Famous craft beer logos: The ultimate list of craft beer brands
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Famous craft beer logos: The ultimate list of craft beer brands

Craft Beer Brands

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a connoisseur of craft beer brands, you’re probably familiar with a handful of the most popular craft beer logos and names from throughout the industry.

In recent years, the demand for craft beer has skyrocketed, as consumers search for unique drinking experiences. In fact, by 2028, experts say the value of the craft beer market will accelerate to around $210.78 billion, driven by a rapid evolution in customer preferences.

Craft beer brands deliver a unique alternative to the mass-produced beverages most of us are familiar with around the world.

Building their identities around unique brewing processes, sustainability, and other key values, craft companies know what it means to differentiate themselves in a cluttered market. Perhaps one of the most compelling elements of any craft beer business, is its logo.

Craft beer logos are often creative, playful, and unique, ideal for grabbing the attention of customers on supermarket shelves. Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the amazing images organizations have used to capture the attention of their fans in recent years.

The best craft beer logos in the world today

Craft beer brands connect with their target audience on a deeper level than most conventional brewing companies. Over the years, they’ve learned newer and younger audiences are searching for an emotional connection with the businesses they support.

As such, craft leaders invest heavily into their branding, building powerful identities to inspire advocacy and affinity.

There are plenty of great examples of craft leaders out there, from the punks at Brewdog, to the quirky creators at Beavertown.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top vendors in the market…

Craft Beer Brands

1. Brewdog

Brewdog has emerged as perhaps the best-known craft beer company in the world in recent years. Launched in 2007, the company was designed with a focus on changing the way we think about beer and corporations in general.

Brewdog is best-known for its devil may care and somewhat anarchist attitude. The company isn’t afraid to take risks with its branding.

Brewdog connects with its audience through its unique messaging and playful nature. However, the organization also has a strong focus on sustainability, which has helped it to collect a dedicated following among eco-conscious consumers.

The Brewdog logo is simple but compelling, featuring an image of a dog shaped to look almost like a crescent moon.

Craft Beer Brands

2. Beavertown

A British brewery with a huge personality, Beavertown was launched in 2011 by the son of Robert Plant (Logan Plant), the singer for Led Zepplin. The company is best-known for IPA production, but it also delivers a host of specialty beers for specific events.

Beavertown’s logo is quirky and fun, just like the company itself. Featuring playful typography, plenty of color, and an interesting skull emblem, the image is easy to recognize on any supermarket shelf.

The company has quickly become a staple of the craft beer revolution for many consumers.

Craft Beer Brands

3. Coney Island

Founded in 2007, Coney Island Brewing Company started life as the world’s smallest brewery. It actually operated out of the Coney Island “Freakatorium” for a while, producing around a gallon of beer per batch.

Today, the organization is owned by the Boston Beer Company.

The Coney Island Brewing Company maintains a strong focus on its heritage with its logo. The image features an image of Coney Island, as well as various retro-style colors and plenty of geometric components.

The logo is excellent for appealing to the nostalgic side of the company’s customers.

Craft Beer Brands

4. CANarchy

CANarchy was first launched in 2015 and is currently owned by the Monster Beverage Company. The business was created by a collection of like-minded brewers, committed to bringing a new style of beer to the United States.

Today, it’s the 6th largest craft brewery in the US.

CANarchy’s craft beer logo is a clear reference to the company’s innovative approach to brewing. The image features a bold wordmark, alongside a diamond shaped emblem with an “A” in the middle.

The center of the “A” also features the top of an open can of beer, highlighting the focus of the business.

Craft beer brands

5. Daredevil Brewing

Identifying itself as an “aggressively fun” craft beer company, Daredevil Brewing distributes IPAs and other beverages throughout Indiana. Though relatively small compared to some of the other craft beer brands on this list, the company has gained quite a cult following in recent years.

One of the top craft beer businesses in the US today, Daredevil brewing takes a playful approach to its branding, with brightly-colored cans and unique, artistic packaging. The logo for the business features the helmet for a motorbike, drawing attention to the “daredevil” identity.

The visor on the front of the helmet is shaped to look like a “D”.

Craft Beer Brands

6. Yuengling & Son

Yuengling & Son is an interesting example of a craft beer brand. The company launched in 1829, making it one of the oldest entities on our list. However, it’s also the largest craft beer brewery in the United States today, by volume of sales.

The company’s logo is extremely traditional, with a number of unique features to help differentiate the organization. The image not only features a script-style wordmark, but a complex image of an eagle standing atop of a beer barrel.

Craft Beer Brands

7. Sierra Nevada Brewing

Although Sierra Nevada produces a lot more than just craft beers, it also stands as one of the top-selling craft beer brands in the United States. The organization was also named the Green Business of the Year in 2010 for its commitment to sustainability.

Launched in 1980, Sierra Nevada has an interesting and somewhat traditional brand image. The logo features the name of the company in a yellow and golden banner. Underneath the wordmark, we see an image of a beautiful landscape, surrounded by hops and barley.

Craft Beer Brands

8. Brooklyn Brewery

According to the experts behind the Brooklyn Brewery, the company was founded with a goal of bringing brewing back to Brooklyn – a location previously well-known for its beer production.

The organization today sells a wide range of different beverages to suit various tastes and distributes its beer to locations around the world.

The Brooklyn Brewery craft beer logo is a reference to the organization’s history and heritage. The shape of the “B” was apparently inspired by the swirling foam on the top of a glass of beer.

It’s a simple but eye-catching image, excellent for connecting with a broad audience.

Craft Beer Brands

9. Boomtown Brewery

Another example of a somewhat smaller craft beer company with excellent appeal among its target audience is Boomtown Brewery. The company promises a combination of rustic and “traditional” style beers with a unique modern twist.

We can see the merger of old and new styles in the Boomtown Brewery logo. The word “Boomtown” is modern and confident, with bold, 3D-style font. However, the “Brewery” section underneath looks a lot more rustic and old-fashioned, with a slight Western style.

Craft Beer Brands

10. Stone Brewing

First launched in 1996, Stone Brewing is now the largest brewery in California, and one of the top 10 largest craft companies in the United States. The company started small, with a simple “pale ale” product which quickly became the flagship for the organization.

Today, Stone Brewing is recognized as a world-class brewery, with a range of drink options to choose from. The organization’s logo is fun and eye-catching, combining a bold wordmark with a unique emblem.

The emblem features the image of a smiling demon drinking a pint of beer.

Craft Beer Brands

11. Odell Brewing

The Odell Brewing Company logo is something you’re likely to recognize quickly in any liquor store. The organization is best-known for creating a range of draft-based microbrews, as well as unique flavorsome beverages for different kinds of consumers.

Odell Brewing sets itself apart with its artistic can designs, which often feature a range of colors and lots of in-depth imagery.

The Odell Brewing Company logo is designed to look like the shape of a beer bottle top. The leafy component in the middle of the emblem is a reference to the hops used to create the company’s signature beers.

Craft Beer Brands

12. Harpoon Brewing

First launched in 1986, Harpoon Brewery was one of the first organizations to obtain a permit to sell alcohol in Massachusetts. The company is best-known for its India Pale Ale, and it has won numerous awards for its craft beer creations over the years.

Harpoon has developed a strong brand, through the development of seasonal drinks and craft beer celebrations.

The venture also has a distinctive craft beer logo. The image features the name of the company, as well as an old-fashioned image of a harpoon.

Craft Beer Brands

13. Rogue Ales

Rogue Ales was founded by a number of Nike executives in 1988, making it an interesting entry to the world of craft beer production. The company is well-known for distilling its own spirits, farming its own ingredients, and coopering its own barrels.

The Rogue Brewing logo is an excellent reference to the personality of the company, which aims to step outside of the status quo. The choice of typography reminds us of Western-style movies, particularly when combined with the bright red star in the middle of the “O”.

Craft Beer Brands

14. Flying Dog Brewery

Another highly distinctive example of a craft brewing brand, Flying Dog Brewery was first launched in 1990. The company achieved massive success within a couple of years, as one of the first brewing companies selling craft beers through brewpubs in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The logo of the Flying Dog Brewery Company is very distinctive. It’s difficult to determine what the image actually is at first glance, due to its abstract and artistic nature.

The wordmark, written in a haphazard hand-written font, curves with the shape of the image above to give a sense of motion.

Craft Beer Brands

15. Sweetwater Brewing

Sweetwater Brewing Company is a craft brewery first launched in 1997. The company distinguishes itself from other craft businesses with unpasteurized formulas. The organization was named after the Sweetwater Creek, where one of the founders of the group spent a lot of time kayaking.

The name was also originally accompanied by the tagline “Don’t float the mainstream” for some time. The logo for this organization is a reference to its inspirational origins, with a fish placed behind a traditional-style wordmark banner.

Though the design might seem quite old fashioned, it has helped the company become one of the biggest craft beer distributors in America.

Craft Beer Brands

16. Five Points

The Five Points Brewing Company has emerged as one of the best-selling craft beer brands in the United Kingdom. Based in East London, the organization sets itself apart from the crowd with minimalistic packaging, and a range of compelling drink options.

The Five Points Brewing

company uses a different version of its logo on each of its drinks, each featuring the “five point” pentagram shape in the middle, and a circular emblem.

The design is simple but eye-catching, helping the organization to stand out from other similar groups in the United Kingdom beer market.

Craft Beer Brands

17. Four Pure

The Four Pure Brewing Company is another easily recognizable craft beer organization in the United Kingdom. The company is well-known for its creative range of drink options, as well as its unique approach to colorful packaging.

Four Pure is committed to keeping things simple with its brewing strategy, which is why it only uses four ingredients in its drinks.

The Four Pure logo is a reference to this process, highlighting both the name of the brand, and the four ingredients via the four droplets in the middle of the image.

Craft Beer Brands

18. Bell’s Brewery

An American craft brewing company launched in 1985, Bell’s Brewery is the oldest craft beer organization in Michigan, and the oldest in the east of Colorado. As of 2021, the business became the sixth largest craft beer brewery in the United States.

The logo for Bell’s Brewery is simple but effective, featuring 3 simplistic bells on a golden background, with the name of the organization written above. The image is a little old-fashioned, which helps it to contrast with the modern packaging produced by the business.

Craft Beer Brands

19. Deschutes Brewery

Launched in Bend, Oregon during 1988, Deschutes Brewery started life as a “brew pub”, known for products like the Mirror Pond Pale Ale. The vendor quickly evolved to become one of the most popular craft beer brands in the United States, shipping products to 28 states.

The Deschutes craft beer logo is a simple and easily-recognizable badge for the organization’s beer products. The image features a geographical image to reference the origins of the business.

The bold, serif-style letters in the wording within the badge are excellent for showcasing the prestige of the brand.

Craft Beer Brands

20. Minhas Craft Brewery

One of the older craft beer brands on our list, the Minhas Craft Brewery was first introduced in 1845. Standing as the Midwest’s oldest brewery, and the second oldest beer producer in the United States, Minhas has survived various major historical events, including the Great Depression.

The Minhas Craft Brewery’s logo is an homage to the heritage of the company. The image is a reference to Monroe, Wisconsin, where the business was first founded.

The badge also displays the original date when the company was created, with the tagline “Brewing Excellence Since 1845”.

Craft Beer Brands

21. Tröegs

Both a craft brewery and microbrewery, Tröegs was established in Pennsylvania in 1996. The company has since become one of the best-selling craft beer brands in the United States, and has a huge range of committed customers across the globe.

The Tröegs logo is a simple but compelling choice for a modern-day brewery. The image simply displays a sans-serif wordmark on a black, triangular background.

The playful nature of the font helps to highlight the quirky and independent personality of the business.

Craft Beer Brands

22. Athletic Brewing Company

The Athletic Brewing Company is one of the top manufacturers of non-alcoholic craft beers in the United States. Founded in 2018, the company achieved phenomenal success in recent years, with sales growing by around 500% during 2020.

The Athletic Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beers have won a number of awards over the years.

Simple and modern, the craft beer logo of the Athletic Brewing Company appeals to a younger audience of non-alcoholic beverage drinkers.

The sunburst design behind the “A” reminds us of fresh new days and the natural world. While the barley leaf over the top of the “A” also draws attention to the organic ingredients in the beer.

Craft Beer Brands

23. Tiny Rebel

One of the better-known craft beer brands from the United Kingdom, Tiny Rebel was first introduced in 2012, in Newport, Wales. The company is best-known for its flagship drinks like “Cwtch”, which means “Cuddle” in Welsh.

This organization produces a range of beer flavors, as well as seasonal products available throughout the year.

The Tiny Rebel logo is a unique insight into the personality of some of the most popular craft beer brands in the market today.

The image features a mascot-style teddy bear, in a hooded jacket, with a wordmark in graffiti-style writing. The design is intended to appeal to a young audience of new beer lovers.

Craft Beer Brands

24. Revolution Brewing

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2010, Revolution Brewing started life as a brew pub, before gradually opening a separate production brewery. The organization now sells a wide range of different beer drinks, including its famous “Anti-Hero IPA”.

The Revolution Brewing logo shares some of the anarchist imagery common with rebellious and modern new craft beer brands.

The design of the logo features bold, weathered font, alongside the image of a hand holding a plant in front of a six-point star.

Fists and stars are often considered to be common anarchist symbols.

Craft Beer Brands

25. Surly Brewing

Focused heavily on canned, rather than bottled beers, the Surly Brewing Company has made quite a name for itself among American beer fans. The organization was first launched in 2005, although the founder had a history of brewing his own beers at home before he launched his business.

Today, the “Surly” brand is popular throughout America.

The Surly Brewing logo is an interesting image for a craft beer company. Split into two segments by a wordmark banner, the top of the image features an unhappy man with an empty glass. On the bottom half, we see a happier man with a full glass of beer.

Celebrating the top craft brewery logos

Craft beer brands have evolved drastically in recent years, as demand for unique microbrews and craft ales has continued to grow. The craft beer logos created by these organizations come in a range of different styles, designed to highlight the personality or history of the company.

Some of the top craft beer brands use logos referencing their background, or the location where the beer was first created. Others aim to capture the hearts and minds of their audience with emotional, or even anarchist imagery.

One thing is for certain among all of these unforgettable logos and brand images, however – craft beer companies certainly know how to connect with their target market.

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