A new brand vision and identity for a respected education provider.


Enriching lives through further education.

Formerly known as Dunstable College, Central Bedfordshire College, or CBC is a British innovator in further education. Driven by a mission to enrich lives and communities through education, CBC empowers students from all walks of life to hone their skills and enhance their employability. The innovative facility has become a staple of the Bedfordshire community, and surrounding areas.

Now with four campuses across Central Bedfordshire, the institution offers a range of courses, both full-time and part-time, as well as academic and vocational, to support a range of students. Diverse and inclusive, this College guides students through a gateway to advancement, fostering an environment where education stands as a cornerstone for personal and professional growth.

The brief

New horizons: Reimagining the CBC brand identity.

The stakeholders at Central Bedfordshire College approached Fabrik with a vision. They wanted to rejuvenate the School’s brand identity, and establish a compelling, forward-looking strategy for engaging and communicating with their audience. The goal was to embark on a comprehensive rebranding journey, covering everything from brand positioning and voice, to visual appeal.

With our help, the team wanted to distinguish itself as a modern pioneer for the future of higher education. The School was eager to find a new way to resonate with an evolving community of learners, through new assets that captured both the eyes and hearts of their audience.

Our input

A journey of strategy, creativity, and collaboration.

Our work began with in-depth research and consultations with stakeholders, as well as students. We reviewed the identities of competing education providers, and built a framework for differentiation, starting with a clear new positioning statement: “Make Yourself Proud”. This statement formed the basis of the wider rebranding strategy, guiding us towards a new set of editorial guidelines, and messaging templates.

Next, our team developed a robust visual identity, with a colourful logo mark inspired by a kite, a visual metaphor for aspiration and achievement. The geometric elements of the logo, with triangles and arrows, highlight the concepts of progress and direction. The new logo was accompanied by a set of visual identity guidelines, covering photography/image styles, typography, and colour palettes.

Our output

Elevating Central Bedfordshire College to new heights.

Our work with Central Bedfordshire College culminated in the creation of an entirely new brand strategy, encompassing everything from evocative messaging, to visual appeal. The new identity gives CBC an emotionally engaging appeal, centred in the concept of progress. The tone of voice guidelines ensures the College can speak meaningfully to its community.

We furnished the team with a clearly articulated set of brand strategy and positioning guidelines, providing them with the resources required to preserve a distinct identity for years to come. Today, the educational brand is poised to navigate the bright future of education with confidence, equipped with an identity that reflects its commitment to innovation and excellence.

What we did:

—Tone of voice
—Brand strategy
—Logo design
—Visual identity
—Website design
—User guidelines

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