Brands with numbers in their name: Top names with numbers
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Brands with numbers in their name: Top names with numbers

Brands With Numbers

Brands with numbers in their name are virtually everywhere in today’s competitive marketplace. Just like the right word or sound, a number can help to differentiate a brand, and make a name more unique. While brand names with numbers won’t work for every business, there are endless examples of organizations achieving phenomenal success with numbered names.

Take a moment to think about the brands you interact with every day. Many of the top contenders rely on numbers to provide insights into the personality, or unique selling point of the company.

3M is an abbreviation of a previous name with 3 M-based words. Coke Zero is a reference to the product’s differentiating feature: the presence of zero sugar.

Numbers can also be woven into company names in a host of different ways, either spelled-out in full, or used as a standalone character. In an environment where there are thousands of different companies popping up all the time, numbered names are growing increasingly popular.

Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the biggest brand names with numbers in the title, and looking at why companies might choose to use numbers in their moniker.

An introduction to brand names with numbers

Naming a business is a complex process. There are already millions of trademarked titles in the world, distributed across various industries and sectors. This makes it notoriously difficult to choose a meaningful title capable of distinguishing your brand from the competition.

Some companies aim to separate themselves from the masses with creative or invented names, while others use descriptive titles to offer an insight into what they do or sell. Brands with numbers in their name are often taking advantage of the “evocative” nature of a mathematical digit.

Just as certain colors and images can influence our feelings and experiences, numbers have a connection to our emotions too.

According to number psychology, round numbers help to create a perception of product superiority. At the same time, certain numbers have a bigger impact on customers than others. For instance, studies show the number “7”, is the world’s favorite.

Research into numbers also suggests the right number can highlight the personality or values of a brand. Some numbers are considered more feminine, where others are masculine. Certain digits indicate environmental friendliness or sustainability, while others highlight power.

Though there are challenges to overcome when using brand names with numbers, like ensuring your customers know how to spell or type your title, there are significant benefits too. The key is making sure you choose the right title to connect with your audience.

The top brands with numbers in their name

Alphanumeric brand names, or brand names with numbers in the title aren’t as common as some other naming trends. According to some studies, around 10,000 of the 1.35 million registered names in the US during the 90s used numbers to communicate with customers.

In recent years, as the marketplace has grown more competitive, and the technology world has evolved, names with numbers have gained more popularity.

Here are some of the top businesses with numbers in their name you may be aware of…

Brands With Numbers

21st Century Fox

21st Century fox was an American mass media company formed in 2013. The company is now defunct, but its still commonly referenced as one of the top brand names with numbers in the title. The company was responsible for a wide range of programming and media assets over the years.

The name “21st Century Fox” was specifically chosen to highlight the modern and forward-thinking nature of the business. The title is a reference to the 21st century (the 2000s), which many consider to be the start of a new era for television and media.

Not only does the title show the company as a modern business, but it also connects the business to its audience – the 21st Century generation.

Brands With Numbers


Easily one of the most well-known brand names with numbers, 7Up is an American company selling lemon and lime flavored soft drinks. The brand and formula were created in 1929, and remains popular among people around the world to this day.

The name 7Up is a reference to the unique selling point of the company – its proprietary formula. The number “7” refers to the number of ingredients within the 7Up drink.

This title aimed to draw attention to the simplicity of the drink at a time when many carbonated beverages were packed full of additives and artificial products.

Find out more about the 7Up logo here.

Brands With Numbers


Throughout America, virtually every consumer is familiar with the company 7-Eleven. This multinational chain of convenience stores was founded in 1927. Today, the company sells a range of popular convenience foods and beverages, as well as gasoline.

Like many brand names with numbers, 7-Eleven chose its name to highlight its differentiating feature – longer operating hours. The name is a reference to the opening hours of the store, starting at 7am and extending all the way to 11pm, much longer than any other convenience store at the time.

Find out more about the 7-Eleven logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Forever 21

A popular fast fashion retailer in America, and across the globe, Forever 21 started life as “Fashion 21”, however, it has always relied on the benefits of using numbers in its name. Forever 21 is known for its trendy clothing available at lower prices.

The name of the company was chosen by founders Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang. They believed “21” was the most enviable age, when you’re old enough to drink, but still young enough to enjoy a wide amount of freedom in your life.

The title suggests customers can hold onto their youth and the adventurous mindset they had when they were younger.

Find out more about the Forever 21 logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Capital One

One of the world’s leading bank holding companies, specializing in saving accounts, banking, credit cards, and loans, Capital One launched in 1994. The company is one of the largest banks in the United States, and has over 755 branches.

The name “Capital One” was chosen to create a sense of excellence and authority for the business. The number “One” is often associated with superiority. Capital One chose its name to indicate it was the number one choice for credit card and banking choices.

Interestingly, it’s one of the few brand names with numbers to spell out the number.

Brands With Numbers


Launched in 1902, 3M has delivered various products and consumer goods to customers all over the globe for more than 100 years. The company actually started life as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, using a descriptive title to highlight its focus areas.

The new name of “3M” was chosen to reduce the lengthiness of the original title, and make it more applicable to the fast-paced digital world. 3M draws attention back to the three “M’s” in the original name of the company, while allowing the business to compete in a modern world.

Find out more about the 3M logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Six Flags

Six Flags is a popular theme park in the United States. Headquartered in Texas, the company has properties across Mexico, Canada, and the United States. In fact, the business owns the most theme parks and water parks combined for any amusement park company.

The name “Six Flags” was chosen when the company was founded in 1961. The name relates to the 6 themed areas of the park, modelled after 6 countries whose flags flew over the Texas throughout the state’s history.

Find out more about the Six Flags logo here.

Brands With Numbers

A1 Steak Sauce

Sometimes referred to simply as “A1 sauce”, A1 steak sauce is a brand of brown sauce produced by the Brand & Co business. The company first launched in 1831, giving it a long and interesting background.

Today, the sauce is available throughout the UK, Canada, and US.

According to some stories, the name of the brand comes from the 1800s, when a man named Henderson William Brand created a steak sauce for England’s King George IV. Apparently, the monarch exclaimed the sauce was “A1” and the title stuck.

Brands With Numbers


Referred to both as “Three” and “3”, this company is a telecommunications brand with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, as well as other regions around the world. The business has approximately 110 million worldwide customers, and specializes in mobile telephony.

Three was chosen during the initial launch of the brand in 2002. At the time, “3G” was the most exciting new communications technology on the market, and the name “Three” drew attention to the company’s ability to offer this solution.

The name has stuck with the brand ever since, even after the introduction of 4G and 5G services.

Brands With Numbers


23andMe is one of the more modern brand names with numbers in the world today. The company first launched in 2006 to offer consumers a chance to trace their lineage through genetic testing.

The company is best-known for using genotyping technology to create reports relating to the history and genetic predispositions of customers.

The name “23andMe” is a reference to the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a human cell. The use of numbers in this brand name highlights the scientific nature of the company, and helps to draw attention to the organization’s services.

Brands With Numbers

Five Guys

Otherwise known as “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”, Five Guys is an American fast food restaurant with a presence in multiple locations around the world. The company first launched in 1986, and now has more than 1,700 locations worldwide.

It was also the fastest-growing fast food chain in the United States at one point.

Five Guys was created by founders Janie and Jerry Murrell, as well as their four sons. The name is a reference to the “five guys” or men in the household, Jerry, and his four children.

The Murrells had a fifth son later, who also plays an active role in running the business.

Find out more about the Five Guys logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotels Limited is a luxury hotel and resort company headquartered in Canada. The company first began in 1961, and has more than 100 resorts and hotels worldwide.

A Canadian businessman named Isadore Sharp originally founded the company, with a commitment to providing excellent accommodation to customers throughout the year.

The name “Four Seasons” is a reference to the ever-changing seasons we experience around the world. The title aims to highlight the fact consumers can find a comfortable place to stay and excellent service any time of the year.

This ensures Four Seasons has a strong brand personality centered around credibility and trustworthiness.

Find out more about the Four Seasons logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Motel 6

One of the better-known hospitality companies in the United States and Canada, Motel 6 first launched in 1962. Today, its also responsible for the “Studio 6” brand, which offers a range of extended-stay rooms to customers across America.

The name “Motel 6” is a reference to the original business model of the company. When two local building contractors built the initial Motel 6 accommodations, they planned on charging customers only $6 a night for access to the rooms.

Find out more about the Motel 6 logo here.

Brands With Numbers


Another telecommunications brand name with numbers in the title, O2 is a UK brand which first launched in 2002. The company is owned by Virgin Media, and also operates smaller companies like GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile.

The name O2 is a reference to the history of the company. The initial brand spun off from the BT Group in 2002 to form a holding company named mmO2. This introduced the concept of the new “O2” brand for the venture.

O2 is also a reference to the “oxygen” molecule, indicating O2’s services are as essential as the air we breathe.

Find out more about the O2 logo here.

Brands With Numbers


A more recent addition to the list of companies with numbers in their name, Cloud9 is a professional eSports company, located in California. The organization was originally created as a leading League of Legends team, and was incorporated in 2016.

Cloud9 is a reference to the colloquial concept of being on “cloud nine” when you achieve something fantastic, or enjoy an experience. It’s a reference to the excitement the players feel when they achieve a victory in their games, and how they aim to make their viewers feel.

Find out more about the Cloud9 logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Four Peaks

Four Peaks brewing co is an Arizona-based brewing company and restaurant founded in 1996. The company is today owned by the AB InBev brand, and sells a range of beverages, including the Kilt Litter flagship ale.

The brewery also produces a range of seasonal ales.

The name “Four Peaks” is a reference to the four peaks of the Mazatzal mountains in the Tonto National Forest. With this name, the company aims to draw attention to its background in America, as well as its focus on natural ingredients.

Find out more about the Four Peaks logo here.

Brands With Numbers

Big 5 Sporting Goods

The Big 5 Sporting goods store sells sports-related products across multiple states within America. The company originally launched in 1995, and now has more than 400 stores across regions like Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

According to the history of the company, the name “Big 5” actually comes from the original five stores opened by the business. These were all located in California.

Today, the name stands as a reminder of the history of the company, and its heritage.

Brands With Numbers


A leading provider of automation and networking systems for businesses and homeowners, Control4 has one of the top brand names with numbers in the technology landscape.

The company launched in 2003 to offer customers a chance to add smart functionality to their home for things like climate control, lighting, video, audio, and security.

The Control4 Company hasn’t revealed much information about its name over the years, however, most experts believe the title is a reference to some of the initial systems the Control4 Company was able to automate for customers when it first launched.

Brands With Numbers


Another communications and networking company taking advantage of the benefits of numbers in naming is 2Wire. This organization was launched in 1998, and offers a wide range of hardware, software, and service solutions primarily to business owners.

The company has around 1,600 employees worldwide today.

2Wire is a reference to the famous “two-wire circuit” in telecommunications, which supports transmissions in two directions simultaneously.

Today, the moniker stands as a reference to the company’s technology focus, and its thought leadership in the communications space.

Brands With Numbers

Formula One

Formula One is currently the highest-rated international racing system in the world. The organization was launched to create an environment where sports car drivers could compete to be the best in the world.

The Formula One World Championship is one of the most popular forms of racing in the world today, and has followers across the world.

The name “Formula One” is a reference to the organization’s standing as the premier automotive competition for drivers all around the globe. The number “one” is something we frequently associate with the “best of the best”, so it fits well for this brand.

Brands With Numbers


Launched in 1989, Timbuk2 is a bag manufacturer from San Francisco. The company was originally created to produce high-quality bag patterns capable of accommodating adventurers on unpredictable trips around the world.

The name Timbuk2 was apparently inspired by the American Rock band “Timbuk3”, which the founder Rob Honeycutt was a fan of at the time. It’s also a reference to “Timbuktu”, a city in Mali which is one of the most compelling World Heritage centers in the world.

Brands With Numbers

Four Loko

Launched in 2005, Four Loko is a line of alcoholic beverages, with a range of flavors to choose from. The company has quite a strong following in America, though it has been the source of a number of controversial issues over the years.

According to the company, the name of the business is derived from the four key ingredients which go into each drink, including caffeine, taurine, malt liquor, and guarana. The word “Loko” is a misspelled version of the Spanish word used for “crazy”.

Brands With Numbers

Four Roses

Another alcohol brand with a number in its name, Four Roses is a company responsible for selling Kentucky Bourbon Whisky throughout the United States. The company was first introduced in 1888, and has a number of variations of its drink on offer today.

According to the history of the brand, when the founder of the Four Roses Bourbon met his wife, she indicated a positive response to his wooing by wearing a corsage of four red roses to a dance.

Is a brand name with numbers a good idea?

Brand names with numbers aren’t a good idea for every business, but they can offer significant value in the right circumstances. Most research suggest numbers resonate with almost everyone.

They have a universal language to them which makes it easier for businesses to connect with a wider audience, and most have a psychological impact.

Not only do companies use numbers in their company names, but it’s also common to use numbers in product titles too. There are far more examples of brands with numbers in their product names in the world today than there are examples of alphanumeric business names.

For instance, Chanel No 5, Boeing 747, and countless other products have taken on specific number-based names over the years, intended to appeal to a specific audience.

One thing for companies to keep in mind when they’re planning on using a number-based name, is they can sometimes cause confusion. After all, customers won’t always know whether to spell a number, or simply write a digit when looking for a company online.

As always, when choosing any brand name, it’s best to get some assistance form the experts when you’re not sure.

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