The largest engineering companies in the world (and their logos)
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The largest engineering companies in the world (and their logos)

Largest Engineering Companies

The largest engineering companies in the world are masters of design, creativity, and innovation. This shines through not just in the incredible impact they have on the environment around us, but in the way they develop their visual brands.

Engineering company logos inspire customers, demonstrating expertise, authority, and reliability with colors, shapes, and fonts.

Similar to companies in any industry, the top engineering firms worldwide rely heavily on branding strategies to connect with customers and cultivate presence.

Through a compelling logo, an engineering brand can highlight its niche, differentiate itself from its competitors, and pave the way for rapid growth.

Whether you’re starting an engineering business of your own, and need inspiration to create your own iconic logo, or you’re simply interested in the branding strategies of famous engineering companies, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the brand strategies and logos of engineering companies that have made a lasting mark on the modern world.

The branding strategies of top engineering companies

Engineering is a broad and diverse landscape, packed with a host of different kinds of organizations, all dedicated to transforming the world we live in.

In the US alone, engineering services contribute around $600 billion in revenue to the economy, with different organizations focusing on a diverse range of sectors. The branding strategies of engineering companies tend to focus on highlighting the core mission or vision of the brand.

Shapes, symbols, and even colors can highlight the values of an electrical engineering company, renewable energy brand, or structural engineering venture. The diversity in the engineering landscape often means there’s a lot of variety in the logo design strategies teams use.

However, as you’ll see from the engineering company logos listed below, there are a handful of components that tend to play a crucial role in conveying brand identity:


Color psychology is essential to having a positive impact on any audience. Colors like blue and green convey ideas of reliability and growth, while shades such as red and orange highlight confidence and creativity.

The use of certain colors in the logos of engineering companies can help each brand connect with the right people.


Many of the top companies in the engineering landscape use wordmarks or acronyms in their logos. The right typography makes a huge difference to how people perceive a brand.

Sans-serif fonts show friendliness and modernity, while serif typefaces are more commonly associated with heritage and professionalism.

Shapes and icons

Imagery, whether in the form of simple geometric shapes, or complex designs, can also provide context into an engineering company’s services or niche.

Most organizations use globally recognizable shapes and components, to add depth to their logos, and capture the attention of customers.

In all cases, the best companies in the engineering space know how to utilize designs to showcase their skills, goals, and values in this broad landscape.

What are the biggest engineering companies in the US?

The largest engineering companies in the world today are spread across a massive landscape. Many of the major countries worldwide have their own list of high-performing engineering brands.

However, the United States is one of the best places to start searching for enduring engineering company logos.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the biggest engineering companies in the US, and their emblems.

Largest Engineering Companies

1. WSP

WSP Global, previously known as Parsons Brinckerhoff, is one of the largest engineering companies both in the US, and worldwide. First launched in 1885, this organization operates in the worlds of strategic consulting, planning, construction management, engineering, and energy.

The brand is responsible for working on a host of infrastructure projects, such as the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, and the Garden State Parkway.

The WSP logo is simple but incredibly modern. Each letter in the brand’s name includes a missing element, perhaps to highlight the company’s commitment to constant growth and development. The bright red color palette is also instantly engaging, creating a confident aesthetic.

Largest Engineering Companies

2. Tetra Tech

Another of the most famous engineering companies to come from the United States, Tetra Tech was initially founded in 1966, and operates from Pasadena, California.

The organization provides consulting, engineering, construction management, and program management services in a range of areas, including water, energy, and infrastructure.

Tetra Tech’s logo is modern and sophisticated. The simple monogram on the left-hand side is surrounded by a smooth blue square, with rounded edges, symbolizing strength, and stability.

On the right-hand side, we see the name of the company, depicted in uppercase, sans-serif letters, giving the design a contemporary edge.

Largest Engineering Companies

3. Jensen Hughes

First launched in 1980, Jensen Hughes is a professional consulting services and engineering company headquartered in Baltimore. It provides software, services, and consulting in the areas of forensic engineering, fire protection and security.

The company has been responsible for securing many of the major buildings in the US, including the Library of Congress.

The Jensen Hughes logo is an interesting combination mark, featuring a swirling symbol in orange and red on the top, to demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Underneath this icon, the name of the company is depicted in block, capital letters with thin lines, demonstrating both sophistication and authority.

The unique color palette and design showcases the company’s commitment to safety and innovation in the engineering space.

Largest Engineering Companies

4. Bechtel Corporation

Founded in 1898, the Bechtel Corporation is one of the largest engineering companies in the world, straddling the two connected landscapes of engineering and construction.

In 2022, it was ranked as the second largest construction brand in the United States, and it has also been responsible for a number of major projects, such as the construction of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics space.

Though a little outdated compared to some of the engineering company logos on this list, the Bechtel emblem is still compelling. It features a red and silver image of a globe in the background, with a banner inscribed with the company’s name over the top.

The design conveys the incredible reach of the brand, and its focus on international service.

Largest Engineering Companies

5. Syska Hennessy

One of the largest engineering companies in America, Syska Hennessey was launched in 1927, and focuses on global consulting, commissioning, and engineering.

The company has more than 500 employees and 20 offices worldwide, and more than 90% of its revenue comes from its mechanical engineering, electrical, and plumbing services.

Leveraging the power of geometric logo design, Syska Hennessey utilizes a combination of square shapes in its icon, made angled in a range of formats. Underneath the company’s icon, we see the name of the brand in a serif-style font to demonstrate heritage and professionalism.

Largest Engineering Companies

6. Henderson Engineers

Known for its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, Henderson Engineers is one of the more modern companies on this list, first emerging in the marketplace during 1970.

Since then, the organization has completed more than 80,000 projects, including the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium, the Nike factory, and a range of Walmart stores.

The Henderson Engineers logo is professional and sophisticated. On the left we see a green square, with a bold “H” in the center, angled to show innovation and growth. On the right, the Henderson Engineers wordmark appears in heavy, sans-serif letters, all depicted in uppercase.

Largest Engineering Companies

7. IMEG Corp

Based in Illinois, the IMEG Corporation provides engineering and design consulting for facility and infrastructure requirements. Some of the core focus areas of the brand are sustainability and efficiency, and its reputation for creating some of the greenest projects in the world.

Like many of the engineering company logos mentioned on this list, IMEG combines an impressive wordmark with a geometric icon, intended to show its commitment to building a new world.

The design on the left-hand side combines the color green for sustainability, with red for passion, and blue for reliability, trust, and credibility.

Largest Engineering Companies

8. Walter P Moore

Named after its founder, Walter P Moore and Associates is an international engineering company, providing diagnostics, civil engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering services.

The firm employs more than 600 people across 20 US and 5 international offices. The firm’s earliest projects included designing the first domed stadium, the Astrodome.

The Walter P Moore logo is wonderfully eye-catching, thanks in large part to the creative icon on the left-hand side. The design is made up of a number of triangular shapes, and white space used to convey the image of a globe.

The interesting geometric elements of the design showcase the creative and innovative nature of the brand.

Largest Engineering Companies

9. Simpson Gumpertz Heger

Otherwise known as “SGH”, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger was first launched in 1956, and focuses on the worlds of commercial, institutional, and residential engineering.

The company has helped to produce transportation, water, nuclear, science, and defense structures throughout the United States, as well as in 20 countries worldwide.

SGH’s logo is one of the most unique on this list of the largest engineering companies in the US. The acronym mark uses white space to connect each character in the logo with elegant curves and lines.

There’s also an interesting angled yellow square on the “H” character, intended to symbolize joy and prosperity.

Largest Engineering Companies

10. Olsson

A nationally recognized engineering firm in the United States, Olsson was founded in 1956, and is an employee-owned company, committed to making communities more sustainable and efficient.

The company takes an eco-friendly approach to engineering, and utilizes innovative technologies to transform the way people live and work.

The Olsson brand logo demonstrates the core values of the company: sustainability and growth. The simple wordmark features gradients of green and almost yellow shades in each letter, commonly connected with ideas like vitality and health.

What are the biggest engineering companies in the world?

While many of the largest engineering companies in the world did start in the United States, there are still plenty of fantastic examples of leading engineering brands from other parts of the globe. Notably, many of the engineering companies mentioned below have business interests in a variety of areas.

A large number of the top engineering brands are also global leaders in the construction industry, power generation space, and technology sector.

Here are some of the top engineering brands that have established a large presence in the world today, with their innovative projects and branding:

Largest Engineering Companies

1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Widely regarded as one of the largest engineering firms worldwide, Mitsubishi Heavy industries is a Japanese company, operating under the larger Mitsubishi corporation.

The organization covers everything from multinational engineering to electrical equipment development from Tokyo. What’s more, it’s the world’s 23rd largest defense contractor.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the logo of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group is based on the emblem used by the larger Mitsubishi brand.

This international company utilizes an icon consisting of three red diamonds to highlight passion and excellence, alongside a bold wordmark, written in large, uppercase letters, with a sans-serif font.

Largest Engineering Companies

2. Bouygues

Another highly renowned market leader in the engineering industry, Bouygues construction is a French industrial group. The company specializes in telecommunications, real estate development, and construction, with various segmented teams focusing on each area.

With annual revenues in the billions, Bouygues has become not just one of the largest engineering companies, but one of the most profitable brands in its sector too.

Compared to the other engineering company logos on this list, the Bouygues emblem is quite unique. It features a large oval in orange, the color of creativity, with a white banner in the middle.

In the very center of the design, we see the Bouygues wordmark, depicted in bold uppercase letters.

Largest Engineering Companies

3. ACS

Otherwise known as Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, ACS is a Spanish civil engineering and construction company. It’s one of the most popular and biggest engineering firms in the world today, with various industrial projects in its history.

The company was founded originally in 1997, making it a relatively young brand on this list, but it has achieved exceptional growth in recent years.

ACS uses a rather simple and traditional logo, featuring a blue banner, with the letters “ACS” in yellow making up most of the image. The full name of the company is printed below in white, and paired with a geometric symbol, created to demonstrate innovation and unity.

The brightly colored logo demonstrates joy, prosperity, and reliability.

Largest Engineering Companies

4. Balfour Beatty

International infrastructure group, Balfour Beatty, is based in the United Kingdom, offering services related to infrastructure engineering, support, and construction.

It was ranked as the biggest construction contractor in the United Kingdom in 2021, with annual revenues of around $8,931 million in 2022.

Though simplistic, the Balfour Beatty logo is authoritative and powerful. This simple wordmark features none of the decorative elements we’ve seen on other engineering company logos so far.

Instead, it relies only on thick sans-serif letters, and a dark blue color palette to demonstrate credibility and reliability.

Largest Engineering Companies

5. Arup

The Arup Group is a British multinational firm, specializing in engineering, planning, architecture, design, and advisory services. Created in 1946, the company has been involved in a variety of high-profile projects, and is known mostly for its ability to work on complex designs.

One of the most notable projects managed by the team involved building the Sydney Opera House.

ARUP uses a straightforward wordmark as its core logo, featuring sophisticated serif letters, with sharp edges and elegant lines. The color red used in the design highlights the company’s passion in the engineering sector, as well as its confidence and strength.

Largest Engineering Companies

6. PowerChina

Otherwise known as the Power Construction Corporation of China, PowerChina is one of the largest civil engineering and heavy engineering companies in the Chinese market. The corporation is responsible for a total of 779 companies overall, each with their own unique focus area.

The brand has worked on leading projects such as the Zouxian Power Station and Three Gorges Project.

One of the more complex engineering company logos on this list, the PowerChina emblem is a combination mark, made up of three levels.

On the bottom two levels, we see the name of the company both in English and Chines. Above this, a geometric design symbolizes connectivity, with two unique shapes merging together.

7. Hitatchi

Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, Hitachi, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and acts as the parent company of the Hitachi group. Hitachi operates in a variety of different areas, from electronics to engineering, as well as defense technology.

The brand was initially founded in 1910 by an electrical engineer named Namihei Odaira.

The Hitachi Group has perhaps the simplest logo on this list, featuring no complex color palettes or intricate designs. The wordmark, featuring bold, black letters in a sans-serif font, uses careful balance and positioning to showcase authority.

The simplicity of the design also helps to ensure Hitachi’s logo can work across a variety of industries.

Largest Engineering Companies

8. Bosch

Most people think of Bosch as a company responsible for creating appliances and power tools, but it’s also one of the largest engineering companies in the world.

This German multinational company was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886, and is now primarily owned by the charitable group, Robert Bosch Stiftung.

The versatile brand is now known all over the world.

One of the most instantly recognizable logos on this list, the Bosch emblem features a bright red wordmark on the right-hand side, symbolizing passion, and power. The organization also utilizes a unique geometric design, with a circular border on the left of the emblem.

Largest Engineering Companies

9. Siemens

While Siemens is commonly associated with the consumer electronics and telecommunications industries, it also has a strong presence in the engineering landscape.

As one of the biggest engineering firms in the world, the German multinational corporation has been involved with a variety of industrial manufacturing projects across Europe.

Like many major players in our list of the top engineering companies, Siemens uses a relatively simple design for its logo. The wordmark, depicted in green, the color of growth and innovation, demonstrates the values of the brand, and its commitment to creating sustainable products.

Largest Engineering Companies

10. Larsen & Toubro

Among the most famous engineering companies in India, Larsen & Toubro, or “L&T” is a multinational conglomerate, with business interests in construction, manufacturing, engineering, technology, and financial services.

It’s also one of the top five construction companies in the world. The brand was founded by two Danish engineers, seeking refuge in India.

Unlike other engineering logos on this list, the Larsen & Toubro emblem features no wordmark, only a simple monogram angled to showcase forward movement and progression. The letters “L” and “T” are contained within a thin blue circle, showing unity and inclusion.

Learning from engineering company logos

As you can see from this list of the largest engineering companies in the world, there are countless ways companies in the engineering landscape can connect with their target audience and differentiate themselves from competitors in their field with the right logo design.

The engineering company logos outlined above all have their own unique elements, intended to showcase the positioning of the brand, its mission, and values in the engineering space.

Through a careful combination of colors, shapes, and icons, each engineering company has cemented its place in an ever-evolving global market.

If you’ve been inspired by the logos of the largest engineering companies in the world, reach out to Fabrik brands today to learn how we can help consultancy firms, environmental engineering brands, and virtually any other business create the best logo for their organization.

Fabrik: A branding agency for our times.

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