The ultimate guide to the most famous circle logos
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The ultimate guide to the most famous circle logos

Famous Circle Logos

Famous circle logos demonstrate just how significant even the simplest components of your brand mark can be. Every element you use in your logo, from your choice of colors to your typography sends an important message to your target audience. 

Even a basic shape, like a circle, is packed with underlying meaning, capable of engaging and captivating your audience. 

Combination marks, emblems, and even favicons all frequently utilize shape psychology to achieve specific goals. The circle is one of the most common shapes used in geometric logos, because it’s universally recognized, welcoming, and evocative. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most memorable logos with circles in the business landscape, and examine what these shapes convey to audiences worldwide. 

Here’s your comprehensive guide to circular logos. 

The meaning behind logos with circles

As any brand expert or logo designer will tell you, creating the ultimate brand mark is part art, part science. Creators don’t just use the rules of graphic design like negative space, balance, and repetition to capture customer attention. 

They also rely heavily on psychology, exploring how certain shades, typefaces, and designs influence the human mind.

Studies have shown that certain shapes, such as the Olympic rings, or the square surrounding the Lego logo, can influence how customers perceive a company’s values, services, and products. The human brain is hardwired to assign meaning to basic geometric shapes, just like colors or typefaces. 

Different shapes evoke different feelings, but circles are one of the most common, and popular choices for famous brands and emerging startups alike. In fact, 20% of the world’s most admired brands have chosen a circle logo design. 

That’s because circles convey:


Circles are associated with community, comfort, and consistency. They appear more friendly than the average square or triangle, as there are no harsh lines, strong edges, or sharp points. 


Circles and rings are often associated with unity and connectivity. They symbolize crucial bonds in many parts of the world, such as marriage. This makes them ideal for highlighting a company’s commitment to its tribe or niche.


Circles have no breaks or harsh edges. They make a company appear more stable, confident, and strong. That’s one of the reasons they’re used by many of the most significant companies in the world. 

Famous circle logos: The best examples

As mentioned above, the circle shape is one of the most common geometric elements in logo design. There are literally hundreds of brands worldwide with a circular frame, or ring in their company logo design. 

For the purpose of this list, we’re focusing specifically on the most famous, and biggest brands utilizing circles in their logos. 

Let’s dive in. 

Famous Circle Logos

1. AT&T

Perhaps one of the most famous circle logos in the technology and telecommunications landscape belongs to AT&T. Launched in 1983, this popular communications brand is the third largest in the world by revenue, and one of the best-known names in the industry. 

Since 2016, AT&T has utilized a compelling combination mark as its logo, featuring a blue circle on the left-hand side. 

The blue emblem features a series of white stripes, and intends to convey concepts of unity, connection, and communication. The colors of blue and white demonstrate friendship, reliability, and safety – all crucial values of the world-leading brand. 

Famous Circle Logos

2. USA Today

First launched in 1982, USA Today is one of the most popular newspapers in the United States. It boasts an approximate daily readership of around 2.6 million people, and was the first national daily newspaper to be produced in the region. 

The circle in this logo stands for balance and global reach, while the blue color demonstrates the credibility and trustworthiness of the journalistic group. Combined with the simplistic wordmark used by the AT&T company, this circular logo demonstrates authority and strength.

Famous Circle Logos

3. General Electric

Known as a world-leading disruptive brand, GE is an American conglomerate which first launched in 1892. The company has long utilized the power of shapes in its logo designs. 

Today, the elegant but authoritative round logo of the General Electric brand is one of the most recognizable in the world.

Though relatively simplistic, the General Electric logo conveys meaning and heritage with an elegant, artistic monogram within the center of its emblem. The flourishes in the white border around the circular emblem give the design a sense of movement, demonstrating progression and growth.

Famous Circle Logos

4. Safari

If you’ve ever used an Apple device, you’re probably familiar with the Safari logo already. This web browser designed by Apple is built into every operating system used by the company, and first appeared on the market in 2003. 

The logo is instantly recognizable, thanks to its use of a compass-style design, highlighting direction and discovery. 

The logo not only tells customers they can use the application to explore the online world, it also draws attention to the brand name of the application, without the need for any typefaces or inscriptions.  

Famous Circle Logos

5. Volkswagen

One of the world’s leading automotive brands, Volkswagen first launched in 1937, and now has a presence in regions all around the world. In fact, it’s the largest automotive manufacturer worldwide according to revenue and sales. 

The company’s name “volk” and “wagen” translates to “people’s car” in the German language. 

The dark blue circle surrounding the company’s monogram “VW” symbol highlights a commitment to community and innovation. Together, the components of the Volkswagen logo look elegant and sophisticated, showcasing the brand as a world leader in the automotive space. 

Find out more about the Volkswagen logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

6. Alfa Romeo

Another excellent example of a great logo in the automotive industry utilizing a circular design comes from Alfa Romeo. The circle element within this logo has been a significant part of the company’s visual identity for decades, along with the serpent design. 

The Alfa Romeo logo features numerous evocative symbols, drawing attention to the heritage and origins of the company in Milan. The circle logo design creates an elegant and luxurious badge, perfect for placing on the bonnets of leading cars.

Find out more about the Alfa Romeo logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

7. PBS

Otherwise known as the Public Broadcasting Service, PBS first launched in 1969, and has been transforming the media landscape ever since. The company has more than 350 member stations in its roster, across the United States. 

Alongside an acronym inscription written in large, sans-serif letters, the PBS logo uses a solid blue circle in its emblem, featuring overlapping human head shapes. The design is intended to represent community and connectivity between people. 

Famous Circle Logos


Easily one of the most significant big-wig logos to utilize the circle as its primary shape, NASA’s emblem is recognizable all around the globe. Like many other circle logos, this emblem symbolizes connectivity and community, but it also draws attention to concepts like planets and discovery. 

The NASA badge is comprised of a solid blue circle, with speckles of white to symbolize stars, and a thin white orbit overlapping the letters in the name. There’s also a bright red swooshing symbol across the emblem, intended to showcase passion and confidence. 

Famous Circle Logos

9. HP 

Otherwise known as Hewlett Packard, or HP Inc, HP is an American technology company known for developing 3D printing solutions, printers, and personal computers. It’s one of the largest personal computer vendors in the world, according to annual sales. 

Similar to many famous circle logos, the HP emblem is simplistic, but evocative. The circle shape logo is depicted in a bright blue shape, with the company’s acronym placed in the center. 

The lines from the characters “HP”, extend to the end of the circle borders, creating an innovative and contemporary look. 

Find out more about the Hewlett Packard logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

10. Target

It’s difficult to find anyone in the retail world unfamiliar with the Target logo. First established in 1902, Target has evolved to become one of the largest retailers in the US, as well as one of the biggest American-owned private employers. 

The circles in the Target logo were chosen to represent the name of the company. While the number of rings used has evolved over time, the overall design of the red target sign has been consistent with the company’s visual identity with some time. 

The emblem is bright eye-catching, and easy to recognize in any size or location. 

Find out more about the Target logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

11. MasterCard

The world’s second-largest payment processing company, Mastercard is one of the most recognizable brands utilizing circle logos in the world today. In recent years, the company has adopted the common trend of simplification in its logo, eliminating the need for wordmarks and inscriptions. 

The warm and memorable logo features two overlapping circles in red and yellow, creating an orange component in the middle. The colors convey concepts of prosperity, joy, and passion. The simple design of the Mastercard emblem perfectly conveys the brand’s personality and values.

Famous Circle Logos

12. LG

First established in 1947, the LG Corporation was initially established as Lucky Goldstar, before it simplified its name to just “LG”. The company produces everything from electronics to telecommunication products and even chemicals. 

LG’s logo is simple and evocative, featuring a grey inscription on the right side of the badge in uppercase letters, and a red circle on the left. The circle also features a variation of the company’s primary letters “LG” intended to look a little like a human face. 

Famous Circle Logos

13. Vodafone

Famous circle logos are relatively common in the communications industry, as we can see with Vodaphone. The leading British telecommunications brand utilizes a simple wordmark, featuring the name of the company in lowercase letters. 

Next to this inscription, we see a red circle, with a speech quotation mark in the center. 

The circular shape of the logo conveys concepts of unity and connectivity, while the white quotation marks remind us of the company’s commitment to communications. The color choices demonstrate passion, energy, and vitality. 

Famous Circle Logos

14. Bacardi

Leading beverage brand, Bacardi, is one of the biggest family-owned spirits companies in the world. Currently, it sells its products in more than 170 locations worldwide. Though Bacardi has updated its logo a few times over the years, the circle shape has stood the test of time. 

Placed above the name of the company, written in large, golden letters, the matching golden circle symbol makes the brand look authoritative and respectable. The bat mascot in the middle of the logo also conveys the brand’s personality, and its commitment to celebrating the night.

Famous Circle Logos

15. Pinterest

The Pinterest circular emblem is one of the most iconic logos in the social media landscape. This company first launched in 2009, with a focus on providing customers with a way to share visual assets, create mood boards, and experiment with design online.

The emblem of the social media platform features the name of the company on the right-hand side, and a circular red shape on the left. The solid red circle features a stylized “P” in the middle, intended to look a little like a pin, representing the company’s name. 

Famous Circle Logos

16. London Underground

While there are many recognizable symbols throughout the UK landscape, the London Underground’s iconic emblem is certainly one of the most famous logos around. The London underground is an elaborate transit system serving various parts of the UK’s capital city. 

The shape of the logo used by the London Underground is intended to demonstrate unity, showing customers they can use the service to get to any location they choose. The blue banner across the center conveys reliability and trust.

Famous Circle Logos

17. Texaco

The Texaco logo features a number of different elements of shape psychology. This American oil brand, first launched in 1902, not only takes advantage of the power of circles as a main logo feature, but it also utilizes a large white star, to symbolize excellence.

The color scheme of the logo is both eye-catching and engaging. The red shade symbolizes passion and strength, while the white elements showcase purity. The Texaco badge combines determination and confidence, with a friendly aesthetic. 

Find out more about the Texaco logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

18. Ubisoft

One of the most unusual examples of famous circle logos on our list comes from the software company, Ubisoft. The French video game publisher, first launched in 1986, has added some unique elements to its logo, to convey creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

While many of the circular logos featured here use connected, strong circles, Ubisoft allows the lines of its circle to disconnect, to create an interesting, swirling shape. The design makes the company look a little more playful, artistic, and mysterious. 

Find out more about the Ubisoft logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

19. Xbox

The video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft, Xbox, is another example of one of the most iconic companies with circle logos in the world. The organization has almost consistently used circular elements in its logo since launching in 2001.

The circle component in the logo is intended to look like a three-dimensional sphere, symbolizing unity, and connectivity. The round logo is also frequently replicated on Xbox gaming consoles, usually on buttons intended to switch on the machine.

Find out more about the Xbox logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

20. CBS

The circular shape in the CBS logo is one of the most compelling features of the emblem. First launched in 1927, the Columbia Broadcasting System is one of the most popular media companies in the US. 

The iconic design used by the company has also led to it being called the “Eye Network” by some, thanks to the eye image in the circle-shaped logo. 

While the official CBS logo features an acronym inscription, the black circle and eye design has also been used as a standalone icon by the business in the past. The eye is intended to remind us of discovery, and the ability to watch shows on the network channels.

Famous Circle Logos

21. ABC

Another great example of famous circle logos from the broadcasting and media landscape comes from ABC, or the American Broadcasting Company. Since launching in 1943, ABC has gone through a number of changes, eventually becoming one of the biggest media brands in the US. 

The simple geometric shape in the ABC logo demonstrates strength, authority, and excellence. It also provides the perfect background for the ABC acronym, which appears in bold, stylized letters, within the very middle of the circular design. 

Famous Circle Logos

22. Timberland

American retailer of outdoor apparel and footwear, Timberland LLC highlights significant meaning with its iconic logo. The company’s bold wordmark is one of the most eye-catching aspects of the logo design, but the circular element plays a strong role too. 

The drawing of the leafless tree placed within a circle reminds customers of the company’s commitment to the great outdoors, exploration, and adventure. The black and white color palette demonstrates authority and professionalism. 

Famous Circle Logos

23. Garnier

Another truly evocative example on our list of famous circle logos, Garnier is a French producer of cosmetics and skincare products. First founded in 1904, the company has always had a strong focus on the natural world, and the use of organic ingredients. 

The circle in the Garnier logo appears just behind the first letters of the company’s wordmark. It’s depicted in green, and is intended to look like a subsection of a leaf, drawing attention to the company’s commitment to natural products. 

Find out more about the Garnier logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

24. Starbucks

Few circle logos are more recognizable in the modern world than the Starbucks emblem. First founded in 1971, Starbucks has made a number of changes to its brand mark over the years. However, the company has frequently utilized a circle-shaped logo. 

The Starbucks badge features a deep green disc with a white mermaid placed in the center, drawing attention to the origins of the company’s name. The overall image makes Starbucks look welcoming and friendly, while the siren reminds us of the draw of coffee. 

Find out more about the Starbucks logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

24. Norton

Norton, the leading antivirus and antimalware company, was originally founded in 1990, and is distributed by Symantec, now known as Gen Digital. The current version of the logo used by Norton draws from the original Symantec logo design, which featured a checkmark in a yellow circle.

This brightly colored emblem symbolizes trust and prosperity, with the color yellow for the ring surrounding the black checkmark. It’s a bright and eye-catching logo capable of immediately capturing the attention of its audience. 

Famous Circle Logos

25. Pepsi

Like many of the famous circle logos on this list, the Pepsi logo has gone through a number of changes over the years. However, various aspects of the emblem, including the color palette, and the circular shape, have remained relatively consistent. 

The current Pepsi logo, announced in 2023, utilizes a bright color palette of red, white and blue, associated with patriotism, passion, and reliability. The company’s name also appears in the center of the badge, depicted in bold black letters. 

Famous Circle Logos

26. BMW

The simple geometric shape in the BMW logo has been a consistent component of the brand’s identity for a number of years. This memorable car company created its logo to reference excellence, community, and movement. 

The checkered section in the middle of the logo is a reference to the Bavarian flag, and the location where BMW was first founded. 

Following the popular trend of simplification in logo design, BMW has refined its logo over the years, to create a simple, two-dimensional emblem, which instantly conveys authority and strength. 

Find out more about the BMW logo here.

Famous Circle Logos

27. Firefox

One of the most famous web browsers in the world, Mozilla Firefox, or Firefox, is a free, open-source technology solution with a truly iconic logo. Over the years, Firefox has transformed its logo a number of times, utilizing the circle logo shape in many designs. 

Among companies with circle logos today, Firefox has one of the most evocative emblems, featuring bright colors, and the curved shape of a fox mascot. Not only is the overall badge circular, but there’s a bright purple circle in the middle of the emblem too.

Find out more about the Firefox logo here.

Learning from companies with circle logos 

There are countless famous circle logos worth learning from around the world today. The circle is one of the most widely used shapes in logo design, simply because round logos are evocative, instantly recognizable, and emotionally engaging. 

Capable of instantly conveying important messages about a company’s brand identity, circle logos connect with us on a psychological level. Marketing experts and brand builders around the world regularly use circles to convey ideas of unity, trust, and reliability. 

If the logo inspiration above has given you the insight you need to start developing your own circular logo, contact Fabrik Brands today. We’ll show you how you can use the power of logo shapes to connect with your audience, and differentiate your brand. 

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Stephen Peate
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Stephen Peate
Creative director
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