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The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo history, meaning, and evolution

If you’re a fan of unique beer products, you’re probably familiar with the Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo. Four Peaks Brewing Co., one of the American industry’s most famous “craft beer” companies, has developed a strong following over the years, particularly in its home of Arizona. 

Like many well-known brewing organizations over the years, Four Peaks Brewing Co. started as a relatively small company. A team of three men got together to create a unique brewing brand focused on bringing simple but delicious flavors to their local community. 

Interestingly, Four Peaks Brewing Co. started its life in the bigger buildings on 8th street in Arizona, just a short distance away from Arizona State University. 

Today, the Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo is one of the better-known emblems in the beer production world, but many still don’t know where this iconic symbol came from or even how the “Four Peaks” name was chosen.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Four Peaks Brewing Co. brand.

Four Peaks Brewing Co. history: The Four Peaks Brewing Co. brand

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo’s history starts with humble beginnings. Initially, the organization was opened in 1996 by a team of courageous brewers named Jim Scussel, Andy Ingram, and Randy Schultz.

According to the team, they succeeded today based on nothing but passion, good luck, and an undying thirst to be the best.

The team decided there was no better place to brew their new beverage than a retired ice house. The original location for the company’s first brewery was about half a mile away from the campus of Arizona State University.

In 1995, the group received their first lot of Grundy brewing tanks, which they believed were the perfect vessel for brewing beer, even if they weren’t used commonly in America then. In 1996, the first Four Peaks Brewing Co. beer was introduced, “Kilt Lifter.”

The flagship beer continues to make up 60% of what the company brews, and it’s the number one locally-made beverage in Arizona.

In 1997, Four Peaks Brewing Co. opened its first brewpub, where people could visit, enjoy drinks, and see the brewing process. By 2012, Four Peaks Brewing Co. had opened another location in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as a Tempe brewing site.

Today, the Tempe brewing site has a small display dedicated to the Arizona landscape. It shows Elvis Presley paraphernalia, as well as Minnesota Viking accessories. The historical brewing equipment is also visible throughout the property.

Where did the Four Peaks Brewing Co. name come from?

One of the core components making the Four Peaks Brewing Co. brewing company so special is its commitment to consistently referencing its origin story. The company has a strong passion for the Arizona landscape and has built its personality around its love for the local community. 

According to the founders, the “Four Peaks Brewing Co.” was chosen to reference a quartet of mountains around 35 miles from Phoenix. These mountains are visible from virtually every point in the East Valley area. 

Today, the name references the organization’s appreciation of its local community and supporters. 

Interestingly, Four Peaks Brewing Co. has an interesting slogan, though it’s not always presented on its bottles and branding assets. The Four Peaks Brewing Co. slogan is “We’re here, we’re beer, get used to it.” 

Though this might initially sound a little aggressive, it’s an excellent insight into the company’s playful and friendly nature

Today, Four Peaks Brewing Co. is owned by the AB InBev company, a multinational conglomerate in the beverage industry. The organization continues to brew the flagship ale, Kilt Lifter, a Scottish-style beer containing around 6% alcohol by volume. 

However, the company also produces a range of seasonal ales with fun and quirky names and flavors. For instance, there’s a Pumpkin porter available for Halloween and the “Winter Wobbler” for the festive season.

Four Peaks Brewing Co Logo

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. company logo: An introduction

There isn’t much information available about the Four Peaks Brewing Co. brand and its logo choices over the years. The company has focused primarily on highlighting its personality and heritage rather than its branding choices.

However, with a bit of research, we can see two major Four Peaks Brewing Co. logos throughout the organization’s life.

The first Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo was quite complex, similar to some of the other traditional brewery logos we’ve seen throughout the years. The image featured an oval-shaped emblem, with the Four Peaks Brewing Co. mountains presented in grey, orange, and yellow. 

A banner made of hops and barley appears towards the bottom of the badge, highlighting the brand’s focus. 

There are a few different typography choices present in this logo, starting with the unique serif-style font for the organization’s name, depicted in a gradient white and yellow shade. 

For legibility, the words “Brewing Company Arizona” are also present on the Four Peaks Brewing Co. symbol, depicted in a yellow sans-serif font.

Four Peaks Brewing Co Logo

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo today

In 2016, Four Peaks Brewing Co. modernized and updated its logo to suit a more contemporary audience. The design was pared down to a black-and-white image, eliminating most of the above decorative elements.

The new logo features “Four Peaks” in a simple black serif font. The “Peaks” part of the wordmark is also designed to curve slightly in the middle.

To pay homage to its origins and heritage, the company has continued to use the “Brewing Company Arizona” subline on its emblem. There’s still a reference to the Four Peaks Brewing Co. mountains visible, too. However, the shapes are much more minimalistic.

Depending on the branding assets, this logo can sometimes appear in black on a white or white on a black background.

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. symbol meaning, colors, and fonts

Today, the Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo is a modern, engaging, and eye-catching symbol, perfect for a company looking to show a combination of modernity and heritage. The new design highlights the organization’s focus on the future while still drawing attention to its unique history.

The mountains in the logo are not only a reference to the name and background of the brand, but also a symbol of strength, adventure, and stability. The brand has always attempted to position itself as an innovator, willing to “think outside of the box” with its brewing techniques.

You can find some helpful Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo resources here:

What is the Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo font?

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo font is a stylish serif-style typography intended to highlight the sophisticated nature of the brand, as well as its fantastic heritage.

The font’s design is slightly unusual, with a curved element to the lower word, which mimics the shape of the mountains in the design.

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. font is unique to the company itself, but it’s similar in style to many other serif fonts on the market. The edges of the letters almost look a little weathered and worn, which may be a way to make the company seem more historical.

What are the Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo colors

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo color palette has changed drastically.

Initially, the company had quite a colorful and complicated emblem. However, the brand has switched to a more simplistic black-and-white design. This showcases sophistication, modernity, and a commitment to excellence.

The Four Peaks Brewing Co. logo is quickly becoming one of the better-known emblems in the brewing landscape. Today, Four Peaks Brewing Co. has won several awards for its beers and cultivated a loyal following among beer fans throughout the Arizona area.

While the Four Peaks Brewing Co. symbol started relatively complex, the company decided to simplify and modernize its image over the years to help it stand out from other traditional beer brands. Today, this logo is among the most impressive in the beverage space.

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