake helped us grasp the essence of their vision – to create a law firm that would align the best legal minds and technical expertise. We envisaged a firm that appealed both to prospective clients, and partners searching for a flexible professional haven. Research into the sector provided an overview of the brand’s competitors, and USPs.

Using these insights, we explored naming territories revolving around the concepts of community, freedom, and humanity. Clearlake emerged as the perfect name, evoking feelings of clarity and ambition. The visual identity – a circular icon showcasing a sunrise over a serene lake – highlights opportunity, complemented by a sleek colour palette, modern typography, and a range of hero images.

Our output

The Clearlake brand: Turning vision into reality.

Our collaboration with Clearlake covered every major stage of the branding journey, from the discovery of an evocative name, to the production of a powerful logo. The assets we developed convey Clearlake’s unique brand ethos in the legal market. Now, the company has the resources it needs to thrive in a competitive landscape.

The Fabrik team furnished Clearlake with a selection of valuable launch materials, a comprehensive web presence, and a variety of strategic guidelines. With these components in place, Clearlake can now position itself as a true pioneer for the future of legal support.

What we did:

—Logo-mark creation
—Visual identity
—Launch materials
—Website audit
—IA and wireframes
—Website design
Project team:
Tommy Burgess,
Ali Peate,
Vix Ross,
Rob Morrisby

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