Companies with bird logos: Famous bird logos around the world

Companies With Bird Logos

How many companies with bird logos can you picture right now? You might be familiar with some of the most popular options, like the Penguin Books logo, or Nestle. However, there are actually dozens of amazing examples out there.

Chosen to convey a particular meaning and emotion, famous bird logos have a lasting impact on the people who see them. Animals of all kinds are often associated with specific connotations. While horses depict grace and speed, lions and tigers show passion and power.

Birds are most commonly associated with love, and compassion in their smaller form. While larger birds are connected with ambition and purposefulness. In almost all cases, birds are a symbol of freedom, and beauty.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cool bird logos championed by major companies around the world today.

The most famous bird logos

Adding an animal to a logo is one of the easiest and most powerful was to infuse the image with meaning. We all associate certain creatures with specific things, which means brands can use these creatures to highlight their values or personality.

The biggest challenge for most companies is using bird logos correctly. Everything from the type of bird you use, to its position in a logo can lead to different ideas. For instance, an eagle in mid-swoop with its talons reaching out conveys a very different image to a dove sitting in a nest.

To get a better idea of how bird logos work to influence customers, let’s check out some of the better-known bird logos of all time.

Companies With Bird Logos


Probably one of the biggest logos with birds in the world, Swarovski’s logo features a swan, apparently composed out of hundreds of the company’s unique crystals. Swarovski is best-known for glass crystal jewelry, accessories, and unique home décor.

The Swarovski logo is an excellent insight into the company’s focus on elegance and grace. Combined with a serif wordmark, the image is classically stunning and timeless.

Companies With Bird Logos

Olivia Burton

Another well-known jewelry brand embracing the elegance and freedom conveyed by birds. Olivia Burton is a jewelry company in London, with a strong focus on affordable and feminine jewelry.

The little bird appears quirky, fun, and playful – ideal for a jewelry company with a youthful style.

By choosing a slightly smaller bird for their logo, the Olivia Burton company separates itself from some of the more old-fashioned jewelry companies on the market.

Companies With Bird Logos


An excellent example of how companies with bird logos can showcase very different meanings depending on their bird of choice. Yuengling highlights its patriotism as American’s oldest brewery with its use of a bald eagle in its logo.

The stunning and somewhat old-fashioned image is a perfect insight into the history of the company, and its legacy in leading the development of the American beer scene. While the logo might seem a little outdated by some modern beer standards, it’s still wonderfully eye-catching.

Companies With Bird Logos


Located in Seattle, in the United States, Fremont is another famous beer brand with a phenomenal bird logo. The company uses a crane as its emblem, to draw attention back to Seattle, and the original location where the company was founded.

This logo is a world apart from other, more old-fashioned beer logos like Yuengling. The Fremont logo is more modern and engaging, demonstrating the modernity of the organization. The bold lines and bright colors of the bird are great for a younger audience.

Companies With Bird Logos


When it comes to brands with bird logos, few are more recognizable than the Nestlé emblem. This logo actually features three birds, a mother and her two children. The image is intended in part to represent compassion and caring.

However, it also has a historical background.

Nestlé’s logo actually comes from Henri Nestlé’s family crest. The design started out with a more obvious depiction of the crest and has since evolved to become more modern and distinct.

Companies With Bird Logos


Easily the most famous bird logo for the modern age, Twitter’s logo is a fun, playful, and youthful image, dedicated to the members of the digital revolution. The sleek and modern image is ideal for a company committed to helping people communicate and connect.

Twitter’s logo is intended to highlight the nature of the brand, and its ability to help people chat in short, simple phrases, like the songs of a bird. The blue coloring is fantastic for creating a sense of trust too, as it’s one of the most beloved colors worldwide.

Companies With Bird Logos


You may be more familiar with this bird logo if you know a thing or two about programming. The Swift logo is focused heavily on showcasing the values of the brand. Swift is a general purpose programming language developed by Apple, which champions speed and simplicity.

The swooping bird in the Swift logo, combined with the colors of white and orange highlights a sense of creativity and innovation. The simplistic wordmark alongside the image also helps to identify the straightforward nature of the code.

Companies With Bird Logos


If you’re familiar with beauty brands, then you know the Dove logo. One of the biggest beauty brands in the world, and an expert in storytelling for their marketing campaigns, Dove has chosen a dove bird as the mascot for its logo.

The golden dove conveys ideas of compassion, love, and beauty. Combined with the elegant cursive font of the Dove wordmark, the image is ideal insight into Dove’s brand personality.

Companies With Bird Logos


Freelancing is often associated with freedom, balance, and creativity. It’s little wonder a company committed to helping freelancers find new roles chose a bird to showcase those concepts. The Freelancer logo is particularly interesting due to the way the bird is depicted.

This company’s logo, first designed in 2009 by Edward Sutrisno, reminds us of the power of creative skill, by using an origami bird, rather than a standard image. The design is a fantastic choice for such an innovative brand.

Companies With Bird Logos


Most fashion fans are relatively familiar with the Hollister bird logo. First launched in the year 2000, this company, owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, sells a wide range of clothing items. The logo chosen by the company depicts a bird in flight, which is an excellent symbol for innovation and freedom.

The image is a silhouette, which helps to make the design more adaptable for an evolving marketplace, and an ever-changing roster of marketing campaigns.

Companies With Bird Logos

American Eagle

 American Eagle Outfitters, otherwise known simply as “American Eagle” is another fashion and accessories retailer from the United States.

Launched in 1977, the company chose an Eagle in mid-flight for its logo. This image is an excellent way to connect the company to one of the better-known symbols of patriotism for the USA.

The choice of an eagle is particularly poignant here because American Eagle’s brand is particularly focused on younger customers and students, looking to find their way in life.

Companies With Bird Logos


NBC’s logo only emerged after the company started focusing more heavily on branding and image, after the year 1943. Throughout the subsequent years, the company experimented with a range of logo designs, before eventually choosing a colorful peacock for their emblem.

The decision to use so many colors in the logo was made to highlight the transformational nature of color television. The image is also excellent for drawing attention to the various kinds of shows NBC promotes for its audience.

Companies With Bird Logos

Penguin Books

Easily one of the most famous logos with birds in the world today, the Penguin Books logo depicts a friendly-looking penguin (puffin). This is a kind of mascot logo, produced by Edward Young in 1935 to make the company seem more youthful and approachable.

While the exact design of the image has changed slightly over the years, the company has consistently remained true to its bird-based branding. The orange background behind the Penguin logo is fantastic for highlighting the creativity of the company.

Companies With Bird Logos


Another famous bird logo for those with a knowledge of the computing world. The penguin mascot of Linux was selected by the owner of the company, Linus Torvalds. According to some stories, the decision to choose this design came after Linus almost got bitten by a penguin.

Playful and youthful, this logo helps to create an identity for the Linux brand which makes it more approachable to the masses.

Companies With Bird Logos


First launched more than 116 years ago in 1906, the Kiwi brand is one of the older companies on our list. This North American business specializes in shoe polish sold across 180 countries. The decision to use the image of an extinct bird was an interesting choice for this company.

Kiwi clearly wanted to highlight its one of a kind nature, and the quirky personality of the business.

Today, Kiwi has become of the best-known brands with bird logos in the world.

Companies With Bird Logos

Giorgio Armani

A slightly more abstract example of companies with bird logos, the Giorgi Armani image doesn’t use a particularly distinctive bird for its emblem. However, despite the simplicity of the image, it’s still relatively easy to tell we’re looking at an eagle.

The silhouette of the bird with its outstretched wings helps to highlight ideas of creativity and freedom. The golden coloring in this logo is also fantastic for drawing attention to the luxurious nature of the company.

Companies With Bird Logos

Japan Airways

Airlines are one of the most common companies to use birds in their log, as the animals are wonderful for reminding us of flight and exploration. Japan Airways uses a crane in its imagery, which apparently connects to ideas of long life and prosperity in Japanese culture.

The use of the color red in this image is also quite telling. Japanese brands often use this shade to link themselves to emotions like happiness and passion.

Companies With Bird Logos

American Airlines

Another example of an airline with a bird-focused logo. American Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the USA, and a major name around the world too. The company’s bird-style image is a little more abstract than some of the other emblems mentioned here.

Though relatively simplistic, the curving of the “beak” on the American Airlines’ logo reminds us of an eagle – the national bird of the USA. The basic nature of the image also means we can easily see the image of an airplane here too.

Companies With Bird Logos


The largest airline in Germany, Lufthansa has a significant presence throughout the skies of the world today. The company’s logo is simple and effective, with a bold blue wordmark, intended to depict ideas of reliability and safety.

The accompanying bird image to the left-hand side of the wordmark features a crane, a bird often associated with compassion, prosperity, and growth.

Companies With Bird Logos


Though Duolingo doesn’t always use its owl mascot in all of its marketing and branding efforts, the image is still commonly associated with the brand. The company, first launched in 2011, helps people around the world to expand their vocabulary and learn new languages.

The owl is a bird often associated with wisdom and knowledge, making it a great choice for a company with Duolingo’s distinctive mission. The bright green coloring also makes the company appear fun and playful – more accessible to the masses.

Companies With Bird Logos


While there are many car companies with wing logos, few have a more comprehensive bird image than Skoda. This company, launched in 1925, has developed a significant global presence over the years, with an instantly recognizable brand image.

The circular badge for the car features a bird shape in the middle, which could also look like an arrow with a set of wings. The green coloring is a particularly interesting choice, as many automotive companies seem to stray away from green.

Companies With Bird Logos

Tottenham Hotspur

If you’re familiar with the UK Premier League, you might also know the Tottenham Hotspur logo. Launched in 1882, the club chose a cockerel standing on top of a football for their logo. The image has apparently been a part of the group’s identity since 1921.

According to history, the team was named in honor of Harry Hotspur, who was given the nickname “Hotspur”. Spurs are also associated with fighting cockerels, hence the choice of bird here.

Companies With Bird Logos


The Arizona Cardinals is another great example of a sporting group with a bird image. This is one of the most famous bird logos in the American football league. Notably, the cardinal image has also been used by a range of other sporting groups throughout America too.

The cardinal is an obvious choice for this group, with its bright red coloring and bold lines. The image of the bird is definitely eye-catching.

Companies With Bird Logos


One of the more unusual examples of an owl used for a bird logo, the Hooters trademark is one of the better-known images in the United States. The name refers to both the owl mascot, and a slang term for women’s breasts.

This logo is fun and playful, with its bright coloring, and carefully chosen positioning of the owl. The owl’s eyes appear to be enlarged, drawing attention to shock and awe people feel when seeing the scantily clad waitresses in Hooters.

Companies With Bird Logos

Granny Goose

Launched in 1946, and now owned by Snak King, Granny Goose is an American snack food brand. The company clearly wants to convey a compassionate and family friendly image with both its name and logo. The “Granny” goose in the image is even dressed up in its own bonnet.

Using a playful mascot style image, Granny Goose makes itself more appealing to a wide range of younger audience members and customers.

Companies With Bird Logos

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens is a professional football team from Baltimore, competing in the NFL. Established in 1996, this team logo is one of the more eye-catching in the league, with its bright golden and purple color scheme.

The image of the Raven was chosen for the group after the team hosted a fan contest with more than 33,000 voters. According to the history of the team, the name and the logo draws attention to Edgar Allan Poe, who is actually buried in Baltimore.

Companies With Bird Logos

Toronto Blue Jays

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays is a Canadian baseball team competing in Major League Baseball. According to the history of the club, the name Blue Jays comes from the bird of the same name and draws from the traditional color of Toronto’s professional sports teams.

The image of the Blue Jay in the team’s emblem is modern and eye-catching, with bold colors and distinctive lines. This bird isn’t nearly as aggressive as some of the other bird choices in major sporting teams, but it does create a feeling of inspiration.

Companies With Bird Logos


If you’ve ever found yourself searching for the perfect place to visit on an upcoming trip, you’re probably familiar with Tripadvisor. This American online travel company launched in 2000 and has been helping people explore the world ever since.

The Tripadvisor logo features an owl-style bird, which helps to convey ideas of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. The playful nature of the design also makes the overall image and company seem more accessible to a wider group of people.

Companies With Bird Logos


Easily one of the most famous bird logos in the fast food industry, Chick-Fil-A’s image is modern and quirky. The company, launched in 1946, largely specializes in chicken sandwiches, which led to the creation of the unique name, and its accompanying logo.

Chick-Fil-A has taken an interesting approach to placing a bird in its logo. Rather than adding another image to the design, the company has transformed its “C” into the shape of a chicken.

Companies With Bird Logos

Crystal Palace

Another Premier League logo worth mentioning with its own distinctive bird emblem, Crystal Palace is based in South London. The team’s logo features a swooping eagle with a ball in its talons. The eagle in the logo and the group’s name relates to the nickname for the team.

The Crystal Palace logo is one of the more complex designs in the Premier league, featuring an image of a palace, and a number of unique details.

Companies With Bird Logos

Turkish Airlines

The flagship airline for Turkey, Turkish Airlines might not be as well-known in some regions of the world, but it still operates scheduled services to more than 315 locations worldwide. It’s also one of the largest mainline carriers in the world.

Turkish Airlines keeps things as simple as possible with its bird logo. The image features a very sleek and simple silhouette of a bird. Although it’s difficult to determine the exact type of bird in this image at a glance, we can still sense the freedom depicted by the image.

Exploring brands with bird logos

As you can see, there are plenty of companies with bird logos out there to explore. The natural meaning human beings align with birds make them an excellent choice of animal for a logo when companies want to convey a specific idea of freedom and exploration.

The type of bird used in the logo, as well as its positioning and surrounding colors can make a huge difference to how we see the overall image, and the company behind it. The versatility of the bird is part of what makes it so special.

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