The Wonder Woman logo: History, meaning and evolution
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The Wonder Woman logo: History, meaning and evolution

Wonder Woman Logo

The Wonder Woman logo is an iconic and unforgettable symbol for any comic book fan. While the design for Wonder Woman has changed significantly since the original Wonder Woman logo, the essence of the image has remained consistent, depicting justice and freedom.

The first Wonder Woman symbol was first introduced in October 1941, when the character emerged in All Star Comics #8. Today, Princess Diana of Themyscira is one of the most recognizable people in the DC Comics landscape. She’s also a founding member of the Justice League.

As a powerful figure for women worldwide, Wonder Woman has been adapted for various media. We even have our “Wonder Woman day” on the 21st of October, commemorating the character’s first appearance.

Wonder Woman has now appeared in various media, from television and film to merchandise sold across the globe.

The original Wonder Woman symbol: History of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a memorable character in the DC Universe and one of the most popular female characters in the superhero space. American psychologist and author William Moulton Marston created the character’s origin story. 

According to the story, Wonder Woman was sculpted from clay and given life as an Amazon, alongside various superhero powers granted by the Greek Gods. This background story was changed in 2011 when it was decided Wonder Woman was the biological daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. 

The image created by Wonder Woman was intended to highlight the strength and power of a new kind of woman in a time of significant oppression. 

The original Wonder Woman symbol was a golden eagle to symbolize the freedom and justice embodied by the character. This image appeared emblazoned on the character’s outfit, similar to many classic superheroes.

Wonder Woman Logo

Wonder Woman logo history

Like many superhero emblems, the Wonder Woman logos have seen several changes over the years, usually depicted through various comic books and media outlets.

Though these changes to the Wonder Woman emblem weren’t well documented, we can see slight alterations from publications in the last few decades.

As mentioned above, the Original Wonder Woman logo depicted a golden eagle on the character’s chest. This design was based on the already patriotic image of Wonder Woman, who wore a suit in the colors of the American flag.

Wonder Woman Logo

Diana’s entire image changed a few times over the years. In the 50s, we saw the arrival of a more “Art Deco” style of logo. In recent years, a modern adaptation of the iconic “W” image has appeared, celebrating the character’s movement into the new age of cinema.

While various aspects of the Wonder Woman symbol have evolved, many components remain the same. For example, gold and red have always been consistent parts of the character’s color scheme.

Additionally, it’s common to see the depiction of wings in the Wonder Woman logo, even if they’re placed on either side of the letter “W.”

The new Wonder Woman Logo and the iconic “W”

The most significant change we’ve seen to the Wonder Woman logo is the decision to switch the image of an Eagle to a double “W” with wings on either side. Legendary designer Milton Glazer had a significant role in creating this image.

When working on a redesigned Superman logo, he also felt it was time to update the image for Wonder Woman and was brought in by DC to help create a new image.

Glazer decided to combine the two “W’s” in the character’s name with a compelling wing motif, highlighting the heroine’s flight ability and the previous eagle design.

Wonder Woman Logo

As part of her 40th birthday, Wonder Woman embraced the new “W” logo created by Milton Glaser. Since then, various depictions of the image have been introduced. However, the primary design remains mostly consistent.


Wonder Woman Logo

In 2006, we saw the introduction of the yellow and red color palette to the Wonder Woman visual identity. The style of the double “W” symbol also changed slightly, drawing a little more attention to the original shape of the eagle. The middle point of the “W” even adopted a beak.


Wonder Woman Logo

2011 saw the introduction of another temporary logo for Wonder Woman. This was a light gold badge with a black outline and various sharpened angles. The emblem was a little more feminine in style than in previous images. However, the Wonder Woman symbol maintained its sense of strength.


Wonder Woman Logo

As with many superhero logos redesigned for the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman’s image significantly changed in 2016. The image was based on various pre-existing designs but now has a more modern edge.

Wonder Woman symbol and meaning

The Wonder Woman symbol, despite its changes through the years, has always depicted strength, power, and the confidence of a woman capable of ruling the world. At first, the eagle was intended to create a sense of freedom and patriotism for the character’s image.

When the iconic “W” emblem was created, it gave Wonder Woman a far more memorable and brandable design. Just like Superman has an “S” on his chest, the double “W’s” are perfect for depicting Wonder Woman’s identity.

You can find some fantastic Wonder Woman resources here:

Wonder Woman logo PNG

Wonder Woman logo vector

The colors of the Wonder Woman logo have changed a few times over the years. However, the shades of yellow, gold, red, and black have been relatively consistent in the character’s identity. The yellow or golden shade we know today is perhaps the most iconic of Wonder Woman.

Over the years, various shades of gold and yellow have helped to highlight the royalty behind the character and her unique capabilities. Today, the coloring is textured to look more like beaten metal or scratched gold.

What font does the Wonder Woman logo use?

Wonder Woman Logo

There are a couple of different designs for the Wonder Woman logo font. You may be familiar with the bold serif design above, which appeared in several Wonder Woman comics. The “W” design for the logo was designed from scratch and didn’t come from any specific typeface.

The Wonder Woman movie logo is subtler when it comes to typography choices. The letters are still depicted in all capitals but in a sans-serif font with significant spacing between each character. This represents the evolution of the character for a modern audience.

Celebrating the Wonder Woman logo today

The Wonder Woman logo today still acts as a source of inspiration for many comic book lovers worldwide. Though adapted throughout the years, the image has always depicted ideas of strength, confidence, and bravery – perfect for the iconic heroine.

Today, the Wonder Woman symbol is one of the best-known in the world and continues to gain attention as part of the branding used for the Justice League.

You can learn more about iconic superhero logos and emblems elsewhere on this website.

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