Fortnite logo history and evolution
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Fortnite logo history and evolution

Fortnite Logo

The Fortnite logo is everywhere these days (2021). Driven by the persevering popularity of the game, Fortnite logos appear on everything from clothing and accessories, to notepads, pens, mouse mats and countless other products.

More than just a brand mark, many fans have adopted this logo as a beacon of their commitment to, and love of the game it represents. 

So, how did the Fortnite logo become such an icon for young gamers? 

As of April 2020, there are at least 12.3 million players on Fortnite at any time, and interest in the content keeps growing. While the logo is only one part of what makes the game so compelling, it’s an excellent insight into how people can champion a specific symbol. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the history of Fortnite, the evolution of Fortnite logos, and how the brand image has transformed. 

History of Fortnite: The famous Fortnite logo

Created by Timothy Dean Sweeney (Epic Games), Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. The title popularized the “battle royale” style of gaming. Within the game, players compete with friends and rivals around the world to be the last one standing. 

Fortnite has hundreds of millions of unique players, many of which support the game brand by wearing and using the logo in various parts of their lives. 

The Fortnite logo is simple enough. Through the use of a wordmark, Fortnite has made its image easy to remember, similar to brands like Harley Davidson. Regular advertising and the use of Fortnite logos on official merchandising has quickly transformed the logo into a beacon for fans. 

The original Fortnite logo appeared in 2011, long before the game achieved peak popularity. This wordmark was nothing close to the design most of us know today. 

The font is “built” up from various pieces of corrugated metal and scrap components, similar to the buildings users can make in the game. 

Though highly representative of the game, the original logo didn’t work well on many channels, and failed to capture much positive attention. 

Fortnite Logo

Fortnite logos through the years: What font is the Fortnite logo?

Fortnite’s decision to use a wordmark as a logo means the font choice is among the most important aspect of the design. As mentioned above, the complex letters of the Fortnite logo between 2011 and 2012 didn’t suit an increasingly digital landscape. 

The color scheme was difficult to follow, with various rusted shades, and the letters were extremely elaborate. 

In 2012, Fortnite’s team quickly updated the logo to something slightly less complex. The “DIY” design of the typography was still present, but more subtle. The color choice changed from multiple rusted shades to a simple black and white. The font was also narrower, and taller in design.

Fortnite Logo

In 2014, the Fortnite logo changed again. The wordmark lost its hand-made appearance, opting for blocky capital letters with no unnecessary embellishments. The sans-serif font became much easier to read on any environment. 

In some cases, the logo now includes a background scenery in black, with a white font for the word itself. The scenery depicts some of the environments a player might explore in the game. 

Fortnite Logo

There are also simpler versions of the Fortnite logo available, which remove the background entirely in exchange for white typography with a thick black outline. Fortnite logos can also appear in blue and white, and a minimalist black type on a white background.

Fortnite Logo

Fortnite logo font, color, and other elements

The original Fortnite logo was a complex and overwhelming design. As the game grew increasingly popular, the Epic Games designers decided to simplify and enhance their image. Like many companies over the years, the brand chose to take a subdued, monochrome approach. 

Though Fortnite logos have changed over the years, one design element remains consistent: the focus on the name of the game. The brand has always used capital letters, though in different typography. You can find some Fortnite logo resources here if you want to recreate the design. 

Here are some of the elements to be aware of:

Fortnite logo font

The current font for Fortnite is Burbank Big Condensed Black, originally designed by Tal Leming. This is a diverse sans serif font with around 20 styles to choose from. 

The all-capital design conveys confidence, while the slightly misshapen words highlight a sense of fun and DIY creativity. 

The Fortnite logo shape

Shapes are an important part of logo design. The rectangle is the most prominent shape on Fortnite’s logo. Usually, the banner-style name is emblazoned onto a rectangle shape, demonstrating honesty and dependability. 

In the past, the logo also featured a crescent moon, which symbolizes new days and innovation. However, this design was quickly changed. 

Fortnite logo color

Officially, the colors for Fortnite’s logo are black and white. However, the white font is also sometimes overlaid on top of a bright blue background in certain scenarios. 

In the black and white variations, the font can either be black, or white, and still follow the Fortnite logo guidelines. 

As mentioned above, some versions of the new Fortnite logo also come with the shape of a silhouette hill and various buildings. Many people who experiment with the Fortnite logo today add unique elements to this background image. 

Fortnite Logo

How big is the Fortnite logo today?

Fortnite currently stands as one of the most popular games in the world. The product has transformed the multiplayer and online gaming market for many people. This product is also a massive part of Epic Games (the publisher’s) current success. 

The new Fortnite logo, or the one most people are familiar with today, is instantly recognizable, simple, and effective. Much more appealing than the complex initial logo, Fortnite’s new mark represents the fun and confidence of the game, as well as the brand’s growth. 

Every year, more people continue to discover Fortnite, and its logo, embedding the design into countless products.

It’s even possible to find videos teaching you how to draw the Fortnite logo online, or access apps where you can create your own Fortnite style logo, complete with the fun chunky font, and even the landscape background. 

The Fortnite logo currently seems to add value to everything it touches. Endless companies have taken advantage of the popularity of the game to add logos to their products. Simple items like towels and bedding instantly increase in price when the Fortnite logo is included. 

The Fortnite logo: A gaming icon

Regardless of how you might feel about Fortnite as a popular game, it’s difficult to ignore the impact of the logo on the world today. Wherever you go, you can find this wordmark printed onto all kinds of products and unrelated items. 

The Fortnite ecosystem has become one of the most popular gaming environments in the world, and it’s growing all the time. 

The interesting thing about Fortnite, is many regard it to be more than just a game. The design of the title makes it excellent for improving social skills, relieving stress, and improving problem-solving skills. 

The Fortnite logo plays an important role in the success of the game, and the wider brand. By creating a highly recognizable and desirable logo, the Epic Games team have built a community of dedicated customers, and fans. 

Thanks to Fortnite clothing and other items emerging as a result of the game’s popularity, the Fortnite logo also acts as a form of free advertising. Wherever a fan goes, they can carry products emblazoned with the icon into the eye sights of other potential customers. 

In 2020, Epic Games boasted more than 100 million active users, earning around $680 million from players in game purchases, upgrades, and “loot box” style content. The video game is now available on a host of platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. 

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