Skechers logo history, symbol meaning and evolution: From grunge to glam
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Skechers logo history, symbol meaning and evolution: From grunge to glam

Sketchers Logo

Are you familiar with Skechers logo history? Today, the Skechers symbol is one of the better-known labels in the athletic apparel world. It’s visible in countries all over the globe, not just in Skechers’ marketing assets, but also on the products it creates. 

However, like many well-known sneaker brands, Skechers has refined and upgraded its logo over the years, ensuring it can continue to connect with its evolving target audience. Though many aspects of the emblem have remained consistent, some key elements have changed. 

By examining the history of the Skechers logo and symbol, we can learn a little more about the steps businesses take to enhance their visual identity. Here’s your complete guide to Skechers logo history, and the gradual transformation of the brand. 

What does the brand name Skechers mean?

Let’s begin with a closer look at the Skechers company. Skechers is a multinational footwear company, which was first launched in 1992. Today, it’s the third largest footwear brand in the United States, and it serves customers all over the globe. 

Skechers was the brainchild of Robert Greenberg, an entrepreneur who had previously founded the LA Gear organization in 1983. After stepping down as CEO of his previous company, he decided to build a new business, focused mainly on men’s street shoes. 

The earliest products produced by Skechers were utility-style boots, which embraced the “grunge” fashion of the time. However, as the years passed, the company expanded its portfolio to include a wider range of products for women and children. 

The name “Skechers” was born after Greenberg’s two children suggested the moniker “Skechers” based on a slang term which defined children with lots of energy. Although the title also earned some negative connotations over the years, it stuck with the company through the decades.

Today, Skechers has a strong presence in the athletic industry, thanks to its expanding product portfolio, and its sponsorship and endorsement deals with world-renowned athletes. Skechers is also well-known for its philanthropy and charitable programs. 

Skechers logo history: The evolving Skechers symbol

Since launching in 1992, Skechers hasn’t made a lot of significant changes to its logo. The original design of the Skechers emblem was only altered once, in 1998. This is still the brand mark Skechers uses today, almost twenty years on. 

Though relatively simple, the Skechers logo has become a symbol of stability and professionalism. It showcases trustworthiness, confidence, and performance. 

Sketchers Logo


The original Skechers logo wasn’t too different from the emblem most people are familiar with today. It still featured the bold, blocky inscription of the modern logo, as well as a separate Skechers symbol: a monogram “S” with a unique border. 

The first logo included a bold, sans-serif inscription, depicted in all capital letters. The letters “USA” were also present, placed vertically next to the final “S” in the wordmark. This drew attention to the company’s origins as an American business. 

For the space above the wordmark, Skechers create a simple monogram symbol, consisting of an enlarged “S”, enclosed in a rounded frame with angular elements. The whole design was executed in a monochrome palette, representing professionalism and stability. 

Sketchers Logo


In 1998, Skechers updated its visual identity with two new logo designs. The updated images brought a new personality and style to the Skechers logo. The black and white color scheme was switched to a dark shade of blue, and grey. This showcased elegance, reliability, and authenticity. 

The enhanced wordmark featured a custom font, with bold, squared letters, angled slightly towards the right, to symbolize movement and forward progression. The italicized inscription also gave the company a slightly more friendly, playful demeanor. 

While some variations of the Skechers logo use the wordmark as a standalone design, there are alternative options which include a version of the old Skechers symbol. The symbol still features the large S, in a slightly different typeface to the one used in the wordmark. 

The blue “S” in the Skechers symbol is now surrounded by a sleek, silver border, which curves around the various contours of the letter. 

What is the meaning of the Skechers logo?

The Skechers logo is a simple wordmark and monogram combination, common in the fashion and apparel landscape. It’s representative of the name of the brand, but it also provides an insight into the core values, and personality of the company. 

The label is elegant and sophisticated, thanks to its attractive contrasting color palette of dark blue and light grey. This color combination demonstrates a combination of confidence and professionalism, as well as trust, reliability, and credibility. 

The angling of the Skechers wordmark symbolizes movement and speed, showing the dynamic nature of the business, and its commitment to helping customers achieve their physical goals. 

What’s more, the Skechers symbol gives the company a playful and youthful appearance, ideal for attracting younger audiences. 

The Skechers logo: Colors and fonts

From the beginning, Skechers designed its logo to be modern, impactful, and timeless. The wordmark and symbol combination gives the company a reliable appearance, inspiring confidence in the products it creates, and its customer service strategy. 

This straightforward design has stood the test of time for the company, converting into a range of styles to suit different products and brand assets. In some cases, the Skechers wordmark is used on its own, while in others, the symbol stands as the singular representation of the brand. 

The Skechers logo can also appear in a variety of color palettes, from the traditional grey and blue combination, to a simplistic black and white.

You can find some examples of the Skechers logo available to download in the resources below:

What color is the Skechers logo?

Originally, the first Skechers logo used a simple monochrome color palette of black and white. In some cases, the current logo is also converted into these shades, for marketing and production purposes. However, the official Skechers logo colors are now blue and grey. 

The blue and grey Skechers logo color palette gives the company a fresh and modern appearance, while demonstrating its serious, professional, and reliable nature. The dark blue coloring is symbolic of trust and credibility, while the silver grey gives the image a sophisticated edge.

Cool Black
Hex color: #012d56
RGB: 1 45 86
CMYK: 99 48 0 66
Pantone: PMS 295 C

What font does the Skechers logo use?

Just as the Skechers color palette has evolved over the years, the design of the company’s iconic wordmark has also been updated and refined. 

In the original emblem, the font was close to the Marta Bold Typeface, with well balanced letters, featuring sharp curves and contours. When the company changed its logo, it chose a slightly blockier font, with thicker elements. 

The design is unique to the Skechers company, and has been italicized slightly, to demonstrate movement, progression, and dynamism. 

The Skechers logo through the years

Throughout Skechers logo history, the sneaker brand has focused on building a timeless, and evocative visual identity. The Skechers emblem is simple, but powerful. It not only reminds us of the name of the brand, but also the company’s mission and purpose. 

The confident letters in the inscription are dynamic and engaging, with thick, blocky curves that highlight the youthful and playful nature of the company. The color palette shows the company’s professional nature, while also conveying ideas of trust and reliability. 

Both the Skechers symbol and logo tell consumers everything they need to know about the brand’s commitment to producing exceptional products, and delivering fantastic service. 

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