The Cloud9 logo evolution, meaning, and history
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The Cloud9 logo evolution, meaning, and history

If you’re a fan of eSports or competitive online gaming, you’re probably familiar with the Cloud9 logo. This simple and eye-catching emblem has become a core symbol of the eSports community over the years, capturing the attention of millions of viewers worldwide.

Today, the Cloud9 company logo is a simple but elegant symbol, combining a wordmark with a unique design, constructed with multiple instances of the number “9” placed in various positions.

However, while many fans appreciate the modern and compelling nature of the logo, only some understand the symbol’s origins or where the business came from.

The Cloud9 logo explains how simple, creative imagery can elevate a company in virtually any industry. Today, we will share everything you need to know about the Cloud9 brand, its origins, and its famous logo.

What is Cloud9? The Cloud9 brand

For those outside the eSports industry, the name “Cloud9” might not ring many bells. This company still belongs to a relatively niche sector of the “sports” landscape, focusing on competitive online gaming.

Cloud9 Esports, sometimes called “C9,” is a professional American eSports company from Santa Monica, California.

Initially, the organization was founded as a professional team for the game “League of Legends” by partners Paullie Etienne and Jack Etienne in 2013. Eventually, the group was incorporated into the “Cloud9 Esports” business in 2016.

Though the company had relatively humble beginnings, it has achieved significant success like many eSports groups. As of the middle of 2022, Cloud9 had already earned $78 million in equity from venture capital funding partners.

It was also ranked the world’s fifth most valuable eSports organization in 2022.

Cloud9 has held divisions in a variety of eSports environments throughout its existence. In 2018, the group won three championships in Rocket League, Overwatch, and the ELEAGUE Major for Boston.

The company also operates two franchised teams connected to League of Legends and Overwatch. Cloud9 even has a range of non-franchised teams throughout other popular gaming spaces, such as Halo, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Apex: Legenda, and World of Warcraft.

Where did the Cloud9 name come from?

The Cloud9 logo is based on the company’s name, which has a powerful impact on the organization’s brand identity. The phrase “on cloud 9” is something many of us are familiar with. Typically, this statement refers to being extremely happy or satisfied. 

No one really knows the origins of this phrase. Still, some experts theorize it may have something to do with the cumulonimbus cloud, which was identified as number nine on the “International Cloud Atlas.” This cloud apparently rises higher than all other forms of clouds. 

Notably, Cloud9 didn’t always have its iconic name. For a while, the team responsible for the Cloud9 eSports company was better known as “Team NomNom.” The group renamed itself on January 8th, 2013. 

Interestingly, Cloud9 is sometimes called “C9” for short. While this moniker might not have any significant meaning on the surface, it does have a strong connection to the gaming industry. In the gaming landscape, a C9 refers to when a team fails to reach an objective point, which results in losing a round or match. 

The term “C9” in gaming was taken from Cloud9, as the team frequently made similar mistakes in competitions.

Cloud9 logo evolution: Exploring Cloud9 history

As a relatively new company, it’s probably no surprise the Cloud9 company hasn’t made any significant changes to its logo over the years. When the organization chose its new moniker, one of the founders, Jack Etienne, began working on creating a new logo.

He hired a professional designer to develop something for him and his team to place on their website and shirts.

However, another person came along simultaneously and introduced their version of a different logo, promising Jack he would “love” the results. The name of the individual who introduced the official Cloud9 logo we know today is unknown.

However, the company did decide to choose this “fan-drawn” solution over the design created by a professional artist.

The official Cloud9 logo is a combination mark featuring a unique graphic and a wordmark. The wordmark is a simple sans-serif option, where the word “cloud” is conveyed in all capital letters. There’s also a slight alteration to the “U” in the name to make it appear blockier and more angular.

The number “9” appears in a gradient blue color and extends far below the rest of the word in the logo, helping it to grab additional attention. The “9” also matches the design of the three “9” symbols connected to form the cloud shape above the wordmark.

The overall image is usually portrayed on a white background, combining black font and blue components. However, there are also versions of the Cloud9 logo which depict the symbol by itself, either in blue on a white background, or white on a blue background.

Cloud9 symbol meaning, fonts, and colors

The Cloud9 symbol, created by a fan of the company, is an excellent insight into how amazing logos can sometimes stem from the most unpredictable places. The design, whether presented as a combination mark or a graphic on its own, immediately impacts its intended audience.

The combined “9’s” are aligned to shape a cloud, which draws attention to the company’s name while highlighting its focus on innovation and creativity. The color schemes of black, white, and blue are also excellent for showcasing the brand’s fresh approach.

Today, the Cloud9 symbol exemplifies inspiration, achievement, and ambition. It’s both modern and playful at the same time, with a sophisticated edge, perfect for a progressive and professional group.

If you want to see the Cloud9 company logo in closer detail, you can find some helpful resources here:

What is the Cloud9 logo font?

The Cloud9 font comes from the Devil Breeze Bold typography. This is a popular geometric sans serif typeface with a strong resemblance to the well-known Avant Garde font. The Sans-serif design is both easily legible for any sized screen and modern.

If you look closely at the Cloud9 logo, you can see another deliberate design decision. If you remove the spacing between the “U “and the “D” in “Cloud” and push them together, you get yet another version of the number “9”.

This could be why the company chose to make the “U” in their typeface unique.

What is the Cloud9 logo color?

The Cloud9 logo colors combine black, blue, and white. Apart from a white background in most instances, the Cloud9 logo typically features a simple black wordmark, with a gradient blue for both the primary “9” and the cloud shape.

The Cloud9 blue is actually made up of several different shades of blue, including:

Hex: #107DAB
RGB: (16,125,171)

Hex: #128EC3
RGB: (18,142,195)

Hex: #149FDA
RGB: (20,159,218)

Hex: #1DADEA
RGB: (29,173,234)

Hex: #35B6EC
RGB: (53,182,236)

Blue connects the company to the sky and the concepts of trust and reliability, while black and white help the brand appear sophisticated and professional.

The Cloud9 logo is a fantastic example of how a little creativity can transform an entire brand identity. Although the official logo came from unexpected origins, it has worked wonders for the company’s image. Today, the symbol embodies creativity, ambition, and excellence.

This powerful but minimalistic logo separates Cloud9 from other eSports competitors and helps showcase its unique personality and values.

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