British Business Bank logo history and evolution
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British Business Bank logo history and evolution

British Business Bank Logo

If you’ve never applied for a government loan to help you grow your business, you might not know much about the British Business Bank logo. 

After all, the British Business Bank’s brand image isn’t nearly as widespread as some leading bank logos throughout the UK landscape. 

Despite this, the emblem of the British Business Bank can still be a fantastic source of inspiration and insight for designers and business leaders alike. It’s a phenomenal example of an eye-catching logo designed to convey meaning and emotion. 

While the British Business Bank logo might seem slightly simplistic at first glance, it’s an evocative image intended to inspire growth, security, and ambition ideas. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the British Business Bank, its operation, and its brand strategy.

An introduction to the BBB Bank

The British Business Bank, or “BBB,” is a state-owned bank for “economic development” created by the UK government. Launched initially in 2014, the entity is one of the more recent additions to the banking landscape.

As such, it hasn’t made many changes to its brand identity so far and doesn’t have much of a logo history.

However, the British Business Bank does have a unique story. The intention to create this institution was first announced in 2012 when the Secretary of State for Business in the UK shared his intent to create several advice services, financial schemes, and other services for companies.

In 2013, a variety of groups, including Capital for Enterprise Limited, as well as various SME policy and private sector experts, were brought together to start establishing the “BBB” program. In 2014, the bank was granted state aid support from the EU commission.

Over the years, the British Business Bank has continued to evolve.

In 2018, the National Security Strategic Investment Fund was introduced to help financially support companies responsible for creating technologies related to national security.

The bank also has its own “Sustainability Hub,” which helps small businesses begin more eco-friendly operations.

How does the British Business Bank operate?

The British Business Bank is owned entirely by the UK government. However, it is independently managed. Several groups are involved in helping this banking institution to operate, with different teams focusing on various aspects of business support.

The British Business Bank doesn’t lend money to companies directly or offer direct investments. Instead, it works alongside around 100 other banks, venture capital funds, and leasing companies to deliver support.

The British Business Bank built its brand around a focus on support for companies of all sizes. Over the years, the institution has announced its commitment to increasing the supply of finance to all organizations within the United Kingdom.

The entity also works hard to ensure SMEs can find the best financial solutions for their needs with consulting services.

Entrepreneurs looking to work with the British Business Bank need to contact one of the available teams directly and apply for finance through one of the connected partners.

The partners with the British Business Bank can lend more and invest more cash into new ventures because of their connection with the government.

Primarily, the British Business Bank targets companies with an annual turnover of £25 million or less. Though it has come under scrutiny in recent years, the British Business Bank is constantly evolving and growing based on the changes in the financial market.

British Business Bank Logo

The British Business Bank logo today

As mentioned above, the British Business Bank is a relatively new addition to the financial landscape. As such, the organization hasn’t made many significant changes to its brand identity in the last few years.

There is only one British Business Bank logo available to evaluate today, but it is a fantastic example of an eye-catching symbol.

The British Business Bank symbol is a combination mark, consisting of a three-tier wordmark, and a unique graphic design. The three-tier mark places the “Bs” next to each other in a compelling, repetitive way, which helps to draw attention.

The words are also written in a soft, sans-serif font, great for showing modernity and compassion. The colour of blue chosen for the typeface is also important, as it’s often connected with concepts like trustworthiness.

Next to the wordmark, we have a geometric shape of multiple triangles, rectangles, and arrows. The shape looks like an arrow pointing upwards, which helps to convey the group’s commitment to facilitating growth and progression in the business landscape.

This image is conveyed in red, white, and blue to mimic the UK flag.

The British Business Bank symbol: Colours and typography

While the British Business Bank hasn’t seen any changes to its logo so far, it still offers a fantastic insight for branding professionals, and designers alike. Within this logo, we can see multiple elements working together to convey the unique personality and identity of the company on display.

The British Business Bank logo looks modern, professional, and sophisticated, but it also has a friendly and compassionate edge to it. The dark blue colouring as the primary shade for the symbol is an excellent choice for showcasing trustworthiness.

At the same time, the wider red, white, and blue colouring connects the company to its local community.

The shape of the arrow used in the logo is particularly compelling. It reminds us of the company’s commitment to helping businesses grow and evolve with the right finance and support.

If you’re interested in the British Business Bank logo, you can find some helpful resources here:

As mentioned above, the British Business Bank logo uses a combination of red, white, and blue in its symbol to convey its connection to the British landscape. The colours aren’t just patriotic; they’re also emotive, highlighting passion, ambition, strength, and credibility concepts.

The British Business bank logo colours have remained consistent throughout the company’s lifespan, as the logo has remained unchanged since the business was first founded. Unfortunately, there are no official British Business Bank logo colour hex codes.

What font does the British Business Bank logo use?

The British Business Bank uses a very simple sans-serif font, in a bold typeface. The design is similar to that of Calibri, or another well-known sans-serif typography. The straightforward, easily legible, and approachable font makes the company appear more trustworthy and modern.

The British Business Bank logo, like many financial emblems created over the years, aims to convey crucial meaning to its target audience. Within this logo, numerous symbols and components work together to highlight the brand’s unique personality.

The arrow shape conveys ideas of forward momentum and progression. The blue typeface in sans-serif font tells us the company is modern, friendly, and sophisticated. At the same time, the red, white, and blue geometric mark lets us know we’re dealing with an official entity in the British landscape.

Although the British Business Bank logo is simple compared to some of the other financial symbols on the market today, it’s compelling, and contemporary.

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