Flower logos: The most famous logos with flowers
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Flower logos: The most famous logos with flowers

Logos With Flowers

Logos with flowers in them have appeared in various industries over the years. More than just an easily identifiable shape, flowers have a universal emotional appeal. They’re a symbol of the natural world, beauty, and femininity.

However, they can also be associated with various abstract concepts, from growth and nourishment to innovation and creativity.

The purpose of any logo is to form a connection with a specific target audience and create an image that instantly identifies and differentiates a brand. The flower’s diversity, in its many shapes and colors, makes it a wonderfully versatile form for any business.

Logos with flowers can be bright, eye-catching, modern, engaging, or simple and sophisticated. Moreover, companies can be as detailed or minimalistic as they like with their flower logos, which paves the way for a more resilient brand.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the more popular flower brand logos from around the world and exploring how they’ve helped these companies blossom.

As mentioned above, logos with flowers are reasonably diverse. We automatically connect the flower symbol to ideas like grace, beauty, and femininity.

However, these symbols aren’t reserved for companies specifically targeting female buyers. As we’ve seen throughout the years, flowers can also symbolize discovery, innovation, and vitality.

Cosmetics and fashion companies often use the flower symbol to highlight their organizations’ aesthetic focus. Alternatively, technology companies may use a flower to highlight transformation or growth.

In recent years, as companies have begun to focus more aggressively on sustainability and eco-friendly operations, flowers can also be a sign of an ethical brand.

Notably, the impact a flower logo can have on an audience also depends on the flower’s shape, structure, and color. A simple outline in a deep hue can make a business seem more modern and sophisticated.

A bright, bubbly flower shape with many curves can make a brand appear friendly, welcoming, and youthful.

Adding a flower to a logo can indicate the company is committed to protecting nature or a link to the natural world. The versatility of flower logos means countless companies have achieved phenomenal success with this shape.

What brands have a flower logo? Famous flower logos

To truly get a feel for how flowers with logos in them connect with a specific audience, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the most popular emblems in this landscape. While you might be familiar with some of these images and their corresponding history, others may surprise you.

Logos With Flowers


The most obvious reason to use a flower in a logo is to highlight the nature of the offered service or product. Interflora, a flower delivery network with a presence across 140 countries, is an excellent example of a company utilizing flower imagery to help showcase its service.

The company uses not just the image of a bouquet in their emblem but also the depiction of a man running away from the wordmark – blooms in hand. The picture tells us precisely what to expect from Interflora – high-quality flowers delivered at speed.

Logos With Flowers

Guns and Roses

Perhaps one of the most famous flower logos of all time for music lovers, the Guns and Roses emblem is well-known across the globe. The rock band, first formed in 1985, combines the key elements of its name into a unique, badge-style logo.

The detailed red roses in this logo are wrapped around a set of pistols, pointing in either direction. According to the band, the design, and the name, is a reference to the peaceful philosophy of the group and their commitment to making “love not war.”

Logos With Flowers

Hilton Garden Inn

The Hilton Garden Inn logo belongs to one of the various hospitality companies owned by the Hilton brand. This American chain of mid-priced hotels was first launched in 1996 and has locations across 49 countries and territories. 

The image Hilton chose for this logo is similar to its other emblems, with a distinctive abstract flower shape

This design is distinct from other logos with flowers in them, as the shape looks like a selection of four leaves rather than a traditional flower. However, the overall shape and simplistic components help to make the design more memorable.

Logos With Flowers


Perhaps one of the better-known technology companies to use logos with flowers, Huawei is a multinational brand headquartered in China.

First launched in 1987, this company has grown significantly over the years, thanks to the production of a range of powerful consumer electronics, smartphones, and other smart devices.

Huawei’s flower logo is another example of how companies can use abstract but easily identifiable shapes to distinguish themselves from the competition. This bold logo combines a bright-red flower shape with a simple, uppercase wordmark to symbolize strength and growth.

Logos With Flowers

Chupa Chups

The Chupa Chups logo is as bright, eye-catching, and youthful as they come. This Spanish brand of lollipops and other confectionary items was launched in 1958 and has a presence in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The design chosen for this logo was specifically intended to capture the attention of younger customers, hence the bright coloring.

The bold yellow image was apparently created by the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, and it hasn’t changed much over the years. The stylish and italicized font only adds to the sophistication of the image, while the vibrant colors grab attention instantly.

Logos With Flowers


If you’re familiar with UK politics, you probably know the Labour Party logo. This political group has had a strong presence in the British landscape for several years – since 1922. Labour has long been associated with the color red and the image of a rose. 

In various variations of the Labour logo over the years, including the most recent emblem, the red rose has appeared alongside the party’s name, symbolizing beauty, strength, and the national flower of the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the Labour Party logo here.

Logos With Flowers


A famous brand among modern coffee lovers, Tassimo is a consumer single-serve coffee system owned by the JDE Peets and Kraft Heinz companies. The Tassimo logo is engaging, stylish, and eye-catching, largely thanks to its flower shape.

The flower in this logo is composed of various colors, which blend at the edges to create a unique design. Each flower petal represents the different pod-shaped coffee options customers can access from the brand.

Logos With Flowers


The BP logo is among the most popular and well-known in the petroleum industry today.

BP, or British Petroleum, was founded in 1909 and has produced several logos throughout the years. The most recent variation was chosen to help modernize the brand while outlining its new commitment to maintaining sustainable practices.

The geometric flower combines shades of green, yellow, and white to produce an almost Mondal-style effect. The core white and yellow component also represents the sun – the core source of all of our energy.

Logos With Flowers

China Airlines

An airline might seem like an odd choice for a flower logo at first, but it can be a fantastic way to demonstrate compassion, and quality. Founded in 1959, China Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the Asian market, with a presence in all parts of the world.

The company changed its logo to avoid international controversy, using the “plum blossom” in exchange for the national flag. The image, featuring delicate shades of pink, white, and red, evokes a sense of warmth and security – perfect for an airline.

Logos With Flowers

Hawaiian Airlines

Another example of a somewhat unusual airline logo, Hawaiian Airlines is the tenth largest commercial airline in the US and was first launched in 1929. The company has used many variations of a similar logo over the years, always featuring the national flower of Hawaii.

The current logo includes a scarlet hibiscus blossom placed within a beautiful woman’s hair. This brightly colored logo is a fantastic way for the company to create an exotic image, ideal for attracting those searching for a unique vacation experience.

Logos With Flowers


The Invisalign brand is an American manufacturer of clear aligners used in orthodontics. Align Technology owns the branding, which also produces 3D digital scanners. This design is an excellent example of how logos with flowers can depict beauty and self-esteem.

The geometric and minimalist logo has eight identical petals intended to showcase balance and alignment – the company’s core focus. The almost glowing image also helps to highlight the vision of the brand, to help everyone find their inner beauty.

Logos With Flowers


Also known as “Downy” in some parts of the world, the Lenor brand produces fabric softeners under the Procter & Gamble corporation. This company was first launched in 1960 and has a strong presence globally today, thanks to a vast range of attractive products.

The elegant brand image used by the Lenor organization is both modern and attractive, with a rose-shaped blossom placed just above a stylized wordmark. The almost swirling shape of the bud reminds us of the whirlwind spinning of a washing machine.

Logos With Flowers


The Unilever company is one of the world’s biggest multinational consumer goods organizations, committed to selling a vast range of products across different niches.

The business also has one of the more unique logos in the marketplace today, with a massive range of geometric shapes combined into a large, blue “U.”

Various flowery elements are embedded into this logo, designed to reflect the beauty focus of the company, as well as other concepts like personal care and cleaning. Although the flower might not be the core focus of this logo, it still plays an integral part in the brand image.

Logos With Flowers

Farmers Insurance

Launched in 1928, Farmers Insurance is an American company committed to offering insurance for small businesses, homes, vehicles, and other products. The company has more than 48,000 independent and exclusive agents and 21,000 employees worldwide.

There are several unique elements to this flower brand logo. At the core of the image, we see a red central bud surrounded by several white and blue petals. The image is intended to demonstrate growth, stability, and protection.

Logos With Flowers


Naturella is a brand best known for using chamomile extracts in virtually all its products. As such, the company has naturally included a picture of a chamomile plant in its logo. Previous versions of the logo also included floral elements.

The Naturella logo today includes a yellow and white chamomile blossom, accompanied by a complementary wordmark written in a sweeping, decorative font. The overall design reminds us of the natural world and the organic ingredients in the product.

Logos With Flowers

Golden Tulip

The Golden Tulip brand was founded in 1962 in the Netherlands and offers hospitality services to consumers through various hotels, resorts, and inns. Like many hospitality brands, the Golden Tulip company uses a flower in its logo to symbolize warmth and compassion.

The golden coloring of the minimalist tulip shape also helps convey the company’s focus on luxury, elegance, and excellence. The tulip image is emphasized using an uppercase wordmark in a bold, serif font, followed by a tagline in sans-serif typography.

Logos With Flowers

Blackburn Rovers

Launched in 1875, the Blackburn Rovers Football Club is a football team in the UK located in Blackburn. The group competes in the EFL championship and has the motto “Arte et Labore,” which means “by hard work and skill.”

The flower in this logo is a bright red English rose with a soft green stem placed inside a circle that depicts the group’s name. The overall image is intended to be a tribute to the United Kingdom, and Blackburn itself.

Logos With Flowers


A development finance institution in India, the IDBI bank was initially founded in 1964 with the name, “The Industrial Development Bank of India”. Today, the bank has a massive presence across the country, with 1,892 branches and thousands of ATMs.

The IDBI bank logo uses a simple and geometric image of a lotus-style plant in its logo. The design of the flower is in orange, highlighting creativity, while the surrounding color of green helps to contrast the visual and make the overall emblem more eye-catching.

Logos With Flowers


The gaming landscape may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for famous flower logos. However, the Warframe game shows just how versatile this shape can be. Warframe is a popular third-person shooter game often played online.

The flower shape in this logo is based on a lotus, with sharp points at the edges to symbolize beauty and danger. The deep shade of blue, combined with the unique stylized lettering of the group’s wordmark, makes this image instantly eye-catching.

Logos With Flowers

New South Wales Waratahs

Another famous example of logos with flowers from the sporting landscape, the New South Wales Waratahs are a professional rugby team from Australia. The Waratahs are some of the better-known players in the Australian landscape, and they have a unique logo.

The image in this emblem is based on the Waratah flower – the national state flower of NSW. It’s depicted in a dark red color (the standard shade for the plant). One of the petals has also been transformed into the image of a rugby ball.

Logos With Flowers


Braccialini is an Italian leather accessories company based in Florence.

Launched in 1954, the company has stores in more than 40 countries and primarily focuses on creating leather shoes for women. The company’s branding is elegant and sophisticated, capturing the attention of a stylish and modern audience.

In this image, we see a simple lowercase wordmark, depicted in sans-serif font. Next to the grey wordmark, we see a bright red square with the outline of a rose designed in white. The overall image is wonderfully luxurious.

Logos With Flowers

China Southern Airlines

First launched in 1988, China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in China.

It became one of the big-three airlines in China following a merger with another brand. Alongside a bold wordmark that features both Chinese and English, the company features the shape of a fin from an airplane in its logo. Within this fin, we also see a flower.

According to the company, the flower is based on the Kapok flower – the city flower of Guangzhou, where the headquarters of the business resides.

Logos With Flowers

Flower City Union

The Flower City Union team is a professional American soccer group based in Rochester, New York. The group plays in the National Independent Soccer Association and may be lesser known than other teams in the landscape.

However, it’s fair to say its colors and logo definitely draw attention.

The Flower City Union logo depicts an image of a simple flower within the center of a purple circle, which includes the group’s name. The full emblem is depicted in various shades of purple, intended to highlight creativity and compassion.

Logos With Flowers

Google Tulip

Another interesting example of logos with flowers from the technology landscape, Google Tulip is the name of an application created by the Google brand. The machine learning app was designed to support agricultural companies and help them to grow their plants as efficiently as possible.

As you might imagine, the Google Tulip logo shares the same color palette as the original Google logo. However, in this case, we see the shades depicted in several simple shapes, which form the overall appearance of a tulip.

Logos With Flowers

Blossom Blast Saga

The Blossom Blast Saga game is one of the more popular apps to appear in the mobile world in recent years. The game is essentially a farming game, designed to entertain users by allowing them to grow various virtual plants in their own digital gardens.

The Blossom Blast Saga logo includes two bright purple flowers, which replace the “o” characters in the word “Blossom.” Even the font is designed to look floral, with various leafy components and stems.

Celebrating logos with flowers in them

As you can see from the examples above, there are plenty of great logos with flowers around the world today. Flower logos are attractive and emotionally engaging, capable of evoking a range of thoughts and feelings depending on their color, shape, and context.

Although flower logos are a natural choice for the florist, cosmetic, and beauty landscapes, they’re relatively popular in various other spaces, too, including the technology niche. A company can symbolize everything from creativity to growth with the right flower logo.

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